All adventure activities in Fuerteventura at a glance

Here you will find an overview of the most exciting adventure activities in Fuerteventura. Jeep safaris, quad tours, paragliding and much more you can experience on the sunny island. Book your adventure holiday in advance online at a lower price.
Fuerteventura Adventure Holidays
Fuerteventura Adventure Holidays
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A lot of action - proposals for the best adventure holiday in Fuerteventura

You are planning your holiday in Fuerteventura and need some more inspiration for your holiday activities in Fuerteventura? Then this is the right place for you.

Fuerteventura adventure holidays: activities in and on the water

Since you have chosen to spend your holiday by the sea, you can enjoy one or two adventurous water sports activities. Have you already tried the legendary Flyboard? With the Flyboard you can move in the water like a dolphin and perform acrobatic feats in the air - as a natural talent or with a little practice. Throw yourself headfirst back into the water and thanks to the power of the Flyboard you will speed up again.

Jet skiing in Fuerteventura is also great fun. Even if you don't have a boating license, you can rent a jet ski in some corners of the island. You will then be taken by boat to a separate area in the sea where the jet ski is already waiting for you. In this large separate area you can really let it all hang out.

If you take a water taxi to Lobos Island, you can have your own adventure holiday on the island. Let yourself be taken on an entertaining boat tour to the island and explore it on your own.

You can also rent a kayak and go out to sea. Experience a great trip on the sea. Fun for big and small children.

Fuerteventura adventure holiday: Horseback riding on the sunny island

Every girl's childhood dream is to ride on the beach. Fulfil your daughter's childhood dream and let her go on a gorgeous ride through the mountains or on the beach. A wonderful feeling of freedom.

Fuerteventura adventure holiday: The adrenalin kick on wheels

How about an exciting quad tour through unpaved terrain? Go on a quad bike tour with the whole family or with friends and drive in a column all over the island. The one or other bathing stop is guaranteed to be included in the calculation. Think about plenty of water and sun protection. The driver should also not forget his driving licence.

One size bigger is the Jeep Safari. You drive with the 4x4 Jeeps over the island. Also ingenious off-road routes are driven on. An absolute fun for all the enthusiastic drivers who are always looking for new challenges.

If you prefer a more sporty way, then rent a mountain bike and explore the island on your own or join a guided mountain bike tour. Fuerteventura also has great downhill routes for the more experienced mountain bikers among you. A highlight is the e-bike tour through volcanic land, where you can conquer the moonscapes around Corralejo.

Fuerteventura adventure holidays: Outdoor activities

Have you heard of coasteering? Coasteering is a mixture of climbing and cliff diving. You climb up the cliffs safely. The challenge is not to get caught by the waves. Afterwards, when you have reached the top, you can enjoy the wonderful view and if you dare, you can jump back into the sea. For safety reasons, this must be arranged with the tour guide.

One of the most classic types of outdoor adventure holidays is hiking. Grab a backpack, water, sun protection and sturdy shoes and off you go. Explore the island on your own or join a guided hiking tour and let us take you to the most beautiful corners of the island. Discover fantastic bays, beaches and forests, plants and herbs - in short, experience the island down to the smallest detail.

All you have to do now is choose the activity that suits you best.

sunbonoo wishes you an adventurous holiday!