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Bus tours to the most beautiful areas of Fuerteventura or sightseeing tours with cultural highlights - book your customized tour for your Fuerteventura holiday now!

Bus Tours in Fuerteventura

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Go on a culinary journey with a professional guide

You can explore the Canary Island in many ways, but how about discovering it through your stomach: on a gourmet tour in Fuerteventura you can taste the typical dishes and drinks of the country. Whether you choose a wine tour at one of the excellent wineries, a tapas tour or opt for our food tour, there is something for everyone. Get to know the Canarian food culture better on one of our tours!

Gourmet Tours on Fuerteventura - Tapas Tours

If something belongs to Spain, then it is tapas: learn the culture and small specialties of Fuerteventura. Starting from Costa Calma, a farm walk awaits you, where you can taste local food and delicacies. You will be accompanied on the tour by farmers who know the area and its culinary treasures inside out. After this tour you will return home not only well satiated, but also with a lot of new knowledge about the food culture of Fuerteventura. Impress your loved ones at home with your knowledge, bring them a delicacy or try to recreate the Canarian cuisine at home.

Gourmet Tours in Mallorca - Foodtour

A day tour through the city already sounds very good - but a gourmet tour sounds even better.
Let us take you on a tasting tour together with our guide and taste the delicious delicacies that the local cuisine has to offer. In addition to cheese and delicious jams, this tour will also introduce you to the local culture. A cultural journey that goes through the stomach. Every gourmet will get his money's worth.

Are you hungry? Well then it's high time to book one of our gourmet tours here on the island!