Mallorca hot air balloon ride - the most romantic experience on the island

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4 hours amazing excursion with extensive preparation for the approximately 1 hour balloon flight, starting at the balloon port of Manacor. You may also help preparing the balloon for the flight. Enjoy Mallorca from a bird's perspective!

  • Tour / activity duration: ~4 hours
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish
  • Transfer: On request and extra charge (depending on distance)
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Hot Air Balloon Flight Details

  • Mallorca balloon ride in the morning (without small breakfast) - per adult (age 13+) only 180.-€ instead of 190.-€
  • Mallorca balloon ride in the morning (with small breakfast) - per person (age 13+) only 185.-€ instead of 195.-€
  • Mallorca balloon ride in the morning (without small breakfast) - per child (age 4-12) only 99.-€ instead of 100.-€
  • Mallorca balloon ride in the morning (with small breakfast) - per child (age 4-12) only 104.-€ instead of 105.-€

Exclusive Hot Air Balloon Flight Details

  • Exclusive balloon ride in Mallorca for up to 2 persons (max. 150 kilos) 750.-€
  • Exclusive balloon ride in Mallorca for up to 4 persons (max. 320 kilos) 990.-€
  • Exclusive balloon ride in Mallorca for up to 5 persons (max. 450 kilos) 1,150.-€
  • Exclusive balloon ride in Mallorca for up to 7 persons (max. 600 kilos) 1,450.-€
Get to see Mallorca from above

Overview / General Information

Romantic balloon flight in Majorca for the best price

Experience the most breathtaking views of Mallorca from a hot air balloon! The island is at your feet as you enjoy the silence and tranquillity of the dawn in the basket. You have the option of booking a group flight or chartering a balloon for friends and family. The following applies to all options:


  • Balloon flight: 60 minutes
  • Duration: ~ 4 hours
  • Months: possible all-year
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish
  • Starting points: Manacor
  • Transfer: on request


  • Balloon trip, experienced pilots, baptism

Option 1: Balloon flight on Mallorca

All the beauty of the island will be at your feet during a balloon ride. After the meeting at the balloon harbour and an introduction we will get ready to take off. You are welcome to help with the assembly of the balloon. The balloon is filled with hot air with the help of large fans. Then we have to get in and ascend. Together with the pilots and if necessary other guests you take off to a 1 hour balloon ride. This offer also includes the obligatory baptism.


  • Maximum weight per passenger on standard flights: 100 kg (a surcharge of €15 will be levied locally if this is exceeded) / passengers weighing 120 kg or more must pay for a second person (therefore buy an additional ticket)

Option 2: Exclusive balloon trip on Mallorca

Charter your own balloon and start a balloon trip with your family and friends over Mallorca. Start is at the balloon harbour in Manacor. There you will be greeted by the crew and can help with the setup or watch the balloon being filled with hot air. The balloon ride takes about 1 hour. You enjoy the tranquillity of the air and a spectacular view. When we have reached 300 or 500 meters, you will see Cabrera or the neighbouring island of Menorca. After the balloon ride, you will have the obligatory baptism.

Important information
  • Ballooning is not possible for pregnant women.
  • If you want to do a balloon flight during winter, please book at least 3 days upfront and leave your vacation dates in the comments field during checkout.
  • Are you afraid of heights? Don't worry, flying in a balloon is not comparable to standing on a roof or a ladder! You will not get that vertigo feeling when flying in a balloon. This is because the sides of the basket are between 1.1 and 1.2 meters high and give you a feeling of protection. At the same time, you do not have the feeling of movement because the balloon is moving with the wind and there is no wind blowing.


  • Minimum age 4 years

Detailed description

Experience an amazing balloon flight over the beautiful island of Majorca

All tours take place in the mornings because the wind is best at that time of the day. Thanks to the early hour, you will experience the beautiful Mediterranean sunrise from an unusual perspective you will never forget. From high up in the air you will enjoy breathtaking views of the lovely and diverse landscapes of Mallorca. Feel the romance of this unusual way of flying. Especially recommended for couples, but it's an incredible adventure for all age groups.

Upon arrival at the balloon port you will be shown a video about the basics of the balloon flight while you sip a coffee to wake up. The pilots will give you an introduction into the art of ballooning and raise the level of excitement with their enthusiasm. The trip starts at dawn at the balloon port close to Manacor. Before the start, the pilots check the winds and calculate the optimal starting time.

You are welcome to help the pilots prepare the balloon or just watch how they fill the balloon with air with the help of huge fans. Once the balloon is filled with cold air, the burners are fired up to bring the balloon into an upright position. Now we are ready to fly: Get into the ballon basket, we need your weight! Once in the air, you will immediately feel how different it is to fly in a balloon: Quietly, the balloon ascends and you can see more and more of the beautiful landscape of Mallorca. On a good day, once the balloon reaches an altitude of 300 to 500 meters, you might see as far as to the islands of Cabrera and Menorca.

