The most popular activities for an exciting adventure holiday in Lanzarote

Here you will find the best adventure activities for an eventful holiday in Lanzarote. Whether jeep safaris, quad / buggy tours or action-packed water sports like jet skiing or flyboarding. Prices start at 30 € per person. Book your ticket for the perfect adventure holiday here online for less

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You have decided to spend your holiday on the wonderful little island of Lanzarote and are now looking for activities which will make your holiday unique? Then you are in the right place. Let yourself be inspired by the different activities:

Lanzarote adventure holidays in and on the water

Experience an exciting day at sea. Try the trendy flyboard and swim like a dolphin. At the next moment you can fly high into the air and perform acrobatic feats. A truly awesome water sport activity.

Jet skiing is also a very popular activity. Flit over the waves and let the little motorboat jump. A great fun for everyone. Do not underestimate how exhausting jet skiing can be in the long run.

To explore the underwater world of Lanzarote you can go diving. You will be instructed by a professional diver and you will go with him on an exploration tour of the underwater world. Taster courses are possible for beginners as well as for advanced divers. Or go for a round of snorkelling. Buy a snorkeling set or take a boat trip with snorkeling included.

Lanzarote adventure holiday riding a horse or camel

In Lanzarote you have the incredible opportunity to ride a camel. However, this is only possible as part of an excursion to the National Park Timanfaya. On the huge area there is a huge desert with a camel breeding farm. Experience a 30 minute ride on the back of a camel. Ride up and down the dunes, along cactus fields and other tropical plants. Don't forget your camera, because you won't be riding a camel again so soon. For example, take a tour and visit Timanfaya National Park and ride a camel.

A ride on horseback is of course also possible. Make your daughter, wife or girlfriend happy with a fantastic ride on the beach or through the mountain and volcanic landscape of Lanzarote. Experience a dreamlike feeling of freedom. Ride along the beach and let your eyes wander over the wide sea.

Lanzarote adventure holiday on four wheels

Experience a wonderful excursion to two Canary Islands at the same time. Discover with the Jeep Safari not only Lanzarote but also Fuerteventura. On this unbelievable tour you will discover places you would never reach with a normal car. The guide takes you to the most beautiful places of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. The crossing to Fuerteventura is done by ferry. Even if you are on holiday alone, this trip is worthwhile, because you will meet many other people who will do this day trip with you. You will drive through the wonderful volcanic landscape of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Also you will drive one or the other off-road track, which is a very special fun. If you do not have a driving licence, you can of course take part in the legendary Jeep Safari as a co-driver.

How about a round of karting? On Lanzarote you can do your laps on the outer track with a wonderful view. A terrace with a great view for spectators is of course also available. Experience karting in a mountainous landscape on

Lanzarote outdoor adventure holiday

If you want to keep fit during your holiday, then rent a mountain bike. With the trendy off-road bikes you can really get anywhere. For experienced bikers the great downhill routes are a special pleasure. Explore the island on your own or join a guided group and let them show you the most beautiful corners of Lanzarote.

You can see the most of the island when you go for a walk. You come to the most beautiful places on earth, where you would never get to by car. While hiking you can discover every little detail of the landscape and the animal world. Look forward to a great trip to Lanzarote. Grab your rucksack, water, sun protection and sturdy shoes and off you go on your hike. If you don't like to hike, why not join a guided tour and let someone who knows the area show you the most beautiful places in Lanzarote.