Your pirate adventure in Mallorca begins now: Tickets for the Pirates show in Magaluf

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Enjoy an amazing pirate show in Majorca and feel like you stepped in to scene from the "Pirates of the Caribbean"! Ideal for a family trip with children to spend a spectacular, amusing evening at the unique Pirates Adventure in Mallorca with professional artists.

  • Tour / activity duration: ~ 2.5 hours
  • Languages: English
  • Transfer: no, not included
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Main deck tickets for Pirates Adventure Magaluf Details

  • Main deck ticket + dinner - May, June, September, October - per adult 49.99€
  • Main deck ticket + dinner - May, June, September, October - per child (2-12) 29.99€

Main deck tickets for Pirates Adventure Magaluf Details

  • Main deck ticket + dinner - July, August - per adult 54.99€
  • Main deck ticket + dinner - July, August - per child (2-12) 34.99€

Quarter deck tickets for Pirates Adventure Magaluf Details

  • Quarter deck ticket + dinner - May, June, September, October - per adult 59.99€
  • Quarter deck ticket + dinner - May, June, September, October - per child (2-12) 39.99€

Quarter deck tickets for Pirates Adventure Magaluf

  • Quarter deck ticket + dinner - July, August - per adult 64.99€
  • Quarter deck ticket + dinner - July, August - per child (2-12) 44.99€

VIP captains table tickets for Pirates Adventure Magaluf

  • Captains table ticket + dinner - May, June, September, October - per adult 74.99€
  • Captains table ticket + dinner - May, June, September, October - per child (2-12) 49.99€

VIP captains table tickets for Pirates Adventure Magaluf

  • Captains table ticket + dinner - July, August - per child (2-12) 84.99€
  • Captains table ticket + dinner - July, August - per child (2-12) 54.99€
A fun-filled night for the whole family!

Overview / General Information

Pirates Adventure Mallorca: You get dinner, drinks and a show all in one!

Have an adventurous dinner at the pirate show in Majorca - also ideal for children! Check out the exciting mix of international world-class acrobats, gymnasts and passionate dancers, whose interactive pirate show extraordinaire will sweep you off your feet. Impressive pirate stunts and tricks, a dash of humour and the combination of "Pirates of the Caribbean" meets "Cirque du Soleil" enchant all age groups - the Pirates Adventure Mallorca hooks you in!

The interactive Magaluf pirates show follows the pirate Sir Henry Morgan, who is on the way on the old trading routes, that are strongly embattled by pirates in the Caribbean. Sir Henry Morgan fought and defeated the evil pirate Jacques Lafitte, by leaving his gallon shipwrecked. But Morgen knows his enemy quite well and therefore, he's afraid of the backlash, which is why he teams up with Sir Francis Drake, the pirates Blackbeard and Barbarossa as well as Captain Scarlet to defeat the treasure and once and for all destroy the vindictive Lafitte.


  • Duration: Opens at 6pm. Dinner / show starts at 7pm. Show ends at 8.45pm.
  • Months: 5th of April - 31st of October
  • Pick-up not included
  • Starting points: Magaluf
  • Bar service: spirits, cocktails and premium beer can be bought on site


  • Dinner: roast chicken and sausage or vegetarian burger, potato wedges, coleslaw, bread roll, ice cream cup, drinks: soft drinks and mineral water

Option 1: Pirate show Magaluf tickets - Main deck

If you get main deck tickets for the pirate show in Majorca, you'll be sat no more than 15 metres away from the stage (on the side).

Option 2: Pirate show Magaluf tickets - Quarter deck

If you get the quarter deck tickets for the Pirates show in Magaluf, get adventure and action all rolled into one! Get in quicker, get cool seats at the side or a little bit further back and you'll still be able to comfortably watch the whole show.

Option 3: Pirate show Magaluf tickets - Captain's table

VIP tickets include a warm welcome to the VIP area, fast track access, VIP waiter service, a signed souvenir poster for the kids and the best seats in the house (Captain Tables).

Important information
  • A vegetarian menu / menu for allergy sufferers can be arranged upon request, please let us know about this in the comments field at the end of the booking process.
  • You can't bring pushchairs into the Magaluf pirates show but they can be kept in a store cupboard in the entrance hall. 

