Fuerteventura volcano tour by electric bike from Corralejo

This is one of the nicest ways to explore the volcanic landscape that Fuerteventura has to offer: by e-bike past volcanic cones, beaches and coastal villages. Various tours from Corralejo with an expert guide and off-road bikes, away from the road through mix of terrain. An adventure with spectacular views.

  • Tour / activity duration: depending on selection
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French
  • Transfer: no, not included
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Price overview

  • Electric bike tour Fuerteventura - Corralejo - Volcanic (30km) - per person (age 14+) 55.-€
  • Electric bike tour Fuerteventura - Corralejo - Coastal (50km) - per person (age 14+) 70.-€
  • Electric bike tour Fuerteventura - Corralejo - Barranco (38km) - per person (age 14+) 65.-€
Offroad biking with electric drive

Overview / General Information

Fuerteventura volcano tour by e-bike from Corralejo

Easy to use and not exhausting even after 5 hours: with an e-bike you can easily master all kinds of terrain on Fuerteventura and experience the island landscape up close. There are 3 different Ebike tours to choose from. All of them start in Corralejo and pass the volcanoes of Lajares. Those who want to visit Cotillo book the tour "from coast to coast", those who want to get to know a canyon in the north go to the Barranco tour. For all options the following applies:


  • Hours: 9:00 AM
  • Days: daily
  • Months: possible all-year
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French
  • Pick-up not included
  • Starting points: Corralejo


  • Professional guide, insurance, helmet
  • 1 bottle of water, bag + carrier

Option 1: E-bike volcanic tour starting Corralejo

We start the e-bike tour in Corralejo and after a short time inland we reach the volcanic route with the volcanic cones of Bayuyo, including Las Calderas and Calderon Honda (stop), which is located north of Lajares. In the small town we can enjoy a drink before continuing the trip to the fishing village Majanicho. Now we are on the north coast and cross a desert-like area on the way to Popcorn Beach. After a short time at the most popular beach in the north we drive back to Corralejo.


  • Route: 30 kilometers (Volcanic area, Lajares, Majanicho, Pop Corn Beach)
  • Duration: ~ 3 hours

Option 2: E-bike coastal tour starting Corralejo

This is the longest of the e-bike tours from Corralejo and takes you from coast to coast. You will cycle about 50 kilometers in this circuit. The tour starts with the exciting volcanoes between Corralejo and Lajares, from there you will go via the small village El Roque to Cotillo. The original place on the northwest coast is a surfer hotspot with lonely natural beaches. On this e-bike tour you will also visit the lighthouse Toston north of El Cotillo, which is considered special because of its 3 towers. Along the coast we continue to the small fishing village Majanicho, then to the famous Popcorn Beach and back to Corralejo.


  • Route: 50 kilometers (Volcanic area, Lajares, Cotillo, Faro del Tostòn, Majanicho, Pop Corn Beach)
  • Duration: ~ 5 hours

Option 3: E-bike barranco tour starting Corralejo

With a stopover at a gorge worth seeing, the 38-kilometer course on the e-bike is a small highlight. Following the volcanic road between Corralejo and Lajares, we first take a look at the landscape of lava and the old cones, with a stopover at the Calderon Hondo. On the way to Majanicho we stop at a gorge with interesting rock formations and roll on to Popcorn Beach. Thereby we cross an area that evokes associations with the desert. The tour ends again in Corralejo.


  • Route: 38 kilometers (Volcanic area, Barranco de Lajares, Majanicho, Pop Corn Beach
  • Duration: ~ 4 hours
Important information


  • Minimum age 14 years
  • Minimum number of participants 2 persons

Please bring

Passport, snacks, sturdy, closed-toe shoes, hat, backpack, water

Detailed description

E-bike tour on Fuerteventura through the volcanic landscape near Corralejo

Beautiful e-bike routes through the bizarre landscape of the island's north. Explore the volcanic chain of Bayuyo with the famous Crater Calderon Honda and explore the coast around the fishing village Majanicho and the popcorn beach. The guided bicycle tours start in Corralejo. At the meeting point you will get to know the guide and can take a short test ride on the e-bike. The bikes have thick tires and are therefore suitable for our trip through the fabulous moon landscape. With about 70 percent off-road, we will make good use of the electric drive of the bikes, especially when going up and down the hills. While the e-bike does the work, we can focus on the wonderful impressions of the north of the island.

