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Adrenaline with refreshment - water sports in Alcúdia / Port d'Alcúdia - book online!

At these temperatures, water sports is just right! Get an adrenaline kick by riding jetski and water ski, go windsurfing or flyboarding or discover the fascinating underwater world during a scuba diving trip. Choose now from our watersports offers in Alcúdia / Port d'Alcúdia
  1. Jetski Alcudia

    Ride jetski in Alcudia, Majorca (north) or do a jetski safari to Formentor

    Enjoy a fast and adventurous 30 minutes ride on a jet ski in Mallorca, Alcudia, on Yamaha jet skis or join an amazing 1.5 hours jetski safari to Formentor. No boating licence is necessary, the pick-up from the northern area is included! All Jet Ski rides professionally accompanied with a guide!

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    from 100.-€

  2. Sightseeing + snorkel: speedboat tour from Alcudia in Mallorca north

    Sightseeing + snorkel: speedboat tour from Alcudia in Mallorca north

    With the speedboat in Mallorca, you'll explore the stunningly beautiful northern coast with its hidden bays, sea caves and gigantic cliffs! The speed boat tour from Alcudia takes 1 hour, the price is per person. Including snorkeling stop!

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  3. Flyboard Mallorca in Alcudia

    Spectacular Flyboard flight in Mallorca, Alcudia in the north of the island

    A unique experience that you can enjoy flying over the crystal clear sea on the north coast from Mallorca in Alcudia. Flyboarding is a new trend sport that will surprise you and will give you a lot of fun and an adrenaline rush. Try it out!

    from 100.-€

  4. Bananaboot Mallorca fahren in Alcudia

    Funny banana boat ride on Mallorca at the beach of Alcudia

    Enjoy the fun on the sea while driving a banana boat on Mallorca in Alcudia. Show how long you can stay on the banana while the skipper takes you over the small waves. Unpredictable changes of direction are the biggest hurdle and can provide a quick and wet cooling in the sea!

    from 10.-€

  5. Windsurf courses in Alcudia: Learn windsurfing in Majorca north

    Windsurf courses in Alcudia: Learn windsurfing in Majorca north

    Learn windsurfing in Alcudia! In the north of Mallorca there are perfect conditions to learn windsurfing in a windsurfing course. Basic, advanced and children's windsurfing courses are available in Alcudia. The friendly and professional instructors make the introduction to the hobby an unforgettable event!

    from 190.-€

  6. 140 minutes Wakeboard (with cable pull) on Mallorca also for professionals

    140 minutes Wakeboard (with cable pull) on Mallorca also for professionals

    If you want to live out your sport of wakeboarding in Mallorca at Alcudia, to combine the stunning scenery with the fun on the board, this offer is especially suitable for you. Come with your equipment to the modern parcours, where you pull a cable over the water. With over 2 hours for one of your favourite activities and some interesting jumps, you are guaranteed to get your money's worth!

    from 140.-€

  7. Water fun with the wakeboard - cable ski Majorca NorthEast

    Water fun with the wakeboard - cable ski Majorca NorthEast

    Great conditions for wakeboard freaks. The facility is located in Alcudia and has everything wakeboarders need, especially a professional team of real experts to help you with tips and advice
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    from 80.-€

  8. Abheben in der Bucht von Alcudia

    During parasailing on Majorca hover over the bay of Alcudia (north)

    This parasailing adventure in the north of Mallorca looks out over the bay of Alcudia from the sky. You will hover up to 12 minutes at a height of at least 100 metres above sea level. The equipment and a small boat trip are included. Water contact during take-off and landing can be, but does not have to be.

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    from 40.-€

  9. Bananenboot fahren Mallorca

    Banana boat ride in Mallorca at the beach of Alcudia in the north

    Enjoy exciting fun on the sea while driving banana boat on Mallorca in Alcudia. Prove your skill by sitting on the banana during the bumpy journey over the waves. Sudden changes of direction are the biggest challenge and can provide a quick and fun cooling in the sea!

    from 10.-€

  10. Bootstour durch die Bucht von Alcudia

    Boat trip Alcudia to the bays in the north of Majorca with kayaking in Coll Baix

    Discover the charming north of Majorca on a boat tour from Alcudia. The 5-hour excursion takes you towards the Cap de Pinar peninsula. Swim or snorkel in Coll Baix, kayak in a cave and sunbathe in front of Alcanada beach. Water sports equipment, food and transfer from the north included.

    from 50.-€

  11. Schnorchel Tour Mallorca

    Snorkeling tour with speedboat from Bonaire in the north of Majorca

    Take the speedboat from Marina de Bonaire out to sea and far away from mass tourism and let the skipper take you to beautiful places for snorkelling. During the two-hour snorkeling tour on Mallorca it is possible to go for example to Cap Formentor or Cap Pinar.