Detailed description

The famous Pirate Show in Majorca

The cast of Pirates Adventure Mallorca

The cast of Pirates Adventure Mallorca consists of actors, dancers, acrobats and some who've mastered all three! It is a truly international crew and we've bring you talented artists from all four corners of the globe. Amazingly, the cast of the pirates show in Magaluf have won the grand total of 27 gold-, 24 silver- and 24 bronze medals at various world- and European acrobatic championships. With a further 55 gold medals being won at national level. Every year new cast members join the crew, bringing with them a host of new skills and tricks from around the world, including Bulgaria, Poland, Russia and of course the UK. The cast is handpicked from all over the world by Pirates Adventure Mallorca's show director Martyn Smith who, as a former sporting acrobatics world champion, knows exactly what skills are needed to be a true pirate performer. "The show is always evolving" says Martin "It gets more visually stimulating each and every year."

Pirates Show Majorca's theatre

The pirates theatre is a famous landmark in Mallorca and a Mecca for tourists and residents alike. Built in 1985 on open ground, it has been continually adapted and updated to provide a distinctive and atmospheric venue for the pirate's adventure in Magaluf. "Wow!" is the typical reaction from people as they step inside the theatre and see the 12-metre-high ship which is the centrepiece of the stage. Despite seating 950 people, the auditorium is surprisingly intimate and as the action during the pirate's dinner show takes place all around and in the audience too, the show is truly interactive from the get-go! The theatre is air-conditioned for those hot summer nights.


Get blown away by the impressive pirates show in Majorca. The interactive dinner show offers an excellent price-performance ratio, since drinks and dinner are also included in the price, and additionally it's also perfectly suitable for all age groups. No matter if you're young, old or inbetween - Pirates Adventure in Magaluf will dazzle you!


Valid on the reserved day or for 12 months after date of purchase if no date has been selected. You will receive the tour operator's details with the purchased ticket. Attention: reservation is required! The reservation can be made through sunbonoo as part of the booking process or later by contacting the tour operator directly via phone or email.

Customer Reviews Pirates Adventure Mallorca: You get dinner, drinks and a show all in one!

juergen wrote on Oct 26, 2017
Overall rating
100 von 100

great show ..... captn s table does not have to be

the show and the scenery really great .... funny entertainment, great acrobatics .... the food should better leave out, then it would be even better ... we had the captn table .... that does not have to be around 30 euros more .... from the back you can see as well, if not better ... the transaction on sunbonoo was very good, was the second event I´ve booked .... today comes the 3rd event- a wine tour , I hope, the sunbonoo still many nice tours in the program receives!

tolle show.....captn s tisch muss nicht sein

die Show und die Kulisse echt toll....witzige Unterhaltung, tolle Akrobatik....das essen sollten die lieber weglassen, dann waere es noch besser...wir hatten den captn tisch....das muss nicht sein für rund 30 euro mehr....von hinten sieht man genauso gut, wenn nicht noch besser...die abwicklung über sunbonoo war sehr gut, war das zweite Event was ich gebucht hab....heute kommt das 3. event- eine weintour. ich hoffe, das sunbonoo noch viele schöne touren ins Programm aufnimmt!
Stuartfry wrote on Oct 25, 2017
Overall rating
80 von 100


Well worth the money. Awesome show
Tiki wrote on Oct 23, 2017
Overall rating
80 von 100

Barbarossa Team!

The wait has been a little long, but then the pirate Barbarossa, came to greet us in person and encourage the public to be part of their team. Thanks to the fact that the show room is "small" you are always part of the show due to the proximity to the stage. The food was not our style, but the sangria was rich. And especially the show, we liked it a lot. Good feelings when leaving.

Barbarossa Team!

Se nos ha hecho un poco larga la espera, pero luego el pirata Barbarossa, nos vino a saludar en persona y animar al público a formar parte de su equipo.

Gracias a que la sala del espectáculo es "pequeña" siempre formas parte del show por la cercanía al escenario.

