Corfu: Boat rental without licence (Ipsos - east of the island)

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Hire a licence-free boat on the east coast of Corfu and enjoy a nice day on the water. There are different models available for 2 to 5 persons. Rental period: 4 or 8 hours. The briefing is given by an experienced skipper, who also makes proposals for routes.

  • Tour / activity duration: depending on selection
  • Languages: German, English, Russian
  • Transfer: no, not included
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Licence free boat (25hp) rental - max. 2 persons Details

  • Corfu boat hire without licence - 25 hp - 4 hours - per boat (up to 2 persons) 100.-€
  • Corfu boat hire without licence - 25 hp - 8 hours - per boat (up to 2 persons) 125.-€

Licence free boat (30hp) rental - max. 3 persons Details

  • Corfu boat hire without licence - 30 hp - 4 hours - per boat (up to 3 persons) 125.-€
  • Corfu boat hire without licence - 30 hp - 8 hours - per boat (up to 3 persons) 160.-€

Licence free boat (40hp) rental - max. 4 persons Details

  • Corfu boat hire without licence - 40 hp - 4 hours - per boat (up to 4 persons) 160.-€
  • Corfu boat hire without licence - 40 hp - 8 hours - per boat (up to 4 persons) 198.-€

Licence free boat (70hp) rental - max. 5 persons

  • Corfu boat hire without licence - 70 hp - 4 hours - per boat (up to 5 persons) 250.-€
  • Corfu boat hire without licence - 70 hp - 8 hours - per boat (up to 5 persons) 280.-€
Boating on Corfu by yourself

Overview / General Information

Hire a motorboat on Corfu without driving licence

As a skipper on a license-free boat, take a beautiful tour along the northeast coast of Corfu! The motorboat rental in Ipsos is located near Corfu town and only one turn away from the sheltered Gouvia Bay. You have the choice between boats with a power of 25 to 70 hp. The biggest boats are designed for up to 5 people. All models are easy to handle and have the necessary comfort for a day trip. A briefing by the staff is compulsory. You will also receive a map with possible routes for licence-free boats along the coast. The following applies to all options:


  • Fuel: will be charged according to consumption at the end of the rental period and is to be paid in addition
  • Duration: upon your choice
  • Hours: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Days: daily
  • Months: April - 9th of October
  • Languages: German, English, Russian
  • Starting point: Ipsos


  • Introduction, third party insurance

Option 1: Corfu boat hire with 25 hp - up to 3 persons

Classic motor boat with 25 HP for up to 3 persons, light and comfortable with a length of 4.80 meters and width of 1.55 meters. Ideal for day trips on the northeast side of Corfu. With sun screen.

Option 2: Corfu boat hire with 30 hp - up to 4 persons

Up to 4 people can cruise together on Corfu with the class 30 hp models. The motor boats (length 4.80 meters, width 1.96 meters) are light and comfortable and are suitable for a tour along the northeast coast of the island.

Option 3: Corfu boat hire with 40 hp - up to 6 persons

These motorboats are handy, safe and comfortable in the class up to 40 hp. Up to 6 persons can be accommodated in each case. All boats have sun protection. Perfect companions for boat tours on the northeast coast of Corfu.

Important information

The liability insurance covers, among other things, damage caused, for example, by a collision with another boat. Not covered is damage caused by driving errors on the part of the tenant, for example by deviating from the course. The briefing includes, among other things, instructions on possible routes for skippers without a licence. These are binding.


  • The driver of the boat must be at least 20 years old

Please bring

Passport, swimwear, towel, sunglasses, sun blocker, snacks, backpack, waterproof camera, cooler, small travel pharmacy (just in case), drinks

Detailed description

Hire a boat without a licence in Corfu and discover the most beautiful beaches by sea

Only one island in the Ionian Sea is bigger than Corfu. But no other Greek island is so green. The landscape of island beauty is dominated by olives, cypresses, holm oaks, herbs and a vast sea of beautiful beaches. In the middle of this idyll our boat rental is located on the east coast, only a few kilometres north of Corfu town, just behind the Gouvia bay. A perfect starting point for a private cruise in a licence-free motor boat along the coast of Corfu. Take your friends or family on this trip and spend some nice hours on the sea. For motorboats without driving licence you do not need any previous experience. Children can also come on board. Before the start you will receive a short briefing by a qualified skipper and a map of the area at the boat rental. On it the routes are marked, which boats without driving licence may drive on before Corfu. The sea routes are generally close to the coast and from Kommeni they are often directed northwards.

Just for the best view of the green island and the new territory to be discovered, it is worthwhile to rent a licence-free boat in Corfu. On a day trip you will have plenty of time to see one or the other beach up close or to anchor in bays that suit your expectations. The motor boats that you can rent in Corfu without a licence have a few things in common, regardless of the engine power: all models are easy to handle and, despite their light weight, are equipped with the necessary comfort. A bimini canopy is standard and protects you during the boat trip from the intense sunshine at the height of summer. Snorkelling equipment is always on board so that you can dive into the crystal clear water when you stop to anchor. Pack your cool bag with drinks and provisions and have a picnic where you like it best.

On the way up from Kommeni, Barbati Beach is already a highlight, which you can reach with a license-free boat. And more will follow. The licence-free motorboats on Corfu offer space for up to 6 people - enough for a family trip or a boat tour with friends. If you would like to get a general idea, you can start with a duration of 4 hours. The day charter includes 8 hours of boating. Petrol is charged according to consumption and is payable on return. A liability insurance is also included in the rental price. We wish you a lot of fun on your trip with a motor boat on Corfu.


Valid on the reserved day or for 12 months after date of purchase if no date has been selected. You will receive the tour operator's details with the purchased ticket. Attention: reservation is required! The reservation can be made through sunbonoo as part of the booking process or later by contacting the tour operator directly via phone or email.

Customer Reviews Hire a motorboat on Corfu without driving licence

Astrid wrote on Aug 14, 2019
Overall rating
80 von 100

It was fun!

We have never sailed our own boat before because we do not have a boat license. At first we were speculative whether such a small boat with little horsepower would ever reach the sea. However, when it started, we found that the small boat had a lot of power and we had a lot of fun on the water. So far everything went smoothly.

Hat Spaß gemacht!

Wir sind zu vor noch nie mit so einem eigenen Boot gefahren, da wir keinen Bootsführerschein haben. Zu erst waren wir spektisch ob so ein kleines Boot mit wenig PS überhaupt gegen das Meer ankommt. Als es dann jedoch losging, stellten wir fest, dass das kleine Boot doch ordentlich Kraft hat und wir hatten eine Menge Spaß auf dem Wasser. Es lief soweit alles unkompliziert ab.
Barbara Sch., Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler wrote on Aug 14, 2019
Overall rating
80 von 100

A nice trip

My darling and I took a small boat, found a small bay and snorkeled there. Good thing that the price includes the equipment.

Eine schöner Ausflug

Mein Schatz und ich haben ein kleines Boot genommen, haben eine kleine Bucht gefunden und haben dort geschnorchelt. Gut, dass im Preis die Ausrüstung enthalten ist.
Sam wrote on Jun 4, 2019
Overall rating
80 von 100

everything fine

nice boat

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