Book here your quad tour in Fuerteventura online at the best price!

Quad biking in Fuerteventura is an exciting way to explore the island! We offer quad tours all over Fuerteventura on different coastal or off-road tracks. Drive the quad yourself or as a passenger and choose between half-day and full-day tours. Starting at only 33 € per person!

Guided tours with the Quad in Fuerteventura - a concentrated load of action!

Riding fun and action are convincing arguments for a quad tour in Fuerteventura. And if you want to explore the hidden sides of the island, this leisure activity is just right for you.

Trips on a quad bike are an intense experience and a real outdoor adventure. Feel the sea breeze during the ride and let yourself be inspired by the varied landscape. Fuerteventura has a lot to offer with desert, volcanoes, coastal roads and riverbeds to make a tour with the Quad an unforgettable highlight of your holiday.

A stony ascent is usually followed by a magnificent view. This also applies to some of the most beautiful expeditions in Fuerteventura by quad bike. Imagine you are crossing a rugged lunar landscape with gravel and sandy hills to the left and right of the path. And behind the last hill, the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean suddenly opens up with its blue shimmer or you are greeted by the intense glow of a golden yellow sandy beach.

Whether you are on sandy or stony paths. Quads are not called All Terrain Vehicles (short ATV) for nothing. The robust all-terrain vehicles with the non-slip wheels can cope with almost any surface.This has the advantage that during a quad tour on Fuerteventura you can also reach hidden areas, which are hidden for passengers in the car or bus and turn quad tours into a real safari with sightseeing character.

Quad riding in Fuerteventura is suitable for professionals and beginners alike. You do not need any previous knowledge to participate in one of the guided tours. In a group you can gain driving experience at an appropriate speed and contact your tour guide if you have any questions. Depending on your preferences, quad tours of varying length and intensity are offered on the island.

Some lead into the interior, others along the coast, and some combine the one with the other. Decide for yourself what you like to see and how much off-road adventure you want.


The best quad tours on Fuerteventura at a glance:

Quad tours with start in the north

Over 60 kilometres and four hours an eventful quad tour leads through the charming north of Fuerteventura. You will even pass a piece of desert during this trip and head for some of the most popular surf beaches in this part of the island.

Wonderful views can be found on the coast off El Cotillo, where you will also find protected lagoons. Before returning to Corralejo, you will pass through the sleepy fishing village of Majanicho.


This tour is available all year round!


A recommendation for off-road enthusiasts is the Corralejo Expedition, which takes you through the volcanic area and along the beautiful north coast of the island. Just the right thing for an eventful afternoon. On this route you will get to know Fuerteventura from a different side. During the two-hour ride you will enjoy the freedom of the quad and indescribably beautiful views.

This tour is available all year round!

Quad tours with start in the east

Caleta de Fuste is known for its sunny yellow beach and is one of the most popular resorts in the east of the island. This is where a quad bike tour starts, taking you through some of the most charming areas of Fuerteventura. Apart from the driving experience, you will also be able to feel something of the spirit of discovery here. Canarian villages, a salt lagoon and a goat farm are part of the excursion programme of this three-hour adventure route. An off-road part with stony and sandy tracks completes this tour.

This tour is available all year round!

Quad tours with start in the south

First a piece of coast, past volcanoes and then through a dry river bed into the interior. Action is pre-programmed there. The Costa Calma Safari also takes you to lonely beaches, wild stretches of coast and through untouched regions of Fuerteventura. Off-road tracks not only make the heart of motor sport fans beat faster. 

This tour is available all year round!


If you want to experience the fascinating west coast of Fuerteventura, book the Costa Calma Expedition and drive from one side of the island to the other. On the way you will cross a dry riverbed and charming villages on a quad bike, pass volcanoes and pass the sheep farms which are also typical for the island. Untouched landscapes are also part of this two-hour adventure safari.

This tour is available all year round!

Important information about the quad tours on Fuerteventura

Those who want to experience a quad tour in Fuerteventura basically do not need much. Except curiosity and openness for a completely new experience.

  • As a self-driver, you need a valid driving licence (class B) to drive the vehicle. If you have a license as a co-driver, you can of course take the wheel on the way.
  • Children from the age of 12 years are allowed on the tour.
  • The rental companies will provide you with the right equipment and route information before departure.
  • A briefing is also mandatory, an insurance is included.

Because the tours also take you through dusty terrain, it is best to wear comfortable sportswear that will get dirty. With closed shoes you are definitely safer on the quad bike. Especially for longer tours, longer clothes are recommended in case it gets cooler on the way. Sun cream and sufficient water should also be in the backpack.

To preserve Fuerteventura's beauty, there are some rules and sometimes driving bans for the protected areas of the island. Whoever takes part in a quad safari or goes into the area on their own should stay on the designated slopes out of consideration for the flora and fauna and for their own safety.