The action classic: Jeep Safari in Gran Canaria

Explore the beautiful landscape of the Canary Island on a jeep safari in Gran Canaria. Conquer the mountains with powerful jeeps and discover the most beautiful vantage points along the way: a jeep safari in Gran Canaria is a classic and should definitely not be missing on your holiday! There are different Jeep Safaris available, e.g. through off-road tracks. Book now online and enjoy the Jeep Safari during your holiday!

Experience Gran Canaria by jeep!

For a real holiday adventure, book a jeep safari in Gran Canaria! The excursions in a jeep offer just the right mix of thrills, sightseeing and island expedition. The fun rides take you along coastal roads and exciting off-road terrain, around the mountains and through the valleys, away from the sea and back again.

The excitement increases when you leave the asphalt for the first time and drive over terrain for which four-wheel drive was invented.

Experience an unforgettable day in Gran Canaria with a jeep safari! Gather as many impressions as you can along the way - from dense laurel forests and magnificent gorges, tropical plantations and charming villages!

Enjoy off the beaten track an unspoilt island landscape, breathtaking views, small discoveries and the ever surprising play of colours in nature!

Jeep Safari Gran Canaria - Places of interest on the island

A jeep safari in Gran Canaria makes it easy for you, but is definitely the right thing if you want to see a little more of the island and have an adventure: whether in the Valley of 1000 Palms, the Fataga Nature Park, on the mountain roads or on downhill trips.

The guided jeep safari tours are accompanied by professional guides who will show you some of the most beautiful places on the island and tell you a lot about nature and landscape, about history and people.

Since some of the routes lead through desert-like terrain or over somewhat rougher mountain roads, it can get dusty in between. Just the safari feeling.

Gran Canaria has many exciting routes to offer that not everybody knows and that offer something worth seeing. The landscape of the island changes its appearance with every climate zone. An amazing spectacle that you can follow from the jeep and let it affect you. The tours are arranged in such a way that there are stops at the most beautiful viewpoints and some of them include excursions into the surrounding area.

In addition, you can book a leisure package in which the jeep safari in Gran Canaria is combined with another highlight - for example a buggy tour. More action is not possible!

Jeep Safari Gran Canaria - Can I drive myself?

No matter if you drive yourself or let yourself drive, a Jeep Safari on Gran Canaria is pure driving pleasure. With an off-road vehicle you can explore unique routes on the island, which would hardly be manageable with a normal car or bus.

If you are 18 years old and have a Class B driving licence, you can also drive a jeep yourself. Before departure, there will be a professional briefing and information about the route that awaits you. In the mountains, the roads are usually narrow and winding, so anticipatory and concentrated driving is recommended.

In any case, we recommend joining one of the guided jeep safaris. The guides know the right routes and know how to drive on them.

Jeep Safari Gran Canaria - What else do I need to know?

Some tours start at agreed meeting points, others offer a transfer from and back to the hotel. For the excursions lasting several hours it is advisable to be prepared with water and sun cream and, due to the dust development in the terrain, also to pack a cloth.

For the guided tours, a guide drives in front and the participants of the excursion drive behind. Self-drivers must wear sturdy shoes and of course have their driving licence with them. Children from 7 years of age can take part, a minimum height of 135 centimetres is required by some organisers.

Jeep Safari Gran Canaria - Tour suggestions

1st 4x4 Jeep-Tour Gran Canaria with start in Maspalomas (south) will take you into the mountains. In an open two-seater you will drive yourself (only with driving licence) in a small group over the coastal road and escape the hustle and bustle on the beach. After only a few kilometres you will dive into a completely different world.

Green hills and fields line the way into the rocky hinterland. Curvy roads promise driving fun. The route leads up to 1600 meters and into remote mountain villages. Marvel at the impressive Roque Nublo, known as the "Cloud Rock", which is a very special place with its unusual
shape became a landmark of the island. Also the impressive valley of 1000 palms is a station of this safari. This tour is possible all year round!

2nd An action package awaits you with the super combination of buggy tour and jeep safari on Gran Canaria. You can enjoy both tours in a row or spread them over two days, have twice the fun and save money.

The buggy is a very lively off-road vehicle that you can drive on asphalt and off-road in the Fataga Nature Park. Roll full of anticipation to the viewpoint "Pedro Gonzales", stop from there view over the Ayagaures valley with reservoir and mountains. Then you leave the road and continue into the adventure area. On the same day or at a later date a five-hour jeep safari Gran Canaria follows, which takes you up to more than 1000 meters into the mountain world. As a driver you will also need a valid driving licence for these two tours. This tour is possible all year round!


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