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Book tours & Activities in Fuerteventura online!

Book numerous affordable activities and excursions in Fuerteventura here and reserve the best places before you start travelling. Avoid overbooked tours and save money! At sunbonoo, you find the most popular boat trips, water sports activities, leisure parks, jeep safaris and island tours. Discover the most beautiful sights of Fuerteventura!

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  1. Privater Segeltörn auf Fuerteventura

    Private sailing trip with skipper from Morro Jable (Fuerteventura South)

    3.5-hour sailing trip on Fuerteventura with skipper for up to 8 people. From Morro Jable you will sail aboard a modern yacht to the dolphin and whale spots on the south coast and for swimming in the ocean. Food included. Also perfect for a marriage proposal on Fuerteventura.

    from 350.-€

  2. Katamaran Tour Fuerteventura Caleta de Fuste

    In Fuerteventura: Catamaran trip starting in Caleta de Fuste

    A catamaran trip in Fuerteventura, which is guaranteed not to be boring. A lot is offered: drinks, canarian lunch, bathing stop, snorkeling, jet skiing and much more! Sail off and experience the beautiful east coast of the Canary Island on an entertaining boat tour.

    from 55.-€

  3. Glasbodenboot Tour Fuerteventura unter Deck

    Glass bottom boat trip in Fuerteventura (Caleta de Fuste) for all explorers

    During the glass bottom boat trip in Fuerventura with start in Caleta de Fuste you will go on a small discovery tour. Marvel at the underwater world during a dive and stay completely dry. The half hour trip is ideal with children, as they can experience the sea creatures from up-close.

    from 16.-€

  4. Segeltörn Fuerteventura

    Gorgeous sailing trip in Fuerteventura from Morro Jable (South)

    Unique sailing trip on the south coast of Fuerteventura aboard a well-kept yacht with skipper and maximum 8 passengers. 3.5 hours on the water, including sailing and visiting the dolphin sites off the coast of Fuerteventura, with an anchor break for swimming and a Canarian lunch.

    from 69.-€

  5. Jetski-Rundkurs in Caleta de Fuste

    Jet skiing in Fuerteventura - 20 minutes circuit in Caleta de Fuste

    Jet skiing without a driving licence in Fuerteventura: 20 minutes driving fun in a circuit marked with buoys in Caleta de Fuste. Suitable for beginners. For this activity you rent well maintained jet skis for up to 2 people. With instruction and accompaniment by a professional guide.

    from 55.-€

  6. Seelöwen auf Fuerteventura hautnah

    Swimming with sea lions in Fuerteventura (Caleta de Fuste)

    20-minute sea lion encounter in Caleta de Fuste in the east of Fuerteventura. Accompanied by an animal trainer, you will get into the pool to meet the gentle sea dwellers and experience first hand the talents and the lack of fear of contact that seals have. You can swim with the sea lions and stroke them. Wetsuit and life jacket included.

    from 35.-€

  7. Katamaran Tour ab Corralejo

    Catamaran tour on Fuerteventura from Corralejo to Lobos Island

    Accompany the experienced skipper on the catamaran tour from Corralejo to the island of Lobos and enjoy all the amenities of the comfortably equipped ship on this 4-hour sailing trip. In addition to drinks, lunch and toilets on board, there is also equipment for sea activities. Glide through the waves and experience the sunny sea of the Canary Islands.

    from 60.-€

  8. Bootstour auf traditionellem Holzboot

    Exclusive Fuerteventura boat tour at the south coast on traditional motor sailer

    Get on board a Turkish motor sailer and enjoy a 4-hour cruise along the south coast of Fuerteventura. With a maximum of 18 passengers you can enjoy an exclusive boat trip from Morro Jable. Food and drinks included.

    from 69.-€

  9. Katamarantour auf Fuerteventura

    Fuerteventura catamaran tour with dolphin search and bathing break from Morro Jable

    Enjoy a 4-hour boat trip on an elegant catamaran from Morro Jable along the volcanic coast and out to the dolphins. Anchor break for a swim in an idyllic bay in the south of the island. Food, drinks, a professional team and water sports included.

    from 59.-€

  10. Zu zweit auf dem Jetski

    Jetski Safari on Fuerteventura from Morro Jable (South) - Driving fun without a license

    Thrill and nature on Fuerteventura's Jetski Safari: 1- or 2-hour tour in small group from Morro Jable. You can go out to sea alone or in pairs on a jet ski and explore the beaches and coastline in the south. Sometimes accompanied by dolphins. Equipment, guide and transfer from Morro Jable included. 

    from 120.-€

  11. E-Bike-Tour durch die Vulkanlandschaft

    E-bike tour on Fuerteventura - from Corralejo on 2 bikes through volcanic land

    Discover the true beauty of Fuerteventura on an e-bike tour. From Corralejo, you can effortlessly conquer lunar landscapes, volcanic craters and coastal paths on all-terrain electric bikes. A shorter tour suitable for families with children (3h) and a circuit (5h) in the north of the island are available. With guide and equipment.

    from 39.-€

  12. Wanderung mit Ziegen auf den Kanaren

    Walking in Fuerteventura with goats around El Cardon

    During this hike on Fuerteventura you will get to know the countryside around El Cardon (south). You will be accompanied by a professional hiking guide and trustful goats. Learn more about the tradition of the shepherds when hiking in Fuerteventura. Incl. picnic in the nature!

