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Warm breeze on the sea - Boat trips in Algarve - book online!

Treat yourself well with a beautiful boat trip on the sea! Leave all your cares behind on a boat trip with the sailing boat, yacht or speed boat, enjoy a relaxing day on a catamaran or observe the gorgeous underwater world from a glas-bottom boat. On a boat trip you can discover the impressive coast of Algarve
  1. Tanzen zum Sonnenuntergang

    On the coolest party boat in the Algarve into the sunset - start in Albufeira

    Enjoy a 3-hour coastal tour aboard the party boat with the best music, cold drinks and the perfect backdrop for the dancefloor. Drinks are included in the first hour at the open bar. On board the best DJ's of the scene make music and at sunset we go to the bay of Armação de Pêra.

    from 30.-€

  2. Riesen Spaß beim Parasailing an der Algarve

    Parasailing in the beautiful Algarve: Water sports with panoramic views of Albufeira

    Here your holiday adventurer waits: with an experienced crew you start a 1.5 hour adventure tour on the sea. On the way you rise safely on a parachute into the air and float above the sea for about 10 minutes. Enjoy the unique feeling of happiness and the fantastic view of Albufeira at an altitude of up to 80 metres.

    from 29.90€

  3. Tierwelt im Atlantik

    Dolphins watching in the Algarve - boat trip from Albufeira

    Treat yourself to an exciting holiday experience and start a special nature expedition in Albufeira. The 2-hour boat trip on the modern catamaran takes you to the dolphin sanctuary and the magnificent caves along the coast and thus to two fantastic highlights of the Algarve.

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    from 29.90€

  4. Höhlenerkundung zwischen Albufeira und Benagil

    Boat trip in the Algarve - Coastal tour from Albufeira to the caves of Benagil

    Discover the Algarve's diverse coastline and the unique caves and rock formations of Benagil on a 3-hour boat trip in a modern catamaran. Depending on weather conditions, including bathing and swimming stop.

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    from 29.90€

  5. Ab Olhão den Sonnenuntergang im Boot genießen

    A boat tour from Olhão for sunset and barbecue in the restaurant

    The 4-hour boat tour from Olhão takes you to the Desertas Islands in the famous Ria Formosa and dinner on Culatra Island for snorkelling and swimming. Sparkling wine is served on the way back to watch the sunset.

    from 50.-€

  6. Ria Formosa Bootstour

    Ria Formosa boat tour from Olhão discover stunning islands

    Experience the adventurous 5-hour voyage of discovery through the Ria Formosa lagoon from Olhão and marvel at 4 large islands of this natural wonder from a speedboat or traditional ship.

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    from 40.-€

  7. An der Algarve Delfine beobachten

    Starting from Olhão in the beautiful Algarve: dolphins in their natural environment

    Travel from Olhão on a speedboat with 2 skippers through the Ria Formosa into the Atlantic Ocean to find and observe dolphins. Then continue the 2.5-hour safari in the water of the lagoon for snorkelling and swimming.

    from 30.-€

  8. Algarve Superday

    Portugal, Algarve: jeep tours with optional water sports or boat tour

    Discover the unique coastal region and the typical interior of the Algarve by jeep. Before the Jeep Tour you can paddle or kayak in the Atlantic Ocean. Or you tour - of course in an all-terrain vehicle - to a visit to a huge aquapark. Another jeep tour also leads through the beautiful hilly landscape of the Algarve and includes a boat tour along the Atlantic coast.

    from 63.-€

  9. Bootsfahrt in den Sonnenuntergang

    Wonderful Algarve boat trip into the sunset with barbecue on the beach

    A tour with many highlights: a boat trip along the Algarve coast with its beaches, bays, fabulous grottos and caves, then an anchor stop with barbecue and live music on a secluded beach. And all this at sunset. Romanticism, food and drinks included. 

    from 59.90€

  10. Grotten und Höhlen an der Algarve

    Algarve boat tour from Albufeira with dolphin watching and barbecue on the beach

    Experience unforgettable moments while searching for dolphins in the Algarve. The day trip lasts about 5 hours and includes a barbecue on a secluded beach with time for swimming and snorkeling. The boat tour from Albufeira takes you to characteristic grottos and rock formations of the Algarve coast. Food and drinks on the beach included.

