Discover the most beautiful bays - book sailing in Ibiza online!

Here you will find an overview of the most beautiful and popular sailing trips in Ibiza. Half day or full day tours with skipper, food and drinks. Island-wide sailing trips on modern and historic sailing boats can be booked online at a reduced price. Also for groups.

Sailing in Ibiza - Discover the most beautiful bays and natural beaches

Sailing is one of the most popular holiday activities. Relax far out on the sea and leave your daily stress behind you. You can also sail alone if you want to relax. Or with the whole family.

Show your kids how to sail or let it yourself be shown. Sailing boats can be rented with skipper, with a whole crew or completely without. The latter, however, only if you have a sailing license yourself.

It is not unusual to meet stars and celebrities around the party island of Ibiza on mega yachts, who enjoy their holidays on the Mediterranean island. So do not forget your camera. Maybe you can get a snapshot of your favourite actor.

Why should I go sailing in Ibiza?

Ibiza is the third largest island in the Balearic Islands after Mallorca and Menorca. With its many small uninhabited islands and the island of Formentera to the south, Ibiza forms the archipelago of the Pitiusas. Ibiza has the most balanced climate of the Balearic Islands. The average temperature in summer is 26 degrees Celsius and in winter around 12 degrees. So you can sail around Ibiza almost all year round.

When can I go sailing on Ibiza?

As the temperatures are fairly even in Ibiza, you can sail around Ibiza almost all year round. The coldest and comparatively unpleasant months are January and February. The one island always brings a lot of wind, too.

Where can I go sailing on Ibiza?

In Ibiza, you can sail from almost any port. The three largest ports are in Sant Antoni de Portmany, Santa Eulària des Riu where the largest marina in Ibiza is located and the city of Ibiza also has a port.

To whom is sailing in Ibiza suitable?

Sailing is suitable for everyone. For families, groups, e.g. for a birthday, for couples who want to sail romantically into the sunset, for events or incentives. You can sail half-day, full day, week or just a weekend.

What are the possibilities?

Sailing is not only something for the big purse. Also for holidaymakers with a small purse can go sailing. You can try everything from guided day trips around the island to exclusive sailing trips.

Suitable for everyone: A day at sea

Inexperienced sailors can charter a boat with skipper or even a whole crew. Sail to small bays where you can jump into the crystal clear water. And for real sailors, who are in possession of a sailing licence, there are virtually no limits. Charter a sailboat with or without crew, just as you wish and sail out to the open sea. Experience one or more days on the sea with your loved ones.

For experienced sailors: charter your own boat in Ibiza.

Experienced sailors with a license can practically always sail. Go on an exclusive private sailing trip with your family or partner, without any other people involved.

For beginners: charter your own boat with skipper

Beginners can take a trial course or join a guided tour. Of course there is also the possibility to rent a boat with crew or just a skipper. From the skipper you will learn how to do one or the other handle by yourself. In this way you will be gently introduced to the sport of sailing. Who knows, maybe you will discover a new hobby?

How much does sailing on Ibiza cost?

You can sail from about 80,- Euro per day with food and drinks on board. Depending on the provider, season and duration of the trip, the price can of course vary. On top of that there are the costs on board like food, fuel and cleaning as well as the harbour fees. These are usually paid on the last day.

What do I need to pack for sailing on Ibiza?

To make sure that you are well equipped for your sailing trip, we have prepared a small list of the most important things:

- Light footwear
- Rain jacket or windbreaker
- Scarf
- Sunglasses
- Bathing clothes + towel
- Gloves, if you want to try sailing yourself
- Sleeping bag or blanket + sheet / bedding
- ID card
- Medicines against nausea
- Snacks
- Book or games to pass the time.

sunbonoo wishes you a wonderful sailing trip in the Mediterranean Sea in Ibiza!