    from 59.-€

  13. Delfine beobachten auf der Bootsfahrt

    Dolphins and whales on Fuerteventura - Boat tour from Corralejo

    Get on board the only blue-ship boat in search of the beautiful sea creatures. The 4-hour excursion with an expert crew and start in Corralejo leads to the dolphin waters off the coast between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Including anchor break with snacks and 2 drinks in front of the beach of La Concha (island Lobos). 

    from 75.-€

  14. Sunset Katamaran Tour auf Fuerteventura

    Private pre-sunset Catamaran tour in the bay of Corralejo in the north of Fuerteventura

    3-hour catamaran tour from Corralejo into the evening. Enjoy a private boat trip for up to 12 passengers at a beautiful hour shortly before sunset with a small meal, drinks and water sports equipment. You charter the catamaran with skipper for yourself and your family or friends - no other passengers on board.

    from 400.-€

  15. Caleta de Fuste mit Trike

    Exciting tour by trike in Fuerteventura with guide from Caleta de Fuste

    Guided tour on the Canary Island Fuerteventura with a ZTR Trike Roadster. You drive from Caleta de Fuste along the beautiful coast to the photo stop in the small village Las Salinas. A ride on this convertible motorcycle hybrid is a lasting experience.

    2 Review(s)

    from 30.-€

  16. Elektrischer Harley Roller auf Fuerteventura

    In Fuerteventura: electric scooter hire from Caleta de Fuste

    Explore the surroundings of Caleta de Fuste on a Vespa or in a modern electric scooter. This great experience on two wheels allows you to explore the Canary Island of Fuerteventura on your own. Rental period of your choice.

    2 Review(s)

    from 12.-€

  17. Wanderwege auf Lobos

    Guided walks in Fuerteventura - hiking tour to Lobos with guide, transfer and lunch

    At the side of a tour guide you explore the Isla la Lobos on the 8-hour day trip. In the morning a ferry takes you from Corralejo harbour to the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura. The hike starts there on the 127 metre high volcano Montaña La Calder. In the afternoon there is time for bathing and relaxing. Transfer and lunch included. 

    from 89.-€

  18. Überm Wasser schweben

    Fuerteventura Parasailing over the coast of Morro Jable (south)

    Great water sports adventure with a flight time of around 10 minutes, a flight altitude of up to 150 metres and a spectacular view of the Jandia Nature Park. You can fly alone, in pairs or in threes. The start is from the boat. A professional crew accompanies the parasailing in Morro Jable. Equipment and photos included. 

    from 45.-€

  19. Flyboard Fuerteventura

    Flying high on the Flyboard Fuerteventura - Adventure in Morro Jable

    Rise out of the water like Superman or dive in like a dolphin: Flyboard Fuerteventura makes it possible. You book 20 minutes of this very entertaining water sport in Morro Jable and receive instruction, equipment and support from an experienced team for your first flight unit.

    from 80.-€

  20. Geführte Food Tour auf Fuerteventura

    Typical food in Fuerteventura: guided food tour starting in the east

    Enjoy 4 hours of the most delicious products of traditional farms on Fuerteventura and get to know the Canary Island culinary, cultural and historical. The guide will pick you up between Corralejo and Caleta de Fuste and take you on a gourmet tour through the centre of Fuerteventura. You will visit farms and taste local specialities during the guided food tour.

    2 Review(s)

    from 65.-€

  21. Katamaran Tour Fuerteventura

    Fuerteventura Catamaran Tour in front of the peninsula Jandía - from Morro Jable

    Wonderful boat trip on the south coast of Fuerteventura. On board of a modern catamaran we go with max. 12 passengers from Morro Jable out to sea to find dolphins. Afterwards to the anchor stop in a quiet bay - with time for swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling. Drinks and Canarian food with fresh fish on board included. Can be booked as a day cruise or sunset cruise.

    1 Review(s)

    from 78.-€

  22. Wandertour Fuerteventura

    Great trekking tour in northern Fuerteventura to the Montaña de Escanfraga

    An extensive mountain hike along serpentine paths up to the edge of the crater of the volcano Montaña de Escanfraga on Fuerteventura. Challenge yourself on the adventurous climb up the edge of the volcano cone to the highest point and reward yourself with a stunning view over large parts of Fuerteventura.

    from 50.-€

  23. Speedboot Fuerteventura

    Morro Jable beach Fuerteventura: pure adrenalin in a jet boat

    Experience ultimate speed with an approx. 10 minute jet boat ride at the beach of Morro Jable in Fuerteventura and enjoy an ingenious adventure on the water with 360° loops. When the skipper brakes abruptly, you will feel the pure adrenaline kick when speedboating. When surfing at high speed, none of the passengers will stay dry!

    from 39.-€

  24. Delfine beobachten auf Fuerteventura

    Dolphin boat trips in Fuerteventura: in a zodiac nautic boat from Morro Jable

    Book a 1.5-hour drive on the Atlantic Ocean in the Zodiac inflatable boat to watch dolphins. You start your exciting sea journey from Morro Jable on Fuerteventura and experience not only a great excursion with the beautiful Canary Island in the background, but also can observe the fascinating sea animals in the wild.

    from 35.-€

  25. Fuerteventura Bananaboat

    Banana boat in Fuerteventura: cool water sports from Morro Jable

    Hold on to a huge banana inflatable boat as you rush across the waves along Fuerteventura's coastline. Show with skill and adrenaline that you can stay on this fun tube as long as possible. From Morro Jable, the trained skipper will pull you across the Atlantic on a jet ski or speedboat on the banana.

    from 10.-€

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