The first part of the trip from Corralejo to Lajares is really something special. In a few kilometers, several volcanic cones lie side by side, including Calderón Hondo, Las Calderas and Caldera Rebanada. An e-bike tour in this terrain is bound to be an adventure. We will stop at Calderón Hondo, knock some dust off our clothes and enjoy the respectful view. From Lajares on the climbs become less and we roll into the small village for a refreshment break

Lajares is located pretty much in the middle between Corralejo and El Cotillo. If we take the long e-bike tour from coast to coast, we will also visit the resort on the other side of the north coast. Being on Fuerteventura by e-bike makes us independent from the highways and broadens our horizon. And we have more the feeling of being right in the middle of it. We feel the nature and the magic of this lava landscape more intensively.

Despite its vast barrenness, Fuerteventura has so many facets. From Corralejo we see the landscape of dunes, conquer a viewpoint with far-reaching views over the entire north and on our e-bike tour we reach the now very famous popcorn beach. The e-bike tours from Corralejo are always accompanied by an experienced guide, who not only guides you safely along the route, but also has a few things to tell you about "his" island.


Valid on the reserved day or for 12 months after date of purchase if no date has been selected. You will receive the tour operator's details with the purchased ticket. Attention: reservation is required! The reservation can be made through sunbonoo as part of the booking process or later by contacting the tour operator directly via phone or email.

Customer Reviews Fuerteventura volcano tour by e-bike from Corralejo

Sibyll wohnt auf der Erde und wrote on Sep 22, 2020
Overall rating
100 von 100

Costal bike tour on Fuerteventura: Something for active vacationers

First of all, the 50 km of this tour sounded terrifying. After all, it's not just about slippery roads! But the e-bikes provided are very suitable for off-road use. So the 50 km became a tour that is easy to manage.

Costal Fahrradtour auf Fuerteventura: Etwas für Aktivurlauber

Erst einmal klangen die 50 km dieser Tour erschreckend. Schließlich geht es nicht nur über glatte Straßen! Doch die zur Verfügung gestellten E-Bikes sind sehr gut fürs Gelände geeignet. So wurden die 50 km eine Tour, die leicht zu schaffen ist.
Nelli von Überall wrote on Sep 11, 2020
Overall rating
80 von 100

Good tour, even if I didn't really get along ...

Somehow I did a bit of a stupid thing with this e-bike. I had never sat on one before and was a bit overwhelmed at first ...

Gute Tour, auch wenn ich nicht richtig mitkam…

Irgendwie habe ich mich etwas dumm angestellt mit diesem E-Fahrrad. Ich hatte noch nie auf zuvor auf einem gesessen und war anfangs etwas überfordert…
Meckermax wrote on Aug 30, 2020
Overall rating
100 von 100

Volcano tour with e-bikes: great

Discovering this fantastic landscape, formed by volcanic activities, by e-bike is a great idea. Thank you for this great offer. Today I have nothing to complain about. ;-)

Vulkantour mit e-bikes: Spitze

Diese fantastische Landschaft, geformt von Vulkanaktivitäten, mit dem e-bike zu entdecken ist eine Superidee. Danke für dieses optimale Angebot. Heute hab ich mal nix zu meckern. ;-)
Per, Dinkelsbühl wrote on Aug 14, 2020
Overall rating
100 von 100

Barranco Tour: Test result very good

I really enjoyed this e-bike tour. The travel companion was professional. The vehicles in a neat and tidy condition.

Barranco-Tour: Testurteil Sehr Gut

Diese E-Fahrradtour hat mir sehr gefallen. Die Reisebegleitung war professionell. Die Fahrzeuge im gepflegten und ordentlichem Zustand.
Paul-Gernot, Dillingen an der Donau wrote on Aug 11, 2020
Overall rating
100 von 100

E-bike excursion through the volcanic landscape

I had booked the Coastal Tour (approx. 50 kilometers) and was very surprised how great the electronic bikes do in the area. Gladly again.

E-Bike-Ausflug durch die Vulkanlandschaft

Ich hatte die Coastal Tour gebucht (ca. 50 Kilometer) und war sehr überrascht, wie toll sich die elektronischen Drahtesel im Gelände machen. Gerne noch mal.

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