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Adrenaline with refreshment - water sports in Gran Canaria - book online!

At these temperatures, water sports is just right! Get an adrenaline kick by riding jetski and water ski, go windsurfing or flyboarding or discover the fascinating underwater world during a scuba diving trip. Choose now from our watersports offers in Gran Canaria
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  1. Wassersport Paket Nr. 4 Jetski, Parasailing, Donut, Banana Boot auf Gran Canaria

    Watersport package 1: jet ski, parasailing + banana boat in Gran Canaria southwest

    The special watersports package in Gran Canaria: 20 min jetski ride, 15 min parasailing and 8 min banana boat ride in Playa de Inglés, Playa de Taurito or Mogán. Duration: approx. 1 hour. Including pick-up from the south of the island!

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    from 79.- €

  2. Wassersport Paket Nr. 3 auf Gran Canaria

    Watersport package 2: jet ski, parasailing and Flyboard in Gran Canaria Southwest

    3 watersports activities in a row: 10 min jetski ride, 15 min parasailing and 15 min Flyboarding in Gran Canaria - either at Playa de Taurito or Mogán. The transfer is included in the price!

    from 120.- €

  3. Parasailing 2 Personen am Fallschirm Gran Canaria

    Panoramic Parasailing in Southwest Gran Canaria

    Go Parasailing in Gran Canaria with up to two friends. Fly up to 200m with a parachute and get towed along by a motorboat. This is a calm and sweet way to see the sea! Feel like you're flying and get treated to the best views from way up high. 

    from 45.- €

  4. Buggy Tour Gran Canaria

    Combo ticket: 2 hour Buggy tour + 5 hour Convertible Jeep Safari Tour in Northern Gran Canaria

    Save cash when you pick to book the buggy tour and convertible jeep safari tour in Gran Canaria! Get acquainted with the mountains and closer to nature in Fataga on both normal roads and daring dirt tracks. The tours can even be split up and done on different days. Bag a bargain when you book for 2!

    from 180.- €

  5. Mit dem Flyboard über das Wasser auf Gran Canaria

    Adventureous Flyboarding in Gran Canaria southwest

    Fly 20 minutes with the trendy Flyboard in Gran Canaria in Playa de Mogán or Taurito. A new watersports is conquering the world! The platform powered by a jetski can be directed by your balance. Fly through the air and the water like a dolphin!

    from 100.- €

  6. Wassersport Paket Nr. 2 auf Gran Canaria

    Water sports package 3: Jetski, Parasailing and Jet Boat in Gran Canaria southwest

    Enjoy 3 watersports activities one after another in Gran Canaria. Jet skiing, parasailing and Jet Boat ride for the whole family. Budget price when booking for 2 people. Available in Playa de Taurito and Mogán.

    from 105.- €

  7. 2 Personen auf einem Jetski auf Gran Canaria

    Take a jet ski ride without a license in Gran Canaria southwest

    10, 20 or 50 minutes jet skiing in Gran Canaria - an indescribable experience out at sea! No driving license required. You can book an additional guide, if you don't want to drive alone.

    from 30.- €

  8. Banana Boot fahren auf Gran Canaria

    Ride the banana boat, Sting Ray or Crazy Ufo in Gran Canaria southwest

    Treat yourself with a little cooling down at the beach - in Mogán, Taurito or Playa de Inglés in Gran Canaria, you can ride banana boat, Crazy Ufo or Sting Ray! 8 minutes of action and watersports for the whole family. Open daily!

    from 10.- €

  9. Surfen auf Gran Canaria

    Surfing in Gran Canaria north or south: courses for beginners + advanced surfers

    You would like to do Surfing in Gran Canaria? In a professional surf school you playfully learn to easlily ride the waves. Let yourself be delighted by this water sport. Different surf beaches in the south at Playa de Ingles or the north at Playa del Hombre or La Laja bookable.

    from 25.- €

  10. Stand up Paddle auf Gran Canaria

    Trendy watersports: Stand Up Paddle (SUP) in Gran Canaria southwest

    Already tried it? Stand Up Paddling (SUP) has become a real watersports trend not only in Gran Canaria. Due to the almost complete body tension, Stand Up Paddle is a great, gentle fitness program. Available at the beaches of Playa de Inglés, Taurito and Mogán.

    from 20.-€

  11. Mit dem Kayak eine Tour machen auf Gran Canaria

    Rent a Kayak / Canoe and enjoy the beautiful bays in Gran Canaria in the southwest

    The most beautiful bays can only be explored from the seaside. This is why you should hire a kayak in Gran Canaria and enjoy a fantastic excursion on the sea. Kayaks for 1 or 2 people available in Playa de Taurito, Playa de Inglés and Mogán.

    from 10.- €

  12. Kite Surfing Gran Canaria Süden

    Spectacular kite surfing in Gran Canaria in the south of the Island

    You want to learn kite surfing in Gran Canaria or improve your skills and technique as an advanced practitioner? At this professional kite surf school in Playa de Inglés / Playa San Augustin, you're just perfectly right. Single lessons or kite surfing courses available.

