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Tours and Activities in Costa Calida - take pleasure in the best of the bunch!

Pick from a fair few tours and activities in Costa Calida and make up your own inventory. You name it, we've got it from day trips and boat rides to kiddie activities or even private tours and give yourself the best chance of saving a buck by booking online. The Costa Cálida is a holiday destination which has something for everyone. Get to know Costa Cálida by setting out on its top-notch excursions and get everything arranged way ahead of time!
  1. Giraffe Terra Natura Park in Murcia

    Murcia Terra Natura Park and Aqua Natura: zoo and water park of Costa Calida

    Visit the zoo Terra Natura Park Murcia and during summer also the adjoining water park Aqua Natura at Costa Calida! The Terra Natura Park is a safari park you can walk through, where you can see more than 300 animal species living as freely as possible.

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    from 15.- €

  2. Schildkröte im Mar Menor

    Mar Menor trial dive in La Manga: scuba diving for beginners at Costa Calida

    At Discover Scuba Diving in La Manga / Mar Menor, you have your first trial dive at one of the best dive spots in Spain. The approx. 3 hours first diving experience at Costa Calida is possible for everyone from 8 years, who can swim.

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    from 75.- €

  3. Open Water Diver Tauchkurs Mar Menor

    PADI dive course in La Manga / Mar Menor: learn scuba diving or boat- or shore dives

    Learn scuba diving at a dive course in La Manga / Mar Menor with qualified dive instructors or get more dive experience with the guided boat- and shore dives at one of the best dive sites in Spain: Islas Hormigas and Cabo de Palos.

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    from 68.- €

  4. Schnorcheln La Manga

    Cabo de Palos snorkel tour for the whole family: snorkel at Mar Menor / La Manga

    On a snorkeling tour at La Manga, you dive into the crystal-clear sea: a fascinating underwater world with colourful fishes below you, the warm sun above you. At the ca. 2.5 hours Cabo de Palos snorkel excursion for all age groups, there's lots to explore!

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  5. Segeltörn Aguilas

    Adventurous sailing trip from Aguilas: sail at the Costa Calida

    You want to enjoy a wonderful sailing trip at the Mediterranean coast of Spain and explore breathtaking bays? Relax at this sailing trip in Aguilas at Costa Calida and sail a half day, a full day or delight in a breathtaking sunset sailing trip with a midnight swim.

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  6. Flug mit dem Paraglider

    Exciting paragliding in Murcia - beautiful views of Costa Calida at a tandem flight

    At paragliding in Murcia, you can enjoy the wonderful views of the wide landscape of Spain from bird's eye view. Choose between a short introductory flight, a landscape flight or an acrobatic paragliding flight for adrenaline junkies.

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Costa Cálida
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Excursions, activities and tours in Costa Cálida - get a good mix while you're away!

With more than 3000 hours of sunshine a year, sandy beaches that go on and on, tucked away bays and a hub that serves up many natural treasures, there's never a dull moment! You can get involved in all kinds of active adventures whenever in Costa Cálida. Thanks to the mild winter temperatures, you can go out to sea and try out water sports all year round on the cosy coast and get close to the breath-taking scenery on day trips. The best of the bunch in Costa Cálida can be explored by boat, Jeep, hiking, climbing or even trekking.

For families with children, the Costa Cálida is a top pick! Splashing about in the sunshine in the sea and strolling along the shore make every day a new adventure. The Terra Natura Park Murcia is a fantastic spot for a family outing. Keep your eyes peeled to catch sight of the 300+ animals that call the park home. Right next door is the Aqua Natura Murcia water park which is bursting at the seams with super slides and pools! The park promises plenty of action all summer long for all the kids from toddlers to teens. If you want to get a quick 5 then you can find yourselves a place to soak up the rays a little away from the craziness!

The water sports area in Costa Cálida is La Manga del Mar Menor. Set in the East, by the Mediterranean Sea and in the West by the Mar Menor. The salt water lagoon, created by none other than Mother Nature, is the biggest inland sea in Europe and is sometimes known as the southern bathtub because of its super warm water. Mar Menor has everything running every day of the year like sailing, canoeing, catamaran sailing, water skiing, windsurfing and kitesurfing to name a few!

