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Book the best Catamaran Tours on Fuerteventura online with a discount

Here you will find an overview of the most popular catamaran tours on Fuerteventura. Half day or full day tours with skipper, food and drinks. Island wide excursions on modern catamarans can be booked online at a lower price. Also exclusive catamaran tours for groups or companies available.
  1. Tauchen zwischen Fische

    Catamaran tour around the island Lobos in Fuerteventura north

    Discover the island of Lobos in the north of Fuerteventura with this fantastic catamaran tour. 4 hours each morning or afternoon available. With swim stop and a small lunch.
    7 Review(s)

    from 65.-€

  2. Katamaran und jet ski

    Catamaran trip to Fuerteventura start of Corralejo in the north of the island

    Relax or be active - you can enjoy this catamaran tour from Fuerteventura to Lanzarote either only with adults or with the whole family. The 4-hours catamaran trip takes place all-year and includes food and drinks.

    5 Review(s)

    from 59.-€

  3. Katamaran im Meer bei der Tour

    Catamaran Tour in Fuerteventura from Corralejo towards Isla de Lobos

    Enjoy the sea and the sun on the 3-hour catamaran tour from Corralejo on Fuerteventura. A snack as well as drinks and equipment for water sports are included. Up to 12 persons and the crew find place on the modern catamaran and explore together the coast of Fuerteventura with a detour to Lobos.

    4 Review(s)

    from 55.-€

  4. Romantische Katamaran Tour

    Private catamaran tour in Fuerteventura (from Corralejo)

    Sail on this private catamaran tour from Fuerteventura around Lobos. Private, exclusive booking of the catamaran from Corralejo for up to 12 people for an absolute special price, including food, drinks and watersports.

    2 Review(s)

    from 400.-€

  5. Katamaran bei der privat tour

    Private catamaran tour in Fuerteventura from Corralejo for up to 12 people

    Enjoy your holidays in a special way with a private catamaran tour in Fuerteventura. 4 or 8 hours bookable. The route is up to you - or you rely entirely on the experienced skipper, who will show you the best beaches and sights. Incl. watersports possibilities, snacks and more!

    from 550.-€

  6. Catamaran tour with skipper in Fuerteventura in the Southeast of the island

    Catamaran tour with skipper in Fuerteventura in the Southeast of the island

    Sailing with a catamaran though the cristall clear water with a professional skipper in Fuerteventura. Adventure, fun and assisting. A great watersports experience in the Atlantic ocean!

    from 20.-€

  7. Katamaran Tour Fuerteventura

    Fuerteventura Catamaran Tour in front of the peninsula Jandía - from Morro Jable

    Wonderful boat trip on the south coast of Fuerteventura. On board of a modern catamaran we go with max. 12 passengers from Morro Jable out to sea to find dolphins. Afterwards to the anchor stop in a quiet bay - with time for swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling. Drinks and Canarian food with fresh fish on board included. Can be booked as a day cruise or sunset cruise.

    1 Review(s)

    from 78.-€

  8. Katamarantour auf Fuerteventura

    Fuerteventura catamaran tour with dolphin search and bathing break from Morro Jable

    Enjoy a 4-hour boat trip on an elegant catamaran from Morro Jable along the volcanic coast and out to the dolphins. Anchor break for a swim in an idyllic bay in the south of the island. Food, drinks, a professional team and water sports included.

    from 59.-€

  9. Törn auf Segelkatamaran ab Morro Jable

    From Morro Jable: Deluxe Catamaran Tour Fuerteventura (South Coast)

    A holiday can be so beautiful: enjoy a 4-hour boat trip on board a luxurious sailing catamaran off the south coast of Fuerteventura. With max. 12 passengers you start in Morro Jable. Multilingual crew, anchor stop in a quiet bay, lunch & drinks on board as well as transfer from the south included.

    1 Review(s)

    from 87.-€

  10. Moderne Katamarane in Fuerteventura

    Catamaran & Buggy Tour in Fuerteventura from Corralejo

    Treat yourself to a sunny trip to the sea off Fuerteventura and take a catamaran to the coast of Lobos. Anchor there for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. After 2 hours you return to Corralejo and start a 2-hour buggy tour through exciting off-road routes in the Corralejo Nature Park.

    from 99.-€

  11. Katamaran und Jet Ski Tour

    Catamaran & Jet Ski Tour in Fuerteventura from Corralejo

    Start your 3-hour excursion with a catamaran tour from Corralejo on Fuerteventura and drive through the Strait of El Rio to an idyllic anchorage in front of a beach in the south of the rocky island of Lobos. During the bath break you use the equipment on board for various water sport activities. After returning to the harbour, jet skis are ready for you to race over the waves.