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    from 54.90€

  11. Küste und Grotten von Albufeira bis  Benagil

    Great Algarve boat trip on the catamaran with barbecue at the beach

    A wonderful day at sea with boat trip, on-board breakfast and beach barbecue. From Albufeira on a modern catamaran west of the Algarve coast to the famous Benagil Cave. On a secluded beach a barbecue will be prepared for you, with time for swimming and snorkelling. Food and drinks included.

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    from 54.90€

  12. Bootstour nahe Faro

    Glass bottom boat islands tour from Olhão, kayaking and lunch at Culatra

    5-hour boat trip through the Ria Formosa nature reserve near Faro: with the glass bottom boat you can see the fascinating underwater world and observe fish and birds of the Algarve. Kayak to Culatra Island for lunch in a fish restaurant. Beautiful beaches and great impressions await you on this combined kayak and glass bottom boat tour!

    from 49.-€

  13. Segeln an der Algarve ab Faro

    Private Sailing Tour in the Algarve through Ria Formosa Nature Park

    Visit the Ria Formosa Nature Park on a private sailing trip. See the Algarve out at sea as you set off from Faro and discover the dazzling world of water during the day or as the sun goes down in a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey with a skipper. 

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    from 200.-€

  14. Gruppe im Boot entdeckt Delfine

    Albufeira Boat Trip: Dolphin Watching and Cave Exploration in the Algarve

    Set sail in the pretty town of Albufeira and follow the ocean to where the dolphins splash about. Cast your eyes on caves and other interesting rock formations along the coast in the Algarve. 

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    from 25.-€

  15. Fahrradtour Algarve Gruppe

    Dolphin Watching in the Algarve: A Boat Tour with the marine mammals

    Take a 2-hour boat trip in the Algarve and get acquainted with the sea creatures that call this region their home. Apart from the enchanting dolphins, let the other marine life and beautiful birds mesmerise you. The nature guide will show you what's what, you'll get sucked into the secret and wonderful world on the Algarve coastline as you have the experience of a lifetime with the darling dolphins. 

    from 45.-€

  16. Fahrradtour Algarve Gruppe

    Algarve Boat Tour: Check out Ria Formosa, Deserta and Farol

    Take part in a 3-hour boat trip in the Algarve. The tour by motorboat in Faro takes you right to the heart of the Ria Formosa Nature Park where you'll come across an abundance of beautiful birds. Stop off at Deserta and Farol on the Algarve boat tour and let the islands leave their mark on you.

    from 25.-€

  17. Fahrradtour Algarve Gruppe

    Boat tour in the Algarve through the Ria Formosa Nature Park

    Enjoy nature along the Algarve from Faro: with a 2-hour boat tour in a traditional fishing boat you will admire the flora and fauna of the Ria Formosa Nature Park. Through a local guide you will learn more about the natural wonders of Portugal and observe the bird life with binoculars.

    from 45.-€

  18. Segeln im Atlantik an der Algarve

    Sailing in the Algarve: A boat trip on a pirate ship with a swim stop

    Get blasted back into the past on a day out at sea in the Algarve. Let the nostalgia wash over you as you bob along on the waves. Come across all kinds of caves and blissful beaches in Portugal. Take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean and cool off a bit. 

    from 22.-€

  19. Jet Boot fahren macht Spaß an der Algarve

    Ride the waves on a speedy Jet Boat: Tour the Algarve from Albufeira

    Let the boat jet you off along the Algarve coast as you get to make the most of the wonderful waves. The 180° and 360° loops on the jet boat tour from Albufeira to Carvoeiro will definitely get the crowd going. It's an adrenaline rush that the whole family can share together. 

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    from 30.-€

  20. Lagos Bootstour im Katamaran

    Amazing boat trip from Lagos to Praia da Luz by catamaran

    Discover the unique Algarve coast with its unique natural beauty, such as beaches, caves and cliffs on a catamaran boat trip. You can choose between a 3 or 4 hour drive from Lagos.

    from 30.-€

  21. Delfin Safari an der Algarve

    Dolphin Safari in the Algarve: great dolphin watching from Vilamoura

    The two-hour dolphin safari in the Algarve offers a natural insight into the life of marine life in the open ocean and starts in Vilamoura. You can also see the wonderful caves and rock formations of the Algarve coast.

    from 35.-€