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The best boat trips at Costa Brava

Do you want to enhance your holiday at the Costa Brava with an excursion that is not commonplace? Then choose between a sailing trip on great sailing boats or a catamaran tour and experience a few unforgettable hours at the Mediterranean, off the coast of Costa Brava. At amazingly low prices, you and your friends or family can enjoy a unique boat trip at the Costa Brava, a great experience for all ages!
  1. Segelboot chartern Barcelona

    Exclusive sailing trip from Blanes along the Costa Brava for 9 persons

    Discover the coast of Catalonia and hire a sailboat in Blanes, close to Girona, for up to 9 people. Enjoy the fantastic views of Costa Brava coast, sunbathe relaxedly on deck and look forward to a refreshing swim in the Mediterranean.

    2 Review(s)

    from 850.-€

  2. Lloret de Mar Katamaran Tour

    Fantastic catamaran tour in Lloret de Mar along the beautiful Costa Brava

    Relax on board of the catamaran, jump from the nets directly to the water or snorkel with the fish in turquoise-blue bays - on this catamaran tour starting in Lloret de Mar, you'll spend a great day. Including transfer, drinks, food and watersports!

    4 Review(s)

    from 42.- €

  3. Palamos Segeln

    Sail from Palamos along the Costa Brava - half day sailing trip at the beautiful coast

    On this traditional sailboat from Palamos, you'll sail half a day along Costa Brava or 3,5 hours to the Islas Formigues. The uniquely beautiful sailing boat is ideal for a relaxing tour along the coast with a refreshing swim break.

    3 Review(s)

    from 35.- €

  4. Segelausflug Palamos mit Garnelen Degustation

    Culinary sailing excursion from Palamos with shrimp degustation and swim stop

    Get to know more about the fishing in Palamos and try some freshly caught shrimps on a relaxing sailing excursion along Costa Brava, accompanied by a delicious white wine. Boat trip including swim stop in an absolutely marvellous bay!

    1 Review(s)

    from 50.-€

  5. Nacht Segeltörn Palamos

    Sail at night from Palamos under the stars: night sailing trip along Costa Brava

    Observe the stars and get to know, how sailing at night at Costa Brava worked earlier without the modern technologies. On the unique, 2.5 hours night sailing trip from Palamos, you'll be listening to the traditional laments of the seamen with a glass of champagne in your hand.

    1 Review(s)

    from 25.- €

  6. Tour mit dem Piraten Boot in Palamos

    Pirate boat tour from Palamos: sail on Barbarossa's traces along the Costa Brava

    Pirates ahoy! On this family excursion from Palamos, you sail on the traces of the pirate Barbarossa. The boat trip at Costa Brava is especially adequate for children and revives the thrilling history of Barbarossa's attack on Palamos.

    2 Review(s)

    from 15.- €

Costa Brava Boat trips
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Boat trips at Costa Brava: An affordable experience for the whole family

A boat trip at Costa Brava will be one of the best memories of your holidays – where else do you have the perfect combination of nature, sunshine, sea, fun and amazing views? Whether an exclusive sailing trip with skipper just for you, your family or friends, a fun catamaran tour, traditional sailing with history insights or special boat trips such as a culinary sailing trip, sailing at night for romantics or on the traces of the pirates - the offer of boat excursions at the Costa Brava is extensive.

Boat trips at Costa Brava

Regardless of the kind of boat trip at Costa Brava that you choose, you will experience unforgettable views and a great day. The region of Costa Brava is located in the Spanish region of Catalonia at the north-eastern Mediterranean coast of the country. It extends from the foothills of the Pyrenees at Portbou to the Tordera estuary near Blanes. A boat trip along Costa Brava gives you breathtaking views of a wonderful landscape and vegetation. From the deck of a boat, the Costa Brava, which owes its name to the jagged rocks, can be admired particularly well. You will experience the lively resorts such as Lloret de Mar and the smaller fishing villages like Cadaqués from a unique perspective, while you enjoy your individual trip on the sea. In addition to the places, the varied landscape, consisting of flat-sloping beach sections and rocky zones in which the mountain slopes drop steeply into the sea, offers amazing views. The vegetation of the rocky coastal sections is also captivating with its fragrant pine trees, cork oaks and acacia trees.

Costa Brava boat trips for people seeking peace

Just let your mind relax and own the sail boat for a while: With an exclusive sailing trip at the Costa Brava, an experienced skipper takes you along the coast. Relax at the seas, enjoy the view into the blue and let yourself be navigated in a private atmosphere with your friends or your family on a first class sailing ship. On the way you have the possibility to jump directly into the cool water to refresh yourself from the sunbathing on deck. Enjoy a boat trip at the Costa Brava, according to your personal wishes!

Costa Brava boat trips on the catamaran

A catamaran trip is usually the cheapest option for a boat trip. In a convivial round, you can glide on the Mediterranean Sea along the Costa Brava, and also relax on the on the nets on deck while sunbathing. With a swim stop inbetween you can cool down and swim in calm waters. On a boat trip with a catamaran at the Costa Brava, you can enjoy a few beautiful hours on the sea at reasonable prices while admiring the unique view of the coast of the Costa Brava.

Costa Brava boat trips on a traditional sailing boat

A special excursion at Costa Brava is a sailing trip with a traditional sailing boat built in 1915, which invites you to a rustic sailing trip at the Costa Brava. Decide between sailing under a Latin sail past Cap Gros, or sailing under motor to the nearby island archipelago of Islas Formigues and enjoy the traditional way to sail at Costa Brava.

Costa Brava boat trips with a theme

A simple day on the sea is not exciting enough yet? No problem, because the boat trips at the Costa Brava have much more to offer. In addition to gourmet trips with tasting on board, there are also boat trips at the Costa Brava for romantics: sailing at night! Here you can enjoy the Costa Brava at night, watch the dancing lights on land and the starry sky and experience a few romantic hours on the Mediterranean. To ensure that the boat trips at Costa Brava are guaranteed fun for the whole family, the theme tours also include a pirate boat trip, arrrgh! You will be on the sea with pirates, who tell you and your children old seamen’s stories as well as pirate adventures. Let them take you into a long-gone era: Lots of fun for all ages.