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In Fuerteventura's theme parks there is a lot to experience. The leisure parks are also perfect for trips with the one with children. Here you will find all information, opening hours and entrance fees of the 2 theme and amusement parks in Fuerteventura at a glance. Book your desired ticket online - cheaper than on site! If you are not mobile, tours with pick-up from your accommodation are also available. Experience an exciting excursion with the family in the water park or in the zoo on Fuerteventura, the Oasis Park in the north of the island.

Spending a day at the leisure park on Fuerteventura? Here all parks at a glance:

In a family holiday in Fuerteventura, shared experiences are the first priority. Fun and games should be the main focus of the leisure activities. Even better when children and adults can let off steam together, explore new things and have a good laugh.

The leisure parks in Fuerteventura offer a lot of action and variety. If you want to take a break from the beach in one day, you will find a destination in the north and in the south. Animal lovers will be able to see many rare species at Oasis Park Fuerteventura and experience the smartest specimens in their element at some shows.

Another destination for the whole family is the Aqua Park Fuerteventura with its giant slides, which guarantee the greatest possible family fun.

1st Oasis Park Fuerteventura

An attraction in Fuerteventura is the Oasis Park in La Lajita in the south of the island. With its significant population of animals and plants, this green natural paradise in the middle of the desert is a destination for the whole family. More than 3000 animals are at home on the 800 000 square meters large park. The inhabitants include elephants, giraffes, hippos, parrots, reptiles, kangaroos, gorillas and chimpanzees, to name just a few.

The El Dorado is the habitat of 250 different species from all parts of the world. The animal park is also the largest camel reserve in Europe. A coastal safari of about one hour on the back of the animals is one of the most unique experiences in Fuerteventura. Nowhere else will you get as close as here to some of the exotic animals. Four animal shows with different actors provide entertainment and special contact during the visit. Have you ever been kissed by a sea lion?

During a private visit to the seal pool, you can swim with these intelligent, sensitive animals, touch their skin and give them a fin. At the bird of prey show, eagles, falcons and vultures demonstrate their breathtaking flying skills. From a seat on the grandstand they have a perfect view of this spectacle.

For all kinds of fun and happy laughter provide the comedians of the zoo - the parrots. They can not only speak, but also perform all sorts of tricks.

The richness of the botanical garden in the Oasis Park with its more than 2000, partly rare plant species appears like a mirage. Palm trees, dragon trees, succulents and up to 5 meter high cacti thrive in this colourful area. This is also where the roots of Oasis Park lie, which once started as a nursery. A jungle bus commutes between the zoo and the botanical garden. One of the latest attractions is a train ride across the extensive grounds.

Visitors can enjoy a free safari in wooden wagons, which takes them through parts of the zoo, the botanical garden and up to the viewing platforms, from where they have a breathtaking view of the coast.

The Oasis Park Fuerteventura is an ideal destination for families with children. In addition to the large and varied park landscape, children can come into contact with animals here on their own farm. Horses, goats, cows, ponies, emus, turtles, ducks, guinea pigs and rabbits can be stroked.

Not far from the children's farm there is a playground with swings and seesaws and a soft sandy ground.

Oasis Park Fuerteventura opening hours:

Open all year round Monday to Sunday: 9:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Oasis Park Fuerteventura entrance fees:

Adults (12 years and over): 35 € per person

Children (4 to 11 years): 20,50 € per person

Children under 3 years free of charge!

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2nd Aqua Park Fuerteventura

An excursion destination in Fuerteventura for the whole family is the Aqua Park in Corralejo (formerly Baku Park). The only water park in the north of the island is an experience for all ages with its giant slides, children's area and a wave pool. Several stations on the 25,000 square metre area provide recreation and relaxation, but also thrills and variety.

The highest point of the park is the platform "The Rapids". The raging river takes you down a 100-metre-long stretch on a swimming ring. For a race with the children or friends, the six-lane slide race track is ideal. Some manage the 70-metre-long downhill run in around six seconds. The Kamikaze slide, which has earned its name, is a straight line and therefore correspondingly fast. On the zig-zag course and at a good pace, the curved slide takes you down into the depths.

The children's area has its own little attractions. The pool is well visible from all sides. From the mini-slides the little ones can be carried into the shallow water or play under the water mushrooms. In the children's club the young guests are looked after by the staff and can enjoy playing, painting and doing handicrafts with other children.

For older children there is a little test of courage with castle climbing. Using a rope ladder you can balance over the water and then simply let yourself fall into the pool. With its jets and fountains, the lagoon is one of those areas that you hardly want to leave again. Whoever
just wants to let it drift, takes off in a floating boat for a river cruise.

Together, children and adults can explore the wave pool, in which the water regularly turns into moving sea. Different depths take into account the swimming abilities of young and old bathers. Starting with the shallow bathing and play area, the pool measures 1.80 metres at its deepest point. For those who get hungry in the middle of so much adventure, the Aqua Park also has a gastronomic offer.

Aqua Park Fuerteventura opening hours:

1 June to 10 September: 10:00 AM to 18:00 06:00 PM

1 April to 31 May: 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM

11 September to 5 November: 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Aqua Park Fuerteventura entrance fees:

Adults (from 12 years): 25 € per person

Children (4 to 11 years): 19 € per person

Children under 3 years free of charge!