    from 35.- €

  13. Wassersportpaket Nr. 1 auf Gran Canaria

    Water sports package 4: Jetski + Jet Boat + Crazy Ufo in Gran Canaria southwest

    The watersports package: 20 min jet skiing, 20 min Jet Boat ride and 8 min with the Crazy Ufo in Gran Canaria southwest. Free: transfer from and to the hotel! Available in Playa de Taurito and Mogán.

    from 88.- €

  14. Mit dem Sea Doo jetski im Geschwindigkeitsrausch auf Gran Canaria

    Sea-Doo jet ski ride without licence in Gran Canaria southwest

    A rocket on the water. Enjoy the power and the manoeuvrability of the Sea-Doo jet ski in Gran Canaria. Ride this strong jetskis without any licence and jump at full speed over the waves!

    from 50.- €

  15. Windsurfen auf Gran Canaria im Südwesten

    Feel free at sea: windsurfing in Gran Canaria in the southwest

    Windsurfing for beginners and experts, ideal conditions in Gran Canaria. Book 1 hour windsurfing or windsurfing course with 5 hours.

    from 40.-€

  16. Tretboot mieten auf Gran Canaria am Strand

    Pedal boating / Pedal boat rental in Gran Canaria in the southwest

    How about pedal boating in Gran Canaria instead of lying at the beach? Rent a pedal boat and pedal to America :-)

    from 12.-€

  17. Wakeboarden Preise vergleichen Gran Canaria

    Behind the boat: wakeboard ride in Gran Canaria south

    Those who enjoy snowboarding in the winter, will also enjoy wakeboarding in Gran Canaria as the ideal summer sport. The movements are very similar. Bookable 10 or 30 minutes behind the boat

    from 30.-€

  18. Aus dem Wasser starten und Wasserski fahren auf Gran Canaria

    Water skiing behind the boat in the south in Gran Canaria

    Keep your body fit with waterskiing. 10 or 30 minutes waterskiing behind the boat in Gran Canaria, a paradise for water sports freinds.

    from 30.-€

  19. Zu zweit auf dem Jet ski fahren auf Gran Canaria

    Adventurous jet ski safari in Gran Canaria southwest

    Experience fun and action with the jet ski safari in Gran Canaria. Guided Jet Ski ride without a license, various time options for one or two people are available. Water sports at its finest.

    from 110.-€

  20. zu zweit jetski fahren auf gran canaria

    Jet ski Gran Canaria: cool watersports at Anfi del Mar beach (south coast)

    Driving fun on the Jet ski off the south coast of Gran Canaria. Without driving licence and previous knowledge. 20 or 30 minutes, alone or in pairs on a jet ski. Detailed instruction and equipment included.

    from 50.- €

  21. Flyboarden Gran Canaria

    Float with the flyboard on Gran Canaria from Anfi beach (south)

    Experience an incredible feeling of freedom while flyboarding in Gran Canaria, a water sport where you can float over the waves of the sea with water jets at your feet and, after a bit of getting used to it, do a few somersaults. This sport is all about body control and balance.

    from 60.-€

  22. Jetski Safari Gran Canaria

    Jetski Safari on Gran Canaria at the beautiful south coast - starting in Anfi del Mar

    Enjoy a fast-paced pleasure on the south coast of Gran Canaria starting from the beach of Anfi del Mar. On the 1- or 2-hour jet ski safari with guide and instruction you will explore the island on an interesting water route. Sightseeing and driving pleasure on powerful watercraft!

    from 120.- €

  23. SUP mieten Gran Canaria

    Paddle surf rental in Gran Canaria from Anfi del Mar

    Experience a sport for the whole body with the SUP (Stand Up Paddle) on Gran Canaria. Train your lower body while balancing on the surfboard and your upper body to row forward. And enjoy the picturesque scenery, the fresh sea air and the sea under your feet as you walk across the waves.

    from 15.- €

  24. Kayak auf Gran Canaria

    Kayak rental in Gran Canaria from Anfi del Mar (south)

    Pure paddling action in a kayak off Gran Canaria is guaranteed at this event. Take the rudder of these small practical paddle boats into your own hands and experience the water fun of kayaking alone or with a partner from Anfi del Mar. The only condition for participation is that you can swim, even if kayaks are difficult to capsize and virtually impossible to sink.

    from 15.- €

  25. Wassersportpaket Anfi Beach

    Gran Canaria Water Sports Package with Jet Ski, Parasailing & Jet Boat in the South

    The name is program: the water sports package Adrenalin entertains you for almost 1 hour with exciting activities on the south coast of Gran Canaria. You start at the beach of Anfi del Mar for parasaling, go jet skiing and experience a turborite with the jet or speed boat. Guide, instruction and equipment included.

    from 90.- €

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