Glass-bottom Boat Tour in Fuerteventura - get closer to the underwater world!

Find out what happens below the surface in Fuerteventura with our glass-bottom boats. Book tickets for the glass-bottom boat tour on your holiday to Fuerteventura.

Explore Fuerteventura on a glass-bottom boat tour

Glass-bottom boat excursion in Fuerteventura

Above the surface of the sea, Fuerteventura is certainly worth experiencing - but underwater, an even greater spectacle awaits you: the marine world of Fuerteventura with its diverse flora and fauna is a true experience and therefore a year-round attraction for divers or even snorkellers: Let us go on board one of the glass-bottom boats of Fuerteventura.
These excursion boats are watercraft in which parts of the hull below the waterline are made of transparent materials to allow views into waters without being disturbed by the moving water surface.

1.What can you expect on a glass bottom boat tour in Fuerteventura?

You can look through the glass floor or the portholes of the ships into the breath-taking world of the ocean. The crystal-clear Atlantic gives you great insights into the underwater world - you will be thrilled by the view that awaits you. A unique opportunity to capture the various marine mammals on camera in photo and video. Come on board with us, make incredibly special holiday memories and impress your loved ones and family with your new impressions on your return home.

2. Will you actually get to see dolphins on our trip?

The probability of dolphin sightings off Fuerteventura is high. And that is not all: you also have the chance to marvel at turtles and whales. In addition, there are over five hundred species of fish, hundreds of species of shellfish and crustaceans.
A true spectacle for all animal lovers among you!
Book a tour with the glass-bottom boat from Fuerteventura and be there live on a boat tour and marvel at the abundance of fish in the Canary Islands and all the exotic plants under the water surface.

3. is one only below deck on a glass-bottom boat trip in Fuerteventura?

You can either enjoy the ride on the hull of the boat or, of course, on the deck of the glass-bottomed boat and look out for the mammals of the ocean while the cool breeze blows around your ears.
The boats have seating and some also have sunbathing areas, so you will not lack comfort during our tour. Many of the excursion boats are also equipped with underwater microphones and cameras, so you will be well-equipped not to miss anything that is going on in the underwater world.

4.How about going on a voyage of discovery by submarine instead of glass-bottom boat?

If you want to dive even deeper into the sea, book a tour on the Fuerteventura submarine. You will feel like a sea creature swimming around in an aquarium with all the other creatures. The skipper of the glass-bottom boat steers from Caleta de Fuste to various places where you will get the best impressions of the underwater world. Sit below deck at the large glass fronts and observe what is going on underwater and on the seabed off the east coast of Fuerteventura. Each passenger has a monitor at their disposal on this tour, so you will not miss anything from the dive or the ascent.
Marvel at the underwater world of the Atlantic and let yourself be enchanted by the breath-taking biodiversity that hides beneath the water's surface.

5.Who can come along on our glass-bottom boat tours in Tenerife?

Welcome aboard! For whom? Everyone, of course! The excursions with the glass-bottom boat and the submarine are suitable for adults and children alike and will give you a breath-taking holiday experience. A true adventure for young and old.