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There is a lot to experience in Gran Canaria's leisure parks. The theme parks are also perfect for trips with the children. Here you will find all the information, opening hours and entrance fees of the 7 different theme and amusement parks in Gran Canaria at a glance. Book your desired ticket online - cheaper than on site! If you are not mobile, tours with pick-up from your accommodation are also available. Experience an exciting excursion with the family in the water park, in the animal park with dolphin show or in the Aqualand Maspalomas, or the Palmitos Park in the south of the island.

Spending a day at the amusement park in Gran Canaria? Here is an overview of all parks:

A visit to an amusement park in Gran Canaria is a nice addition to the fun at the beach. If you want to do something completely different for a day and experience another adventure, then conquer one of the many worlds of experience on the island.

Whether it's racy sliding fun, an Indian show in the Wild West or a visit to the zoo in the Palm Gorge. The island also offers plenty of variety in this area.

Popular excursion destinations on Gran Canaria are the Palmitos Park, Sioux City or the Holiday World Maspalomas. The high ropes course GrancAdventura offers a climbing adventure. The feeding of crocodiles can be observed in the Parque de los Cocodrilos. For an excursion with children in Gran Canaria all facilities are recommended.

To show you the variety and possibilities, we have put together a selection of leisure parks in Gran Canaria:

1st Palmitos Park Gran Canaria

You will hardly get enough of the attractions in Palmitos Park. So amazing is this colourful world of animal park and botanical garden. Dolphinarium, butterfly house, monkey island, cactus garden, an aquarium with corals, sharks and Nemo fish, orchids and a multitude of exotic inhabitants make this 20 hectare island in subtropical vegetation one of the most popular destinations in Gran Canaria.

The adventure begins just outside the gates of the park: with the drive to the "Canyon of the Small Palms" about twelve kilometres north of Maspalomas. The terrain with its slopes, rivers and streams and the enchanted flora looks like a tropical paradise.

With the smart meerkats, which are already standing shortly behind the entrance, you would like to know what they think when they are enthroned straight as a candle on their sentry post and look so quite perky into the faces of the visitors. And you would not believe what parrots can do.

Riding a bike is apparently one of the easiest things for these funny birds. And if it gets too wild for them, they read the newspaper or lie down in a sun chair.

The reptiles of the Palmitos Park are quite respectable. The robbers of the swamps
- the alligators - spend most of their time lurking in the water. The largest reptile and at the same time the largest lizard in the world is the Komodo dragon, which with its 90 kilograms and short legs looks a little slow, but can move pretty fast.

In comparison, the pink flamingos are light-footed and a little vain, often standing together in groups or strutting through the water. During the bird of prey show with eagles, hawks and other masters of the air, you should calmly take in your head in between. At the falconer's command, the gallant flyers plunge down at breathtaking speed, only to glide gently on again after a sharp turn.

Since 2010 there is a dolphinarium in Palmitos Park. Six porpoises live in the three pools. From a grandstand visitors can watch the dolphins and their trainers playing. It looks so light when the elegant swimmers rise out of the water and fly over their human friends in one leap. The dolphins, who grew up in the park, also master nudging and teasing perfectly.

Palmitos Park opening hours:

All year round Monday to Sunday: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM 

Palmitos Park entrance fees:

Adults (from 11 years): 32 € per person
Children (5 to 10 years): 23 € per person
Children (4 to 4 years): 11 € per person

2nd Aqualand Gran Canaria

Here, adults also become children again: Aqualand Maspalomas is the biggest water park in Gran Canaria and offers plenty of thrills and speed with its many adventure rides.

Situated in the south of the island, a few kilometres above the resorts of Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles, this amusement park offers lively fun for both young and old aquatic enthusiasts. On more than 30 water rides of different heights and degrees of difficulty, you can go with speed in one direction: downwards.

At the beginning is the ascent. And as some of the slides in Aqualand Maspalomas are among the highest in Europe, it goes up step by step. For this you will be rewarded with a breathtaking descent. At every station you will be welcomed by service personnel and prepared for the descent.

On "Go!" you will then start your descent. The slides have such promising names as "Tornado", "Kamikaze" or "Crazy Race". The latest attractions include the Snake Falls and the 200-metre-long Anaconda, which has a few surprises in store along the way and promises a fast slide. Up to four people can ride in a floating tyre on this tour together with you.

In other lanes you tackle the slope on the bottom of your pants. If you want to recover from the wild descents, sit down on a swim ring and let yourself be carried through the park on the one kilometre long Pirate River.

Visitors of Aqualand don't have to miss the beach atmosphere. In the wave pool you can relax in the shallow, desalinated small sea and once an hour you can experience the water in motion. In the children's paradise, the slides and play equipment are designed to satisfy the needs of the little visitors.

