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Its unique combination of turquoise sea, varied coastline, flat fertile land and the impressive Serra de Tramuntana mountain range makes hiking in Mallorca a fascinating activity that can be done all year round. Even if you've never been hiking before, there are plenty of shorter and easier hikes to get started on - after just a short time, you'll be wonderfully relaxed and discovering interesting sights and the island's history on Mallorca's hiking trails. For experienced and avid hikers, Mallorca offers spectacular hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana through canyons, caves, up mountain peaks and along the coast. Hiking in Mallorca is ideal, especially in the low season, when the climate is still pleasantly warm during the day, but the wind is a bit cooler and the sun burns less. We give you here an overview around the topic of hiking in Mallorca.

1. What type of hiker you are?

For hiking in Mallorca there is a wide variety of different routes and tours that are suitable for you depending on your hiking type. We have compiled the most important hiking types.

The enjoyment hiker

A large part of the hikers certainly falls into the range of enjoyment hikers, for which Mallorca is an absolute paradise for hiking. For the pleasure hiker, the fun during the hike is in the foreground, which is why hikes with a maximum duration of 2-3 hours on easy to moderately difficult routes are ideal. Those who like to be out in the fresh air and mainly take time to hike on vacation, like to explore sights along the way and are not averse to a swim break at a beautiful bay along the way, will find as a pleasure hiker an almost infinite variety of tours for hiking in Mallorca. We recommend a look at the 30 most beautiful hikes on the island, many of which are ideal for pleasure hiker.

The enthusiastic hiker

In difference to the enjoyment hiker, the enthusiastic one has a good to very good physical condition and is always looking for the next great hiking tour. Many enthusiastic hikers make hiking vacations in Mallorca, where (almost) every day is hiked. When hiking in Mallorca, the enthusiastic hiker always finds new challenges and varied hiking routes, especially the long-distance hiking trail GR 221 over the Serra de Tramuntana, the ascent to the Puig d'Alaró and the famous descent of the Torrent de Pareis belongs to the repertoire of every enthusiastic hiker. For avid hikers, we recommend our 5 suggestions for hikes in Mallorca in the Serra de Tramuntana.

The adventure hiker

For the adventure hiker, only walking is too boring, he wants to experience more. Thanks to more than 3000 caves on the island (accessible both on land and by water), numerous gorges and close peaks in the heart of the Tramuntana, adventure hikers feel right at home on the island. Numerous sporting activities also combine hiking in Mallorca with abseiling in and exploring stalactite caves, climbing and ziplining along the coast (coasteering), or canyoning possible in winter in the water-bearing torrents. Those looking for adventure and challenges should take a closer look at guided hikes in Mallorca, conducted by professional hiking guides in the best places on the island.

Salt des Freu Mallorca
Fountains bubbling in the fairy tale forest of Salt des Freu.

Hikers with family

In recent years, the number of families who come to Mallorca for hiking and spend hiking vacations here with your children is increasing. Depending on the age of the children are suitable for the hiker with family usually short and easy tours up to a maximum of 2 hours, which include exciting sights or swimming opportunities along the way. For those who have never been to Mallorca for hiking, this overview will help you choose the right zone for your accommodation. Often hikers with family also plan their hikes themselves, which is why we have summarized here once again the most important tips for hiking in Mallorca.

2. Why should i go hiking on Mallorca?

If you have hardly or never hiked before, there are very many reasons why it is worthwhile to start hiking in Mallorca. One of the most obvious reasons is that when you go hiking in Mallorca you see more than just the Ballermann and the tourist centres such as Palma, Cala Millor, Port de Alcudia or Santa Ponsa. It is in the varied nature far away from the tourist masses that you will still find the lonely, turquoise-blue bays, the absolutely spectacular viewpoints along the coast, the idyllic, Mediterranean landscape and the fascinating caves, gorges and mountain streams that have made Mallorca famous for its beauty. If you can't manage big climbs and descents, you can explore the island's bays on numerous coastal walks or also get to know the fertile plains in the centre of the island, which are so different from the coastal resorts, on walks along historic connecting paths.

Salt des Freu Mallorca
A charcoal burner's hut in the woods of Bunyola.

Very often you will discover historical sites while hiking in Mallorca, be it the remains of talayots (from the 13th - 2nd centuries BC), old charcoal burners' huts, lime kilns and lookout towers, castles and monasteries placed on lookout points. If you are interested in geology, culture and history, you will love hiking in Mallorca. On guided hikes, professional hiking guides will tell you more about the regions visited and the inhabitants of the island; if you are on your own, you can consult hiking guides or even Google. At many such historically valuable sites you will also find information signs, often in German or at least in English.

The Mediterranean climate is also ideal for hiking in Mallorca. In the hot midsummer and autumn, when the water is pleasant for bathing, easy coastal hikes are especially popular, as it is too hot for challenging hikes in the Serra de Tramuntana. In spring and winter, when hiking in Mallorca, you can enjoy the wonderful temperatures around 10-15 °, warm sunshine and a pleasant air temperature, in addition, the island is pleasantly empty and quiet during these months, making it ideal for a hiking holiday. Depending on the time of year and the amount of rainfall, certain hikes on the island may or may not be possible - for example, if there has been heavy rainfall, the famous torrents may be impassable for hiking, but ideal for canyoning.

Finally, a point in favour of hiking on Mallorca is the conviviality. It is not for nothing that many Spaniards and Mallorcans arrange to go hiking at the weekend with their friends and family, because there is nowhere better to spend quality time with your loved ones or make new friends and acquaintances than on extended discovery tours and hikes through the beautiful nature. If you are travelling alone, you can meet other holidaymakers interested in hiking on guided hikes or, if you speak some Spanish, you can also sign up for regular hikes organised by many localities. 

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