You will not feel cold in the balloon because there is no breeze since you are moving with the wind. The silence and the feeling of freedom are unbelievable and time will fly as you marvel the beauty of the small villages, fincas and mountains. Back on the ground, you will receive a certificate to remember this special day.

Your balloon pilots became number 6 in the world championships that took place in December 2015 during the World Air Games in Dubai. This makes them number 25 in the world ranking list!


For a small extra fee payable in cash at the day of the flight, a transfer to the balloon port in Manacor is possible upon request at the following days (please leave a comment during check out):

  • Zone 1 - from Cala Ratjada, Canyamel, Cala Millor to Porto Cristo: Monday to Friday
  • Zone 2 - from Paguera to Illetas and Cala Estancia to Arenal: Monday to Friday
  • Zone 3 - from Alcudia to Can Picafort: Monday to Friday
  • Zone 4 - from Pollenca and surroundings: on request
  • Zone 5 - from Cala d'Or and surroundings: on request


Valid on the reserved day or for 12 months after date of purchase if no date has been selected. You will receive the tour operator's details with the purchased ticket. Attention: reservation is required! The reservation can be made through sunbonoo as part of the booking process or later by contacting the tour operator directly via phone or email.

Customer Reviews Romantic balloon flight in Majorca for the best price

Christian wrote on May 15, 2024
Overall rating
100 von 100

just great

Hello, thank you to the team of sunbonoo for quick and good handling of the reservation. thanks to the team of ballooning for the enjoyable hours on the ground and in the air. We will be back next year

einfach Spitze


danke an das Team von sunbonoo für die schnelle und gute Bearbeitung der Buchung.

danke an das Team der Ballonfahrt für die schönen Stunden auf dem Boden und in der Luft.

wir kommen nächstes Jahr wieder
Luna und Patrick wrote on Mar 31, 2024
Overall rating
80 von 100

pure romance

My girlfriend Luna is a total Romantikerin, so I wanted to surprise you with it. We are one year together and this is our first time. You have enabled me we had really a lot of fun and romance :) Was a really great trip even though we are not so early risers. The Early stand was really bad. Trotzedem has gelont the !!!

Romantik pur

Meine Freundin Luna ist eine totale Romantikerin, also wollte ich Sie damit überraschen. Wir sind seid 1 Jahr zusammen und das ist unser erster Urlaub. Ihr habt mir ermöglicht das wir echt viel Spaß hatten und Romantik auch :) War ein echt toller Trip auch wenn wir nicht so Frühaufsteher sind. Das Frühe aufstehen war echt mies. Trotzedem hat sich das gelont !!!
Jonny wrote on Feb 10, 2024
Overall rating
100 von 100


Realment will be a regal per la meva Xicota. The qual I gaudit gairebé month she jo;) Això was spectacular, i dress sense aquestes núvols. great simplement


Realment va ser un regal per la meva xicota. El qual he gaudit gairebé mes jo que ella;)
Això era espectacular, aquestes vistes i sense núvols. simplement genial
Kuckucks wrote on Jan 20, 2024
Overall rating
80 von 100

pretty good

We really enjoyed the hot air balloon ride. Getting up early was worth it. Neat tackle is called for when inflating the balloon. You can tell the passion of pilots. The subsequent breakfast was so-so, but the ride was great. I can only recommend it.

pretty good

Wir haben die Ballonfahrt wirklich genossen. Das frühe Aufstehen hat sich gelohnt. Ordentlich anpacken ist angesagt beim Aufpumpen des Ballons. Man merkt die Leidenschaft der Piloten. Das anschließenden Frühstück war so lala, aber die Fahrt war der Hammer. Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen.
Marcel wrote on Oct 8, 2023
Overall rating
100 von 100

Great experience!

First of all thank you to the team of Sunbonoo for the fast and precise processing of my booking. It has everything worked smoothly and I gladly book again over your side such an activity. The balloon trip was a gift for the 3rd anniversary for my girlfriend. I told her that we would be picked up at 6:40 am tomorrow morning and would bring us a transfer to the balloon port to Manacor. This is exactly how the whole thing happened. The transfer was punctual on site and on the trip to Manacor we could still make a bit of sleep. Arrived at the balloon port, the tickets were checked. As we are, we had forgotten our ticket at the hotel. This was not a problem, because we were able to send the ticket to the organizer simply by e-mail, so he could retrieve it on his computer. So here is a fat plus in terms of flexibility. Shortly afterwards, the preparations went well. The balloon was spread out with huge fans. By the way, we were given instructions on the flight and the landing. After the balloon was ready and the balloon was ready for take-off, the balloon trip started in the most beautiful weather. We took off and could see the sunrise from the bird´s perspective. The landscape, the animals and the island of Majorca can be explored in a new and breathtaking way. By the way, we were always told where we are, which cities are nearby and we could even look for Palma for a short moment. After landing in a remote field, everything was packed together and then we made our way back to the balloon port. There we were traditionally baptized and each received a certificate. Then there was delicious breakfast for everyone. The multilingual staff surprised me very much, but our balloon guide said that Mallorca is the ideal place to learn languages. He has been communicating with our group in German, Spanish, English and even Russian. His team is also super nice and open. A successful balloon trip, for which I would very much like to come back to Mallorca! I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about making a balloon ride on Mallorca. The flight time was about 2 hours with a magnificent speed.

