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The most beautiful boat trips in Lanzarote at a glance. Day trips with a sailboat, motorboat or with a yacht. Available with or without skipper. Book your perfect day on the sea quickly and easily online here and save a lot of money.
Lanzarote Boat Trips
Lanzarote Boat Trips
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You can experience wonderful hours on the sea with the boat trips in Lanzarote

Unlike the other Canary Islands, Lanzarote is a beautiful exception, as Lanzarote offers you everything your heart desires in terms of landscape. Here, black and reddish volcanic rock meets white sand and the blue sea is an overwhelming sight.

Discover the splendour of the island from the sea side, take a boat trip with friends or family and be enchanted by the beautiful landscape.

Lanzarote boat trips for families and explorers

In the summer time in Lanzarote there is nothing more beautiful than a sailing trip. The full day or half day sailing trip in Lanzarote invites you to experience beautiful hours on the sea. You start in Puerto del Carmen in the southeast of the island, let the skipper take you along the coast and to beautiful bays. In one or the other bay you will stop to enjoy the crystal clear water and refresh yourself. Snorkeling equipment is on board and is available free of charge if you want to explore the underwater world. Even the small appetite is taken care of: a few snacks and drinks are available on board.

For all those who are interested in sailing themselves, the skipper has tips and tricks ready and will gladly let you in on the secrets of sailing in Lanzarote. Experienced sailors can of course also take over the helm themselves. Enjoy a wonderful day on the open sea, the fantastic view and the sun on your skin.

Lanzarote boat trips for individualists

The individual tourists among you, who have a sailing license, can arrange a day on the sea in a very individual way. Rent a sailboat and go out to sea with your family or a group of up to six people. What you have to see from the sea side is the crater El Golfo, which is located in the south of the island. You should not miss this colourfulness of black sand, reddish volcanic rock and the green lagoon of the crater. Give yourself and your loved ones an unforgettable day at sea.

Lanzarote boat tours for real connoisseurs

If you want to relax and just put your feet up, then a sailing trip through La Graciosa along the coast in the waters of the Chinijo archipelago is just right for you. The tour starts in the port of Órzola. After a short trip to La Graciosa you will board the luxurious catamaran there.

You will now sail comfortably along the coast in the waters of the Chinijo archipelago. The destination is the beautiful beach Montaña Amarilla which is located in the south of the island. Here a bathing stop is inserted. Snorkel or dive in the crystal clear water and explore the underwater world of Lanzarote. There is also the possibility to go by motorboat to the beach and get a tan.

Afterwards a delicious lunch awaits you on board. The tour continues along the beautiful coast. In La Graciosa you have half an hour time for a small exploration trip on land. Afterwards you will return by boat to the port of Órzola. All in all, this is a wonderful excursion on which you can discover the magnificent coast of Lanzarote.

Lanzarote boat tour for adventurers

For the more adventurous among you we recommend the catamaran tour along the south coast of Lanzarote. Sail for four hours along the south coast and admire the gigantic coastal landscape. At the one or the other bathing stop there is also the possibility to do a nice round on the jet ski or to explore the underwater world with a snorkel. These activities as well as the catering on board and the transfer to the hotel are included in the price. A wonderful action-packed but also relaxed trip for the adventure oriented holidaymakers.

Lanzarote boat trip for romantics

If you are planning a particularly romantic boat trip with your sweetheart, we recommend renting a sailing boat with or without skipper and sailing along the south coast into the sunset. An absolute must is the crater El Golfo - a grandiose play of colours. The crater slid into the sea during its last eruption.

Surrounded by the clear blue water, the reddish volcanic rock with the green lagoon formed by the algae and the black sand are a sight you will not forget so quickly. Be sure to take a camera to capture this blaze of colour.

Choose now from the variety of boat trips Lanzarote your dream cruise on the water.