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Sailing is one of the most beautiful water sports and Fuerteventura offers perfect conditions for it. Whether active (co-)sailing or half-day/day excursions. Everyone will find the right sailing offer here. Also for larger groups. Experience Fuerteventura from the seaside and enjoy the coasts while sailing.
Fuerteventura Sailing
Fuerteventura Sailing
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Sailing on Fuerteventura - discover the most beautiful bays and natural beaches

Fuerteventura is an ingenious holiday destination. Even in the winter months you can go sailing relaxed with pleasant temperatures. Sail on the Atlantic Ocean and anchor in front of small bays and beaches. Take a dip in the refreshing crystal clear waters.

Why should I go sailing on Fuerteventura?

Fuerteventura is a beautiful Canary Island that can be circumnavigated all year round. There are even only about 120 kilometres to the Moroccan coast. Or make a short excursion to the neighbouring island Lanzarote, which is only 12 kilometres north of Fuerteventura. But already the coast of Fuerteventura is worth it. Sail to the most different volcanic landscapes and admire the colourfulness of the volcanic rock in contrast to the sea.

On Fuerteventura you can learn to sail either actively or with a sailing catamaran. But we also recommend to take part in one of the many beautiful boat trips with sailing boats and/or catamarans. These tours include food, drinks and often the pick up from your accommodation, no matter where it is on the island. All boat trips / sailing trips include swimming stops. Snorkeling equipment is available on board.

When can I go sailing on Fuerteventura?

You can also sail on Fuerteventura all year round as the temperatures are between 20 and 26 degrees all year round. In winter the warm winds come from the Sahara. These ensure a pleasant climate.

Where can I go sailing on Fuerteventura?

Sailing is possible from any port. In the capital Puerto del Rosario there is, as the name suggests, a harbour. Other ports are Gran Tarajal, Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste, El Cotillo and Morro Jable. The ports of El Cotillo and Caleta de Fuste are smaller marinas.

For whom is sailing on Fuerteventura suitable?

Sailing is an activity that is suitable for everyone. No matter if you want to do a great sailing trip with your family or just for two or with friends, everything is possible. Even for company events, private celebrations such as a birthday or a wedding, a sailing ship is an ingenious location. But you should not be seasick. It is best to consult your family doctor. He can prescribe drugs against seasickness.

What are the possibilities?

Sailing has long since ceased to be just an activity for the well-heeled. Sailing is also possible with a small budget. A day sailing trip including food and drinks is bookable from 80,- Euro. Half-day tours are also offered, in which you can sail to the most beautiful bays in a few hours and also have time for a swim stop.

Suitable for everyone: A day on the sea

Anybody can sail. No matter if you have a sailing license and can charter your own boat or if you have never sailed before. You can also rent a sailing ship with a skipper or a complete crew and sail the Atlantic Ocean exclusively. The route is not always according to your wishes, because the weather or the wind has a word to say.

For experienced sailors: charter your own boat on Fuerteventura

Experienced sailors can of course charter a sailing ship by showing their sailing licence. You can choose between three options: Rent a sailing ship completely without crew, or only with skipper or also with the entire crew. The decision is up to you.

For beginners: charter your own boat with skipper

Beginners also have some options to get their money's worth. Rent a sailing ship with a skipper and help him sail. This option is also great for children, as you can also help out a little and get a little explanation of sailing. Or you can charter a sailboat with an entire crew who will take sailing into their hands for you. Relax and let us take you to the most beautiful spots of the Atlantic Ocean. There is also the option of half-day or full-day sailing on a guided tour that follows a fixed route.

How much does sailing on Fuerteventura cost?

Sailing is possible from 60,- Euro. The more exclusive your wishes, the higher the price. However, the price also depends on availability, the season and the duration of the sailing trip you have planned. There are also additional charges on board for food, gas, petrol, final cleaning and harbour dues. The cash on board is usually settled on the last day of your sailing trip.

What do I need to pack for sailing on Fuerteventura?

To ensure that you are well equipped on your sailing trip, we have compiled a small list of the most important things for you:

  • Light shoes
  • Rain jacket or windbreaker
  • scarf
  • sunglasses

  • Swimsuits + towel

  • Gloves, if you want to try sailing for yourself

  • Sleeping bag or blanket + sheets / bed linen

  • ID

  • medicines for nausea

  • snacks

  • Book or games to pass the time with

Sunbonoo wishes you a wonderful sailing trip on the Atlantic Ocean.