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Here you will find an overview of the most beautiful and popular sailing trips in Gran Canaria. Half day or full day tours with skipper, food and drinks. Island-wide sailing trips on modern and vintage sailboats can be booked here online at the best price. Also for groups.
Gran Canaria Sailing
Gran Canaria Sailing
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Sailing - Discover the most beautiful bays and natural beaches of Gran Canaria

In Gran Canaria, sailing is a real pleasure. You may well see some dolphins or even whales out on the wide open sea. But the gigantic sea inhabitants are very shy. However, sometimes they dare to get quite close. But even if you do not get to see the wonderful dolphins and whales, a sailing trip in Gran Canaria is worth it.

Sail relaxed, as you should on a holiday, to the most beautiful bays of Gran Canaria. Anchor on a natural beach and refresh yourself in the crystal clear water. Have you ever thought of sailing around the whole island? The total length of the coast is about 236 kilometres.

Why should I go sailing in Gran Canaria?

Because sailing is one of the most beautiful holiday activities. While sailing you can leave your daily stress behind and simply relax. Lie down in the net in front of the bow and read a book or just enjoy the ride and the sound of the sea.

When can I go sailing in Gran Canaria?

In Gran Canaria you can sail almost all year round, as temperatures are between 20 and 26 degrees Celsius during the whole year. But there is a speciality in Gran Canaria: in the north of the island you will find a rather humid and a little cooler area. Here are some laurel and spruce forests, as well as mountains and valleys. While in the south there is a desert-like temperature. The winds from the Sahara provide a rise in temperature. In the south you will find a semi-desert vegetation with cactus fields between the dunes.

Where can I go sailing in Gran Canaria?

In Gran Canaria you can let go of the lines at almost every port and sail out to the wide sea. In Las Palmas there is the Puerto de la Luz, also the Puerto de las Nieves which is located in the fishing village of the same name near Agaete.

To whom is sailing in Gran Canaria suitable?

Sailing is basically suitable for everyone. Experience a great day on the sea with your friends or family. You can also surprise your sweetheart with an exclusive sailing trip into the sunset. A dinner at sunset is a very special experience. But also for company events or private celebrations such as a wedding or a birthday, an exclusive sailing trip is a good choice.

What are the possibilities?

You can sail in every price range. Guided half-day and full-day tours are offered, which are affordable even for the small purse. Exclusive sailing trips can of course also be booked for a little more money. Here you can choose between a sailboat with skipper, a sailboat with a complete crew or if you have a sailing license, then you can rent a sailboat completely without crew and sail with your loved ones in a relaxed way out into the wide sea.

Suitable for everyone: A day at sea

Sailing is really suitable for everyone. Whether young or old, large or small for groups, families, couples and also for company events. Everything is possible. If you have never sailed before, then book a sailing trip with skipper or crew and if you want to sail yourself, all doors are open to you. A day sailing trip costs about 80,- Euro with food and drinks.

For experienced sailors: charter your own boat in Gran Canaria

As an experienced sailor with a sailing license you can rent a sailing ship exclusively. Optionally you can choose a boat completely without crew, a sailing ship with skipper or a ship with a complete crew. The decision is up to you. Experience the most beautiful holiday activity romantically as a couple or with the dear family. Anchor in front of fantastic small bays and beaches and enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal clear water.

For beginners: charter your own boat with skipper

For beginners it is possible to charter a sailing boat with skipper or with a whole crew. Experience one or more days on the high seas and sail to the most beautiful spots of the so different coasts. In the north you will find high rocks and mountain ranges and in the south a desert-like landscape.

How much does sailing in Gran Canaria cost?

Sailing is not just for bulging wallets. Holidaymakers with a smaller budget can also join a sailing trip. Half-day and full-day sailing trips are offered from 60,- Euro. For a full day trip, food and drinks are included in the price. However, if you would like to rent a sailing ship exclusively, the price will of course increase. The prices also depend on the provider, the season and the duration of the sailing trip.

In addition, there are other costs on board for food, gas, petrol, final cleaning and of course the harbour fees. The amount is usually paid on the last day of your cruise.

What do I need to pack for sailing in Gran Canaria?

To make sure that you are well equipped for your sailing trip, we have prepared a small list of the most important things:

- Light footwear
- Rain jacket or windbreaker
- Scarf
- Sunglasses
- Bathing clothes + towel
- Gloves, if you want to try sailing yourself
- sleeping bag or blanket + sheet / bedding
- ID card
- Medicines against nausea
- Snacks
- Book or games to pass the time

sunbonoo wishes you a wonderful sailing trip in Gran Canaria!

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