TOP Erlebnis!

Vorerst Danke an das Team von Sunbonoo für die schnelle und präzise Verarbeitung meiner Buchung. Es hat alles reibungslos funktioniert und ich buche gerne wieder über eure Seite eine solche Aktivität.
Die Ballonfahrt war ein Geschenk zum 3. Jahrestag für meine Freundin.
Ich sagte, ihr, dass wir morgen um 06:40 früh abgeholt würden und uns ein Transfer zum Ballonhafen nach Manacor bringen würde.
Genau so geschah das ganze dann auch.
Der Transfer war pünktlich vor Ort und auf der Fahrt nach Manacor konnten wir noch ein bisschen Schlaf nachholen. Angekommen am Ballonhafen wurden die Tickets gecheckt. Schusselig wie wir sind, hatten wir unser Ticket im Hotel vergessen.
Das war allerdings kein Problem, denn wir konnten dem Veranstalter das Ticket ganz einfach per Mail zukommen lassen, sodass er es auf seinem Rechner abrufen konnte.
Hier also ein fetter Pluspunkt in Sachen Flexibilität.
Kurz darauf gingen die Vorbereitungen dann auch schon los. Der Ballon wurde ausgebreitet uns mit riesigen Ventilatoren aufgeblasen. Nebenbei wurden uns eine Instruktionen bezüglich des Fluges und der Landung gegeben. Nachdem alle eingestiegen waren und der Ballon zum Abheben bereit war, ging die Ballonfahrt bei herrlichstem Wetter auch schon los.
Wir hoben ab und konnten den Sonnenaufgang aus der Vogelperspektive betrachten. Die Landschaft, die Tiere und einfach die Insel Mallorca lässt sich so auf eine ganz neue, atemberaubende Weise entdecken.
Nebenbei wurde uns immer erzählt wo wir uns gerade befinden, welche Städte in der Nähe liegen und wir konnten für einen kurzen Augenblick sogar bis Palma blicken.
Nach der Landung auf einem abgelegenen Feld, wurde gemeinschaftlich alles zusammengepackt und dann haben wir uns auf den Rückweg zum Ballonhafen gemacht. Dort wurden wir traditionell getauft und bekamen jeder eine Urkunde.
Anschließend gab es leckeres Frühstück für jedermann.

Das mehrsprachige Personal hat mich sehr überrascht, aber unser Ballonführer meinte, dass Mallorca der ideale Ort ist, um Sprachen zu lernen. Er hat mit unserer Gruppe auf Deutsch, Spanisch, Englisch und sogar Russisch kommuniziert.
Sein Team ist ebenfalls super nett und offen.

Eine gelungene Ballonfahrt, für die ich sehr gerne wieder nach Mallorca kommen würde!

Ich empfehle es jedem, der überlegt eine Ballonfahrt auf Mallorca zu machen. Die Flugzeit betrug rund 2 Stunden mit einer herrlichen Geschwindigkeit.
Tom wrote on Jul 27, 2023
Overall rating
100 von 100

nice experience

up 5:00 it says, if you start from Palma to Manacor! be 6:00 there and experience a great start with pleasant temperatures and sunrise! We thought we had adrenaline PUR ... but hovering by you air immediately enchanted us a wonderful experience!

schöne Erfahrung

5 Uhr aufstehen heißt es, wenn man von Palma aus nach Manacor startet! 6 Uhr da sein und ein tollen Start mit angenehmen Temperaturen und Sonnenaufgang erleben! Wir dachten wir hätten Adrenalin PUR...aber das Schweben durch dir Luft verzauberte uns sofort zu ein wunderbares Erlebnis!

Chrissy wrote on May 26, 2019
Overall rating
100 von 100


This must have been done once in your life!


Dies muss man einmal im Leben gemacht haben!
Amira wrote on Apr 21, 2019
Overall rating
100 von 100

Very nice!!!

I gave the balloon ride to my friend for my birthday. It was just awesome! Definitely recommendable.

Sehr schön!!!

Das Ballonfahrt habe ich meinem Freund zum Geburtstag geschenkt. Es war einfach genial! Auf jeden Fall weiterzuempfehlen.

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