Glass bottom boat tour in Gran Canaria - the special view under water

Boat trips with the glass-bottomed boats in Gran Canaria are very popular and a cheap and relaxed way for young and old to get to know Gran Canarias underwater world. Discover the sea with the glass bottom boat without getting wet! Various boat trips with the glass bottom boat can be booked, ticket prices are cheaper online than on site.

Trip with the glass bottom boat with family in Gran Canaria

Under water, the life rages: the sea world of Gran Canaria is a real treasure with an enormously varied flora and fauna and therefore an attraction for divers and snorkelers all year round. Even those who do not (yet) have a diving licence can "swim" through this diverse landscape and get fed up: on board one of Gran Canaria's glass-bottomed boats.

On these excursion boats, part of the hull is made of transparent material. This gives a deep insight and
makes this boat trip a real expedition.

1st What can I see during a tour with the glass bottom boat in Gran Canaria?

Passengers can look through the glass bottom or the portholes of the boats into the mysterious world of the ocean. Thanks to the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, a trip on a glass-bottomed boat from Gran Canaria offers a fantastic view. This is the best way to capture your animal observations with your camera in photo and video. Near the coast you might encounter orange parrotfish, spotted groupers or even nice golden storm.

In other depths you can find bastard grunts, barracudas, swordfish or even tunas. Around 350 different species of fish live in this sea area around the island of Gran Canaria.

2nd is it possible to see dolphins during a trip with the glass bottom boat on Gran Canaria?

The probability of dolphin sightings off Gran Canaria is high. The Canary Islands are a known area of distribution of these marine mammals. Around 30 species are native to the warm waters, especially on the south coast.

Book a tour by glass-bottom boat from Gran Canaria and be there live when the bottlenose dolphins circle or shoot out of the water. On a boat tour you will see the abundance of fish in the Canary Islands, exotic plants and sometimes even turtles. The sea beds are considered to be extremely rich in species and topographically as varied as the island itself. Many times, some lively and colourful shoals of fish shoot from the caves and grottos, grasses and colourful plants sway in the sea floor.

3rd Am I only only below deck during a trip with the glass-bottom boat in Gran Canaria?

Besides the observation post in the hull of the boat, you can of course enjoy the sea tour on deck on one of the modern glass-bottom boats and keep an eye out for the dorsal fin of a dolphin or a whale.

The boats are equipped with seating and some also with berths so that you can experience and enjoy this trip in comfort. Many of the excursion boats are also equipped with underwater microphones and cameras so that you always know what is going on underwater and you may be able to tell which sea creature is near you by the sound of the echo.

4th How is a submarine trip in Gran Canaria?

Those who want to dive even deeper into the sea will book a tour with the Gran Canaria submarine. This is then really like a dive through the aquarium. Up to 25 metres under water, the "Golden Shark" dives off the coast of Puerto de Mogán and glides gently over the sea floor. Through one of the portholes you can watch live how the ship sinks centimetre by centimetre and you can reach this fascinating underwater world.

Apart from animals and plants, you will also be able to marvel at old shipwrecks, which have long since become a habitat for flora and fauna. Each passenger has a monitor at his disposal during this tour, so that you will not miss anything from the dive and the ascent.

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5th To whom are tours with the glass bottom boat in Gran Canaria suitable?

The excursions by glass-bottom boat and submarine from Gran Canaria are suitable for adults and children alike and are an unforgettable experience. An adventure for the whole family.

If you are not sure of your seaworthiness, you should take travel tablets before departure. In the ports of Puerto Rico, Puerto de Mogán, Arguineguín there are places to go for a tour with the glass-bottom boat.

Some lines also operate as taxis between the port towns on the south coast, although there is not much time for wildlife observation. Book an extensive tour with the glass bottom boat from Gran Canaria and take home the impressions of the amazing underwater world!

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