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Even if it rains on Mallorca, there is a lot to do: Many of these bad weather tips for Mallorca are also available for the colder winter months. Here are our best tips for activities when it rains in Mallorca:

Palma Aquarium

Tip 1

Visit the Palma Aquarium

A visit to the Palma Aquarium is probably the most frequently mentioned bad weather tip in Mallorca. The aquarium is worth seeing and offers interesting information about the fascinating marine life in the Mediterranean and the oceans of the world. With 55 aquariums and more than 700 different animal and plant species, boredom is guaranteed. Here you will find discounted tickets and family tickets for the Palma Aquarium.

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La Granja in Esporles

Tip 2

Country house and museum "La Granja" in Esporles

You can experience a journey into the past in "La Granja". The manor house from the 10th century offers beside a generous outside arrangement with waterfalls, a viaduct, a "love cave", numerous animals and a forest footpath a kind museum in the interior. In each room there are partly very old original objects and one learns many interesting things about the activities in a manor house in the past centuries - from own clothing and food production, over paper production, olive oil harvest and much more besides. There is also a horse and falcon show on certain days of the week. Discounted tickets for La Granja are available here. There is also a similar mansion near Manacor: "Els Calderers".

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Coves de Campanet Mallorca

Tip 3

Mallorca's caves, e.g. the Covas de Campanet near Sa Pobla

When it rains on Mallorca, a visit to Mallorca's caves is just the thing. For example, visit the famous dragon caves in Porto Cristo or the equally beautiful Covas de Campanet. The caves are specially illuminated and on the multilingual guided tours through the caves you will learn exciting facts about their origin and discovery.

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Discover Scuba Diving

Tip 4

Trial diving in Mallorca

When you are under water, the weather above doesn't matter. For absolute beginners there is the possibility of a trial dive in Mallorca, which lasts about 3 hours. An instructor will explain the most important theory to you before you do your first test dive with him. Not only can you take a look at the wonderful underwater world of Mallorca, but you may even discover a new hobby. Trial dives are offered for example in Colonia de Sant Jordi / Cala Figuera, in Illetas near Palma, in the southwest in Port d'Andratx or in Portocolom in the east.

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Tapas Tour Palma Wine Tasting

Tip 5

Palma Tapas experience with wine-tasting

This activity should be reserved if it is expected that there will be rain in Mallorca days in advance: A delicious tapas tour through Palma, where the english-speaking guide will show you the most delicious tapas bars and excellent wine from Mallorca. Meanwhile there is a guided tour of Palma's charming old town, which you can enjoy with a pair of waterproof shoes and an umbrella.

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Dinner Show bei Regen auf Mallorca

Tip 6

Dinner show on a rainy evening

When it rains in Mallorca in the evening, you can let yourself be carried away by a (dinner) show. During the season, for example, there is the Son Amar show in Palma or the Flamenco show Es Foguero or the Pirates show in Magaluf. Some shows include dinner, while others only offer drinks and snacks. What they all have in common is great entertainment for the whole family.

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Tickets Katmandu Magaluf

Tip 7

Katmandu park in Magaluf for the whole family

A full day bad weather tip on Mallorca for March to October is the Katmandu Park in Magaluf, a huge amusement park for all ages. In the turned-over house all kinds of exciting games are available for young and old. If it stops raining in between, you can also use the climbing park and the minigolf course of the Katmandu House. Discounted tickets are available here.

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Caves in Pollensa

Tip 8

Cave tour near Pollensa

Who likes to be active, can also do something sporty when it rains on Mallorca: On a cave hike in the north of the island you can walk through a cave system with an experienced guide and learn all kinds of interesting things about the caves on Mallorca. If you don't suffer from claustrophobia, this trip is the ideal way to get to know Mallorca's nature better. The cave walk with included transfer can be booked here.

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Kultur Mallorca

Tip 9

Culture sightseeing in Majorca

A rainy day in Mallorca is perfect for visiting the island's cultural attractions and museums. The churches, monasteries and mansions are open all year round and offer fascinating insights into the religion, culture and history of Mallorca.

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Fine dining Mallorca

Tip 10

Gourmet restaurant for a bargain price in Palma

The gourmet restaurant Schwaiger Xino's in Palma is a pleasure for the eyes and palate. If you would like to dine in the restaurant of the famous Michelin-starred chef Gerhard Schwaiger's, you can enjoy a lunch menu or a delicious 4-course menu for the evening at an absolute economy price when you book here. Perfect for a relaxed feast in bad weather on Mallorca.

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Mallorca Canyoning

Tip 11

After the rain: Canyoning in Mallorca

A lot of rain has also a few benefits: On the following days canyoning is possible! Canyoning involves climbing down through the gorges with water-bearing torrents in the mountains of Mallorca. This is also possible as an absolute beginner (if you can swim and do not suffer from fear of heights), if you are accompanied by an experienced guide. Canyoning in Mallorca gives you the chance to experience the nature of the island up close and with a lot of fun. More information about canyoning can be found here.

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