In a shallow water pool there are gentle rapids and miniature descents. Under the supervision of lifeguards is Polynesia, the area for water games with fountains and climbing fun as well as paddling fun for children.

The water park offers sun terraces and picnic areas as well as a mini-golf course. One of the special features of Aqualand Maspalomas is the sea lion show. Visitors can go here to
Registration also swimming in the pool together with the marine mammals. During this unique encounter you will be accompanied by an animal keeper, who will also tell you interesting facts about the animals.
mediated. This experience is not included in the entrance fee.

The Aqualand Maspalomas is easy to reach by bus and also by car. In front of the gates of the amusement park there is a large free parking place.

Aqualand Gran Canaria Maspalomas opening hours:

4 September to 30 June: Monday to Sunday 10.00 to 17.00 (last entry)
1 July to 3 September: Monday to Sunday 10:00 to 19:00 (last admission)

Aqualand Gran Canaria Maspalomas entrance fees:

Adults (from 11 years): 32 € per person
Children (5 to 10 years): 23 € per person
Children (3 to 4 years): 12 € per person


3rd Sioux City Gran Canaria

Memories of Old Shatterhand and Winnetou are awakened in Sioux City. The already legendary theme park near San Augustin in Baranco Aguila will take you to the Wild West. Built in the 1970s, the film location was modelled on an American
Western Town. From the saloon to the sheriff's office and the bank to the church, all
Building true to original.

For some film adventures Sioux City was the location. That may be a reason why everything here seems so real and the main actors in their costumes look as if they really live in this epoch. For families with children and adventurers, the Sioux Park is a recommendable day trip and a real highlight in Gran Canaria.

Several times a day there are very lively shows where bandits and sheriffs enter the hustle and bustle or the cowboys let the lasso fly. When the bank robbers try to flee with their loot and a wild chase begins, the Colts smoke on Main Street. In the saloon, on the other hand, the fists and sometimes the knives fly when playing poker with marked cards.

In the Great Wild West Show the Indians show how they ride backwards on horses or how they climb over the saddle with a swing from the hip from right to left. When the cattle drive rages over the main road between the houses, you get an impression of life in the Wild West. Visitors can also join in and demonstrate their western skills. Be it square dancing in the saloon or lassoing. Children can also learn how to make a fire and try out how to live in an Indian tipi. Visitors can also saddle their horses if they want to get on and ride a little across the prairie.

A small reptile garden has been integrated into the Western Park, which is home to rattlesnakes, boas, lizards and a crocodile. They can be observed from a safe distance. The animals that you really should get close to are housed in the petting zoo. And at the ranch, you'll find cattle which are also part of the Wild West.

Sioux City is well signposted for motorists and can be easily reached by bus from Maspalomas or Playa del Ingles.

Sioux City Gran Canaria opening hours:

All year round Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 AM to 05:00 PM 

Sioux City Gran Canaria entrance fees:

Adults (from 12 years): 21 € per person

Children (up to 11 years): 15 € per person


4th El Mundo Aborigen Gran Canaria

Long before the Spaniards, the Guanches were there - the natives of Gran Canaria. The open-air museum El Mundo Aborigen is dedicated to their life and Stone Age culture. The park in the backcountry of Maspalomas is an experience for the whole family. Also and especially for children, the daily life of the aborigines is presented here in a very vivid and diversified way.

Wild chickens run over the area. Just as it probably was also the case approximately 3000 years ago. A circular path leads through the park, which, if you have enough time, lasts a good two hours, and can be extended with a picnic on the magnificent viewing platform.

Life-sized figures, dressed with fabrics and furs and mostly with long hair, represent the Guanches plastically. A realistic reproduction of the simple life in huts and stone caves makes the history of the primeval Canaries very tangible.

The individual scenes take place in a small village, which was built up from the knowledge of history. A lot of knowledge about the primitive people was gained through archaeological discoveries on the island.

At each station there are information boards which explain the scenes in several languages. The guided exhibition shows how the Guanches looked after themselves, what they ate and how they hunted. The exhibition also offers a lot of space for the crafts of prehistoric times. A fisherman with his nets is shown, a medicine man treating a patient and a carpenter working on wood. The story also follows the mystical customs and rituals of the Guanches. Among other things it is shown how a funeral was held at that time.

The Guanches fought with stones and clubs. In general, the ancestors demonstrated incredible skill in making tools or clay vessels. The tour under the open sky and with the many (living) domestic animals of the Guanches does not feel at all like a normal museum visit.

More like a voyage of discovery in a foreign world. The spectacular surroundings of the canyon Barrango de Fataga also contributes to a perfect tour. From the museum hill, the view extends over the dunes up to the sea. Another special feature is the walk service. Those who want can take a dog at the entrance and let it accompany them on the tour through the village of the aborigines.