La comida, no era de nuestro estilo, pero la sangría era rica. Y sobre todo el show, nos gustó mucho. Buenas sensaciones al salir.
Katwithkittens wrote on Oct 18, 2017
Overall rating
80 von 100

Fantastic Show, prevented from five stars by very poor meal

The artists are exceptional, truly impressive and the show onexcellent for adults and children, a memorable experience for the young members of the audience. However unfortunately spoiled by the poor catering, cheap and nasty rather than cheap and cheerful, drinks included in the price also best avoided. Come on folks its hardly an inexpensive night looking at £200 or so for the family, sure you can do better.
A bit of climbing up the rigging and swinging about in pirate fashion, unfurling the jolly roger ect ect would not go amiss for the kids either.
Udo wrote on Jul 27, 2017
Overall rating
100 von 100

toller Abend - die Kinder waren begeistert

Wir haben über sunbonoo die Piratenshow in Magaluf gebucht und fanden den Abend ganz toll. Die Kinder (8 und 11 Jahre) waren hellauf begeistert von der Kulisse, die einem Piratenschiff nachempfunden ist, und das Abendessen war im Preis inklusive. Die Akrobaten sind wirklich sehr spektakulär gewesen, es wurde viel gelacht und gestaunt. Am Ende gab es Fotos mit den Piraten von der Show, das war das Highlight für die Kiddies. Wir hatten einen wirklich schönen Abend, gerne wieder über sunbonoo!
Melanie wrote on Mar 6, 2015
Overall rating
80 von 100

great for kids and adults

Great show, it was just great especially for our kids :-) Very entertaining, we really enjoyed it! The food was not particularly exceptional or excellent quality but overall the trip and visit was a good idea. Especially for families with pirates enthusiastic children highly recommended.

toll für Kinder und Erwachsene

Tolle Show es war einfach klasse besonders für unsere Kids :-)Sehr unterhaltsam, wir haben es sehr genossen! Das Essen war nicht besonders außergewöhnlich oder von excellenter Qualität aber insgesamt hat sich der Ausflug und Besuch sehr gelohnt. Besonders für Familien mit piratenbegeisterten Kindern sehr zu empfehlen.
Doc H. wrote on Oct 20, 2013
Overall rating
100 von 100

Could not be better!

People forget the food, but what you can expect then, can be described as world class acrobatics. Two hour of superlative fireworks, accompanied by a standing ovation from the audience. Hot tip: Table 310 in the Captains Table VIP category (worried Andrea when necessary for you); you sit there increased slightly in optimal distance from the main stage as well as directly to the small hall stage. So close, we have never seen the artists! The "food" is the same as on the main deck seats (though on plates), in addition there is here a good red wine for free. If there were 6 stars, we had them this time awarded !!

Besser gehts nicht!

Leute, vergesst das Essen, aber was Euch danach erwartet, kann durchaus als Weltklasse-Akrobatik bezeichnet werden. Ein zweistündiges Feuerwerk der Superlative, begleitet von Standing Ovations des Publikums. Heißer Tipp: Tisch 310 in der Captains Table-VIP-Kategorie (besorgt Andrea bei Bedarf für Euch); man sitzt dort leicht erhöht in optimalem Abstand von der Hauptbühne sowie direkt an der kleinen Saal-Bühne. So nah haben wir die Künstler noch nie gesehen! Das "Essen" ist das gleiche wie auf den Hauptdeck-Plätzen (allerdings auf Tellern), zusätzlich gibt es aber hier einen guten Rotwein gratis dazu. Gäbe es 6 Sterne, wir hätten sie diesmal vergeben!!
tanja wrote on May 31, 2013
Overall rating
100 von 100

great show

18-19h there are finger food-chicken, fries, coleslaw, würstchen.brot and butter. contained per 8 persons 1,5 liter soft drink and 1l is also offered vegetarian. (the entrance fee was very good. Then begins the 2 hr. show, which is really varied acrobatics with all the, costumes, music and the drums. we were from the 1st until the last minute, thanks to the smooth running sunbonoo for and hilfe.weiter way.

tolle show

18-19h gibt es fingerfood-hähnchen,pommes,krautsalat ,würstchen.brot und butter.
pro 8 personen 1,5 liter softdrinks und 1l wird auch vegetarisch angeboten.(im eintrittspreis enthalten
schmeckte sehr gut.
dann beginnt die 2 std. show,die wirklich abwechslungsreich ist mit all der akrobatik,kostümen,musik und den trommeln.
wir waren von der 1. bis zur letzten minute,
danke an sunbonoo für den reibungslosen ablauf und die hilfe.weiter so.

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