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Here you get an overview of the best and most popular activities on Fuerteventura for sports and active holidays. The largest selection of water sports activities in the island and many hiking, segway and cycling tours. Book your ticket for a fantastic active holiday here for less.
Fuerteventura Sport & Activity Holidays
Fuerteventura Sport & Activity Holidays
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Active holidays on Fuerteventura means relaxation and fun at the same time.

At first glance, Fuerteventura may not seem like the classic destination for sports enthusiasts, but active holidays on the second largest Canary Island are not only possible, they are an integral part of the most beautiful time of the year. This is partly due to the attractive range of sports and leisure activities on Fuerteventura, and partly to the incredibly bizarre landscapes, the sight of which literally encourages visitors to discover them on all sorts of paths and actively - be it on a hike on Fuerteventura, a guided cycle tour or in water sports. In the following some of our highlights for the active holiday(s) on Fuerteventura:

Sports and active holidays on Fuerteventura - in and on the water

Anyone who feels at home in surfing knows about the advantages and the wonderful surf spots of the island. Surfing on Fuerteventura has a season of more than 300 days and the dancing sails are a familiar sight on the enchanting beaches. Reliable winds and enticing waves are the profession of windsurfers and kitesurfers on Fuerteventura. And it is not only the professionals who plunge into their favourite element here - on many beaches on Fuerteventura professional schools also offer compact courses for beginners who become surfers on holiday.

Water sports on Fuerteventura sometimes also means competing with the dolphins. If you go on a jet ski tour in Fuerteventura or take a speedboat out to sea, the company of marine mammals is often safe.

Those who like to "hike" across the water at their own pace will love the kayak tours on Fuerteventura. On the Costa Calma, for example, you can go out in a single or double kayak with an experienced guide. For the beautiful efforts of paddling you will reward yourself with a bathing break and a small snorkel stop. And because you are guaranteed to get a taste for it, next time you book a snorkeling tour on Fuerteventura for the whole family to watch the fish and plants under water in peace.

Sports and active holidays in Fuerteventura - on the shore

A hiking holiday on the Canary Islands is the highlight of the year for many active holidaymakers. The hiking sport and the community are also a constant on Fuerteventura. Behind the at first glance perhaps somewhat barren impression, there is a surprising and sometimes overwhelming variety of landscapes. Anything but lush vegetation: but hikers on Fuerteventura see a barren beauty between dune, desert, beach and mountain, bizarre, curious, unique.

Hardly anything creates such a satisfying feeling as the last step to the highest point of the island: the Pico de la Zarza. The Peak, also known as Eselsohr, is located in the famous Jandia Nature Park and is visible from afar with an altitude of around 800 metres. Once at the top, a spectacular view of the peninsula of the same name and the sea awaits you.

If you want to leave traces in the volcanic sand, climb a part of the volcano La Gayria and enter a natural monument of the island. Volcanic walks on Fuerteventura are also an encounter with the history and natural forces that created this island. Also unusual hiking experiences like hiking with goats on the west coast are offered on Fuerteventura and create an authentic holiday experience.

If you are planning a family holiday with your children in Fuerteventura and are looking for a sporting activity away from the beach, we recommend an e-bike tour through the volcanic landscape. Everything is typical Fuerteventura: from the coastal road to the goat farm to the volcano crater.

For hikers and active holidaymakers on Fuerteventura in general: always take enough water with you to drink and don't forget the sun protection!