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    from 49.-€

  12. Speedboot Tour ab Bonaire auf Mallora mit Skipper

    Speedboat tour to Formentor (UNESCO Cultural Heritage) from Bonaire

    From Marina Bonaire, on board a speedboat for a maximum of 12 people, the skipper will take you to the coast of Cape Formentor in a 3-hour tour. There you will visit the otherwise rather inaccessible places like the island Formentor and the bays Cala Murta and Cala Engosalba. At the bathing stop you will be provided with snorkeling equipment, biscuits and drinks on board.

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    from 49.-€

  13. Wassersport auf Mallorca ab Bonaire

    Speedboat tour with sea cave and more from Alcudia / Bonaire

    Experience a 3.5-hour water sports adventure in Mallorca, where you visit a real sea cave and swim and dive in it. You start with the speedboat in the Marina de Bonaire near Alcudia to Cap Pinar. There you can swim, snorkel or jump off the cliffs. Complete equipment and guide on board. A picnic with drinks is included.

    2 Review(s)

    from 59.-€

  14. Wassersport Package Alcudia mit Parasailing

    Water sports in Alcudia near Playa de Muro - Parasailing, Banana Boat and Crazy Ufo

    Pleasant water sports on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Experience a parasailing flight, a banana boat ride or a lap on the Crazy Ufo near Playa de Muro in northeastern Majorca. All activities start directly on the beach. Guide, equipment and instruction included. Water sports packages can also be booked.

    2 Review(s)

    from 10.-€

  15. Alcudia Jetski & Flyboard

    Flyboard & Jetski Beach Tour in the Bay of Alcúdia (Mallorca North)

    Action for 2: Water sports package with jet ski tour and flyboard session in Port d'Alcúdia in the north of Mallorca. You experience a 30-minute jet ski ride in the bay of Alcúdia and afterwards each of you will fly for 15 minutes with the flyboard. Professional guide and equipment included.

    from 180.-€

  16. Stand Up Paddling Tour ab Alcudia

    SUP from Alcudia: Stand Up Paddle rental or tour in the north of Mallorca

    Take an eventful SUP tour in the north of Mallorca with a swim break and cave snorkelling. Including equipment, guide, snack and drinks. You can also rent a standing paddle and board in Alcudia for an hour or a whole day and paddle through the bay on your own route. 

    from 15.-€

  17. Kayak mieten Mallorca

    Kayak in Alcudia: Rent a single or double kayak in Mallorca

    Enjoy fantastic views along the northern coast of Alcúdias in a rented kayak. You can rent the kayak for 1h, 2h or a whole day. Create your own individual kayak trip on Mallorca!

    from 15.-€

  18. Schnorcheltour Alcudia

    Snorkeling in the north of Mallorca: beautiful snorkeling tour in Alcudia

    Just below the water surface you conquer a completely new world on Mallorca, discover the enchanting underwater world of the north, the species-rich rock bays and caves along the coast while snorkelling in Alcudia. An experienced diving instructor is present on all tours. Including equipment and free photo shooting.

    from 30.-€

  19. Playa de Muro Stand Up Paddling Ausflug

    Stand Up Paddle Surf trip in Majorca at Playa de Muro

    Discover the extraordinary landscape of the north of Mallorca on a stand up paddling trip in the north of Mallorca. On the 1.5-hour SUP trip with an experienced guide you paddle along Playa de Muro. SUP is a new sport with an ancient tradition and trains both balance and paddling. A relaxing yet entertaining combination!

    from 45.-€

  20. Höhlentour Mallorca mit Schnorcheln

    Multi-activity by speedboat: snorkel and sea cave trip in Mallorca from Alcudia

    Varied excursion along the north coast from Alcudia: You go on an adventurous snorkel and sea cave trip in Mallorca with a speedboat. Discover the interior of the Tancada Cave near Cabo Pinar and snorkel in the crystal clear Coll Baix bay. A fast-paced discovery tour!

    from 69.-€

  21. wellenreiten auf dem phantom

    Crazy Water Sports in Alcudia - Crazy Sofa or Phantom in the North of Mallorca

    This is one of the most amusing water sports activities on Mallorca: a flight over the water on an inflatable tube. In the bay of Alcudia you can let yourself be pulled over the waves by a motorboat for 15 minutes. Guide and music on board are included. 

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    from 20.-€

  22. Einsteigerkurse für Wakesurfing auf Mallorca

    Wakesurfing on Mallorca - Water sports for beginners and pros in Alcudia

    When wakesurfing you always ride the perfect wave: experience a trendy sport with fun factor on your holiday in Mallorca. There are beginner courses and driving fun for experts in the bay of Alcudia. You surf for 15 minutes on the stern shaft of a 480 hp motorboat. Guide, equipment included.

    from 50.-€

  23. Bootstour und Wassersport auf Mallorca

    Water Sports in Mallorca by boat - Mastercraft in Alcudia for rent and have fun

    Water sports according to your wishes: You rent a Mastercraft boat and equipment for water sports activities like wakeboarding, Crazy Ufo or waterskiing and let off steam with up to 10 friends or family for 1 hour in the bay in front of Alcudia. Music are available on board. Skipper incl.

    from 300.-€

Alcúdia / Port d'Alcúdia Watersports
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