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Here you will find an overview of the best and most popular watersports activities in Gran Canaria. The guaranteed largest selection of water sports activities on the island: Jetskiing, surfen, flyboarding, standup paddleboarding, kayaking....Book your ticket for a fantastic active holiday at a lower price here.
Gran Canaria Watersports
Gran Canaria Watersports
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Water sports on Gran Canaria - Action for all ages

Gran Canaria is one of the most popular islands when it comes to water sports. And not without reason.

Among all the water sports activities there are the water sports packages where one can kill several birds with one stone and also save money. The packages are available in many different variations:

Compared to the individual prices you can save a lot of money and the experience as a whole is unforgettable for young and old.

All those who don't want to miss out an adrenaline kick should book a tour on a jet ski. Enjoy speed up to 100 km/h.

Or would you prefer something a little more extraordinary? - then flyboarding is just the right thing! You stand on a plate, which you control with your balance and thus fly through the air and glide in the water like a dolphin.

Or try waterskiing - you try to hold on to the boards, which is not so easy at first, but still a lot of fun.

To see the sea from a different perspective, we recommend parasailing. You will be pulled by a motor boat with a parachute to a height between 100 and 300 meters above the water.

However, there are also enough offers for all those who want to enjoy a more peaceful experience. Try for example the new activity of the somewhat quieter Stand Up Paddling. Stand up paddling means standing on a surfboard and paddling in light waves on the water.

Kayaking is another sport you can do in Gran Canaria.

Not only on the water, but also in the water there are corresponding offers. Discover the underwater world by snorkeling or diving.

The island is also a great place for wind and kite surfing. No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced surfer - there is something for everyone.

sunbonoo wishes you lots of fun with a wet cooling off!