A perfect day at sea: rent a boat for the best price in Gran Canaria

Spend a wonderful day at sea just the way you like it - just rent a boat here for the best price in Gran Canaria and enjoy the sea! If you do not have a licence, you can rent a boat without a licence. In Gran Canaria there are several boats to choose from: Rent a small motor boat, motor yacht, sailing boat or speedboat. There are marinas all over the island, you can rent boats in Gran Canaria by the hour or by the day.

Why it is worthwhile to rent a boat in Gran Canaria?

Rent a boat in Gran Canaria and go out into another world. It will affect you when the fresh air, the sound of the sea and the feeling of freedom at sea come together! The bustle of the beach becomes quieter with every nautical mile and the view of the beautiful silhouette of the island becomes clearer and clearer.

Gran Canaria is an ideal starting point for boat trips, whether for a small tour along the coast or an extensive day trip. With a boat charter in Gran Canaria you also tie up to a seafaring tradition of the island.

This chapter is closely linked to the great discoverer Christopher Columbus. He is said to have anchored here three times on his expeditions. And many seafarers do the same to this day. In any case, boat tours around Gran Canaria are a special experience.

1st With the boat on Gran Canaria between sea and coast

Nowhere else the world seems so endless and special as on the back of the sea. Rent a boat in Gran Canaria and glide with the rhythm of the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy the view of the Island of Eternal Spring and its scenic beauty, the mountains, the beaches or the sand dunes of Maspalomas along its almost 240 kilometres of coastline.

You can also reach by boat bays and beaches that are difficult or impossible to access from the land side and are therefore almost a private visit. Close your eyes and relax while sunbathing on deck or keep an eye out for a shoal of dolphins that love to swim in the
warm grounds off the south coast of the island.

2nd Renting a boat is possible in Gran Canaria even without a license

Even if you are not in possession of a boat licence, you do not have to give up a sea trip around Gran Canaria. There are boats that you can navigate on the water yourself after a short briefing. With some suggested routes you will quickly find the destination that suits you best. And after the agreed time, you will return to your home port.

If you prefer to leave the steering wheel to others, you can also get a skipper on board who will do the work for you and show you the most beautiful areas off Gran Canaria. This way you will have more time to enjoy the many impressions and relax.

3rd Relaxation or adventure?

No matter what you feel like doing. If you rent a boat in Gran Canaria, you decide what happens on this trip. Go on a special trip as a couple, with your family or with friends. You can simply let yourself drift on the sea and enjoy the wind. Or you can drop the anchor in a beautiful bay and enjoy the crystal clear water while snorkeling or swimming.

If you like it more active, a boat trip can also be combined with other activities; jet skiing for example or parasailing. Deep-sea fishing trips are also possible by boat charter.

4th Sports boat or sailing yacht?

Do you prefer to sail with set sails or do you like it particularly fast? In Gran Canaria there are several boats for charter. From the modern catamaran to the speedboat to the spacious sailing ship, everything is available.

If you are planning something really special, the luxury version also offers private boats with captain and
Stewardess at your disposal. And if you want to combine a tour with an extraordinary occasion, you will find the right boat for it in Gran Canaria.


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