With its often-flat shores, the bathing conditions in Costa Cálida are particularly family-friendly. Trial diving and snorkelling in quiet bays lets children get their first underwater experience in the Mediterranean Sea. The Sierra Espuña Regional Park is well worth a visit as it showcases a wide variety of landscapes from forest to steppe and is a go-to for outdoor activities. The limestone cliffs of the Paredes de Leyva are ideal for climbers: beginners, experts and everyone in between. The Barrancos de Gebas reservoir is the number-one choice for kayaking and canoeing. If you're feeling brave, you could even go paragliding in Murcia to see the sights from way up high on the Costa Cálida.

There's a lot to get excited about. If you book your holiday activities on the Costa Cálida with sunbonoo, you are all set to go with your ticket already in your pocket. You get the freedom to book before you even land and get better rates more often than not. Have a read and see what kind of things there are to choose from:

Things to do in Costa Cálida: Boat Trips

Set sail from Aquilas and get acquainted with the Med. The boat trip to the Cabo de Cope Nature Park is one of the best of the bunch! Let the enchanting bays charm you as you slide into to take a dip or do a bit of snorkelling. Fingers crossed, you will get to see some wild dolphins on a boat trip on the Costa Cálida. You can try out a Catamaran or even a kayak and if you want to put the pedal to the metal then save yourself for the Jet Skis.

Things to do in Costa Cálida: Sports Activities

The Costa Cálida has crystal-clear water and boasts one of the best diving areas in Spain. Coral reefs, colourful shoals of fish and mysterious shipwrecks are what sets this underwater world apart. A diving course in La Manga / Mar Menor is just right for beginners who want to get their first underwater experiences. You can choose from going on a guided coastal dive at Cabo de Palos or Islas Hormigas - the marine sanctuary. You could do a PADI Dive Course if you want to take your diving skills to the next level. Find out if you're passionate about diving by seeing how scuba diving is in La Manga / Mar Menor without drifting too far away from the shore. 

If you want to stay active during your holidays on the Costa Cálida, go kitesurfing or conquer the coast on a trek. Get your body into tip-top shape under the sun. Sprints in the sand will really test your stamina.

Things to do in Costa CálidaSightseeing and Culture

Apart from sun, sea and sand Costa Cálida also invites you to get to know its cultural side as well as its fairytale-esque mountains, castles and fortresses and astounding archaeological sites. Murcia and Cartagena take you on a journey through time. Historic city centres with an array of churches, museums and exhibitions that point to Roman and Arab influences. Float around the city on a Segway which goes down a treat with the kids or get a workout and bike it!

Things to do in Costa CálidaAdventure Holiday Activities

Smoothly float over the luscious landscape at Costa Cálida and go sightseeing in the sky. With a professional partner glide safely through the air like a bird. There are three options for this must-do activity! Do a 20-minute trial glide around Lorca where your adrenaline gets kicked into touch in Costa Cálida. Or for the ultimate experience, maybe you'd rather spend an hour getting to grips with the stunning scenery. If heights are not your thing, stick about on the ground and rally around on a quad or hike your way up into the mountains instead! The options go on and on.

Things to do in Costa Cálida: Kid-friendly activities

Snorkelling trips to Cabo de Palos are amazing for family bonding time and really bring magic to your holiday as you come face to face with the sea life, it's an exciting adventure for all of those involved.

Aqua Natura Water Park and Murcia Safari Zoo are right next door to each other, get the best of both worlds as the kids get to know about land mammals and sea creatures on the same day if you fancy it!

Follow a trail and go geocaching in Costa Cálida! This is a winner with the kids as they'll love the mystery of it all. Switch on your phone and use its GPS to find the tucked away spots and don't forget to sign your name to prove that you made it there!

Things to do in Costa CálidaRoad Trips

Make your way along to the teensy villages and tuck into some local treats as you cruise through the countryside without a care in the world. Jot down some places you want to go to or make use of the pre-made routes or let Google Maps be your guide. It's all down to you and what you want to do on the Costa Cálida.