The park El Mundo Aborigen is located at a distance of approximately eleven kilometres from Playa del Inglés and is right at the Carretera Fataga (GC-520). From the holiday resorts of the south, there are also several buses daily to the park.

El Mundo El Obrigen Gran Canaria opening hours:

All year round Monday to Sunday: 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM (last admission)

El Mundo El Obrigen Gran Canaria entrance fees:

Adults and children: 10 € per person (family tickets cheaper)

Here you can your tickets online at a lower price:

5th Holiday World Gran Canaria

Not to be missed: you can recognize the Holiday World Maspalmoas by the 30 meter big Ferris Wheel, which juts out of Maspalomas center and is practically like a lighthouse for fun-loving people. The theme park is mainly an excursion destination for families with children, but young people and adults can also enjoy themselves here. The park offers almost everything that has to do with fun, action, thrills and high altitude. It is not without reason that not only holidaymakers but also many locals enjoy themselves here.

At Holiday World Gran Canaria in Maspaloms you can enjoy the view from the gondolas of the Ferris wheel, enjoy a roller coaster, ship swing and bumper cars or take a few laps on one of the carousels. A popular fun is bull riding, where you can ride a bull for as long as you like on a very moving, very stubborn base. Also the scooter ride on the inflatable boats in the pool provides real fun with children and friends.

The entrance to the park is free of charge. Every pleasure is accounted for by a points card, which you receive at the entrance and can load up for cash. Each attraction in the park is assigned a certain number of points. The family water ride, for example, is worth 6 points, a ride on the Ferris wheel 4 points, and attractions for children are also worth 4 points.

The amusement park is a popular place to go out, especially in the evening hours. Holiday World Maspalomas belongs to a leisure complex where much more is possible. A bowling club with 16 lanes, gaming rooms, a wellness centre, cafés and restaurants and nightclubs are all connected.

Holiday World Gran Canaria opening hours:

Summer opening hours:
Monday to Sunday from 06:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Winter opening hours:
Friday, Saturday and before public holidays from 05:00 PM to 12:00 AM 
on all other days from 05:00 PM to 11:00 PM 

Holiday World Gran Canaria entrance fees:

Free Admission
Use of the rides is paid with a points card


6th Crocodile Park - Parque de los Cocodrilos Gran Canaria

Originally opened as a care centre for crocodiles, Parque de los Cocodrilos near Agüimes in the east of Gran Canaria is now the largest private facility of its kind in Europe. The zoo is home to more than 300 crocodiles, which have been kept in an inappropriate way, from circuses or from the zoo's own breeding.

There are also many other animals that have been placed there by conservationists or governmental agencies. Bengal tigers, monkeys, parrots, llamas and wild boars found a home in the Parque de los Cocodrilos. With them the park has grown steadily and offers an eventful visit for children and adults.

The park has been open to the public since 1988. Visitors have the opportunity to experience the animals up close and in action during some shows. Feeding the crocodiles is an exciting thing. When there is food, the lizards show their speed and teeth.

A visit to the aviary is also part of the experience. While the feathered animals enjoy their meal, they fly around the visitors. The parrot show on Treasure Island regularly delights children and adults alike.

Snakes and mini-turtles can be seen in the terrarium. There is also an aquarium and a cactus garden with life-size plants.

The park is financed exclusively by entrance fees and donations. The Parque de los Cocodrilos can be reached by shuttle bus from Faro Maspalomas via Playa del Inglés as well as by car.

Crocodile Park Gran Canaria opening hours:

All year round Monday to Sunday: 10.00 AM to 05.00 PM (last entry)
1 July to 3 September: Monday to Sunday 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM (last admission)

Crocodile Park Gran Canaria entrance fees:

Adults (from 13 years): 9,90 € per person
Children (3 to 12 years): 6,90 € per person
Babies up to 2 years free of charge!

7th GrancAdventura climbing park Gran Canaria

One of the greatest adventures in the north of Gran Canaria is the visit to the GranAdventura climbing park, opened in 2013 near the capital Las Palmas. The high ropes course is a great challenge for children and adults with its differently adjusted courses.

This makes the park an excursion destination for the whole family. For children between 4 and 10 years there is a separate climbing area at low altitude. The little ones can master twelve stations here under constant supervision and look forward to the six-metre-long cable car at the end.

The yellow and green routes are recommended for beginners who want to slowly approach the climbing fun. With safety equipment on their bodies and a helmet on their heads, they balance, swing or jump from one station to the next. Good physical condition and strong nerves are required for the most difficult course.

Participants should be fearless and free from giddiness when tackling the five levels at heights of up to 30 metres or the longest of the cable cars at 120 metres.

GrancAdventura Gran Canaria opening hours:

All year round on weekends from 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM 

Or by reservation, e.g. for groups.

GrancAdventura Gran Canaria entrance fees:

Free entrance
Payment per activity per hour, e.g. Tirolina cable car 5 € per hour

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