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Extraordinary adventure holiday in Gran Canaria North - book online!

Take your holiday to the next level by making it a fun-filled adventure holiday. Hop on board a jeep and do a safari tour or get up close and personal with nature on a quad or buggy tour as you find out just how many adventure activities are on hand. There are many different outdoorsy activities to get stuck in to, but one thing is guaranteed: a pulse racing adventure from start to finish. Bite the bullet and put your skills and courage to the test as you set out on adrenaline pumping adventures on holiday. Book online now and get your thrills on an action-packed adventure holiday in Gran Canaria North
  1. Gleitschirm fliegen in Gran Canaria

    Go flying as you set off Paragliding in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria

    Get up close and personal with the beauty of Gran Canaria while paragliding! Fly like a bird as you paraglide over the magnificent mountains on this Canary Island towards the sea, where you will land on the beach. This fun-filled activity is available all year round - the paragliding courses as well! Make use of discounts for small groups too!

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    from 60.-€

  2. Gran Canaria Kletter Kurs

    Go Climbing in Gran Canaria: Do a climbing tour or a climbing course

    The mountains offer the perfect terrain for climbing in Gran Canaria. If you're a beginner, you could try out a 2-day climbing course in Gran Canaria and get your fill of Mother Nature. On the other hand, if you've climbed before, you could go along for a climbing tour for a day. 

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    from 70.-€

  3. Bungee Jumping in Gran Canaria

    Feel the ultimate adrenaline rush by going bungee jumping in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria

    Take advantage of the chance to go bungee jumping in Gran Canaria. You'll go bungee jumping off 30m high cliffs and bridges in Northern Gran Canaria in Las Palmas. Get the ultimate thrill as you feel like you're freeflying during your holiday. What's more, if you book for two or more people - you get a nice discount!

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    from 35.-€

  4. Roller mieten in Gran Canaria

    Scooter rental in Gran Canaria: rent a moped and do a GPS tour with a Vespa

    Rent a moped in Gran Canaria and get the Vespa scooter dropped off at your hotel around Maspalomas! Jump on a moped and set out on a GPS tour that takes you along to the must see places on the island, such as viewpoints, markets and restaurants. 

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    from 40.-€

  5. Klettersteige Gran Canaria

    Go Climbing in Gran Canaria on the Via Ferrata route

    Get closer to Mother Nature as you set out on a top-notch Climbing Tour in Gran Canaria. There are lots of different routes to pick from based on your climbing experience. Be shown the best of the Via Ferrata and make the most of the marvellous mountain range in Gran Canaria. 

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    from 90.-€

  6. Rückwärts an der Zipline

    Multi-activity on Gran Canaria: hiking, climbing & Zipl-line from Las Palmas

    For outdoor fans and climbing enthusiasts: in the north of Gran Canaria an adventure package of various activities awaits you. You will hike, climb, rappel and zip down for 3 hours. Experience thrills, fun and excitement on the coast. Guide and equipment included.

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    from 60.-€

  7. Tolle Perspektiven aus der Luft

    Power Paragliding on Gran Canaria - flying with Paratrike or Paramotor

    Paragliding with engine power: discover the north of Gran Canaria from the air during power paragliding. An experienced pilot will accompany you on paratrike or paramotor flight over Las Canteras (approx. 25 minutes). You will receive detailed instructions before take-off. Photos and equipment are also included in this adventure.

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    from 120.-€

Gran Canaria North Adventure Holidays
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