    from 99.-€

  12. Katamaran & E-Bike Tour auf Fuerteventura

    Catamaran & E-Bike Tour to Lobos Island off Fuerteventura from Corralejo

    Start your marine adventure off Fuerteventura from Corralejo with a motorized catamaran trip to Lobos Island including an e-bike tour. While part of the group explores the island by bike and visits places such as the lighthouse and crater of La Montana, the rest spend the waiting time before the groups swap, bathing in the turquoise dream of the sea with kayaking, swimming and diving.

    from 65.-€

  13. Sunset Katamaran Tour auf Fuerteventura

    Private pre-sunset Catamaran tour in the bay of Corralejo in the north of Fuerteventura

    3-hour catamaran tour from Corralejo into the evening. Enjoy a private boat trip for up to 12 passengers at a beautiful hour shortly before sunset with a small meal, drinks and water sports equipment. You charter the catamaran with skipper for yourself and your family or friends - no other passengers on board.

    from 400.-€

  14. Delfine beobachten auf der Bootsfahrt

    Dolphins and whales on Fuerteventura - Boat tour from Corralejo

    Get on board the only blue-ship boat in search of the beautiful sea creatures. The 4-hour excursion with an expert crew and start in Corralejo leads to the dolphin waters off the coast between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Including anchor break with snacks and 2 drinks in front of the beach of La Concha (island Lobos). 

    from 75.-€

Fuerteventura Catamaran
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Discover Fuerteventura on a catamaran trip

So you are now on Fuerteventura or planning your holiday on Fuerteventura and would like to join a catamaran tour? Then you have found the right place. We have compiled the most important information and answers to frequently asked questions regarding a catamaran excursion.

What is a catamaran?

A catamaran is a boat with two hulls connected by the carrying deck. This makes the boat much wider than a normal ship of the same length. With the catamarans one can distinguish between sailing catamarans and motor catamarans. The motor catamarans are often used for ferry trips because they are relatively fast. Sailing catamarans are used for regattas and holiday trips. Due to the two hulls a catamaran does not need a keel and is therefore much faster on the water.

What is special about catamaran cruising on Fuerteventura?

Catamaran sailing is special in that you sail on a ship with two hulls. Because a catamaran sails without a keel, it is much faster on the water. It almost flies. A catamaran also lies much more stable in the water due to its two hulls. Thus it has a safer hold in the water. A motor catamaran with 200 seats can reach up to 80 km/h. So you can sail in shortest time to the neighbouring island Lanzarote. But you can also do this with a sailing catamaran.

How safe is catamaran sailing on Fuerteventura?

Driving a catamaran is a very safe affair. The boat is stable in the water thanks to the two hulls. If you have rented a catamaran with skipper, then you will be spared the sailing manoeuvre, since every skipper knows his boat inside out and knows how to avoid difficult situations.

Where can I hire a catamaran on Fuerteventura?

On Fuerteventura you can generally hire a catamaran in any medium-sized port. Motor catamarans in the form of a ferry leave at the ferry port. If you do not have a sailing licence, you can rent a boat with a skipper. He can also tell you a lot about the Atlantic Ocean and the coast of Fuerteventura.

And where can I go on a Fuerteventura catamaran?

Fuerteventura is not far from Lanzarote. For example, you can rent a sailing catamaran exclusively and go on a sailing trip to Lanzarote with your loved ones.

In the following we have selected a few tours for you to give you a better orientation:

Experience Fuerteventura in the context of a private catamaran tour. We start in the north of the island. You decide where you want to go and the skipper takes you to your desired destination. You can also decide whether you want to spend four or eight hours on the sea. On the way you have also the possibility to go with the kayaks of the catamaran and the one or other bath stop you can also insert after desire.

If you want to give your beloved a surprise, then the romantic catamaran tour which starts in the north of Fuerteventura is just the thing. Up to 10 people can board the boat. You can also decide whether you prefer to sail only half a day, i.e. four hours, or a whole day, i.e. eight hours on the sea.

If you really wish it very romantic, then we recommend you not to miss the sunset over the sea. You can also decide where the skipper will take you. If you don't really know your way around, then tell the skipper and he will take you to the most beautiful spots of Fuerteventura.


For the action lovers among you the catamaran tour with skipper in the southeast of the island is a great thing. The professional skipper sails with you two hours or more across the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, you can also help yourself if you wish. If you have imagined pure relaxation, then the dream will soon be over, because you will actively participate:

Pull on ropes and run from one side of the boat to the other in curves to balance the weight of the boat. A wonderful experience. And if you do need a break, why don't you lay down in the net at the bow of the catamaran for a while? A maximum of three people can sail on this tour.


What is included in the price?

The price includes the time on the catamaran, swimming stops, travel insurance and sometimes also the transport from the hotel to the boat. Catering is usually only available on full day tours.

Catamaran tip: Ask when booking if a transfer from your accommodation to the port is possible. Often a pick-up is offered free of charge. You can also find out whether a transfer is included in the individual offers on our website www.sunbonoo.com Alternatively, you can also book a personal transfer service.