The ten most beautiful and important sights on the Balearic Island Mallorca

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Exceptional beauty of the Balearic island Mallorca.

Fascination Mallorca: loved by locals and tourists

There are more things to see and do in Mallorca than you may have realised. The idyllic island has more than a few tricks up its sleeves to keep you entertained during your summer holiday in the Mediterranean. You name it, Mallorca’s got it! From natural wonders to adrenaline-pumping action and everything in between. Get in touch with the culture by popping along to its churches, castles, and manor houses. See the sights in Mallorca as you make your way through its villages and towns. Uncover the raw beauty on the Balearic Island by getting familiar with the gardens, caves, coves cliffs and calming countryside.

The capital city: Palma de Mallorca impresses visitors time and time again. The Gothic style churches have been around for over 30 centuries and point to a completely different time in history that has otherwise been erased from the island. The old town is a crowd favourite and has lots of gems which really throw you back to when the island was under Arab rule. It is apparent that much of the Moors culture has been wiped out but some of it remains – even in the language. Down the little alleys, stumble across all kinds of old-school architecture and hidden historical treats.

Number 1 on the top 10 places to visit in Mallorca:

Cathedral Palma de Mallorca "La Seu"

A special highlight and the most significant building of the sightseeings in Palma de Mallorca at the south of the island is, of course, the majestic cathedral La Seu, also called Catedral de Mallorca, that can be viewed from a distance in Palma's city view and that dominates Palma's cityscape. Already the view to the front takes one's breath away, as the cathedral has a length of approximately 110 metres and a width of approximately 33 metres..

This cathedral was built on the ruins of a mosque, it should also be a symbol of the reconquest of the island by Europeans from the Moors. Over several hundred years, a building was originated, gathered from the many corners of the country with its traditional handicrafts, marked by the many changing architectural styles of that time and adorned by different artists as Miquel Barceló, who up to this day repeatedely rearrange the cathedral La Seu in a dreamlike way during the renovations.

The La Seu Cathedral in Mallorca also has a unique historical voice. On the one hand by the Great Organ by Gabriel Tomás from the 18th century, on the other hand by several of the oldest bells. Four of them date back to 1312, the other two were later recast. The largest one is not only one of the largest in Spain, with more than 4.5 tons, but also the largest movable bell in Mallorca.

Kathedrale Mallorca La SeuImpressive building in Palma de Mallorca: La Seu

Hier befindet sich die Kathedrale in Palma

You can visit the cathedral:

By Segway

By Bus

By bike

Number 2 on the top 10 places to visit in Mallorca:

Museums and famous manors in Mallorca

There are many museums to visit in Mallorca, which particularly fascinate art lovers and culture enthusiasts. Contemporary and modern art is presented to visitors in the form of impressive works of art of various genres and famous painters, such as Pablo Picasso. One of the most famous artists in the city was Joan Miro, a Catalan painter whose works can also be admired in Mallorca and are a special attraction. Mallorca is proud of its famous painter and so there are regular exhibitions and vernisages around Joan Miro.

Es Calderers is in Petra which is slap-bang in the middle of the island. Although privately owned, it is open to the public so feel free to walk around and get acquainted with its rich history which spans over several centuries. There are plenty of animals kept there that are native to Mallorca such as the black pig which is behind the traditional treat: Sobrasada. Guided tours aren’t available, so you can wander around the estate on your own. Find out about tickets here:

Last but not least, of course, the Son Marroig mansion in the west of the island. Here the Austrian Archduke Ludwig Salvator built his residence with terraces on green meadows that adorn the mountain slopes, a large house with a great view of the sea and of course the famous white pavilion. The building also includes a small café and a museum, which was furnished as the manor house used to be.

Es Calderers Mallorca
Credit: Es Calderers.

Map Es Calderers Mallorca

Guided tours aren’t available, so you can wander around the estate on your own. Find out about tickets here:

Es Calderers tickets

Number 3 on the top 10 places to visit in Mallorca:

Arabic baths in Mallorca

The Arabs certainly left their mark on Mallorca and you can find all kinds of pieces which point back to when the island was under Muslim rule. These hidden gems are easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for. Everything is done by the book so expect to be shown an official ID card. The guides re fully trained, multilingual and certified by the Balearic Tourist Board. We would like to point out that although there are guides out there who seem to offer bargain tours, these are illegal, and the police have picked up on it and are trying to combat the issue. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

Die arabischen Bäder in Palma Altstadt

Credit: Fotolia

Map Arabische Bäder in Palma

Go on a guided tour around the old town and see the amazing Arabic baths for yourselves. A four-hour excursion can be done with up to 30 people for around €200. 

Get in touch by using the contact form or give us a call directly on +34 871575674

The guides re fully trained, multilingual and certified by the Balearic Tourist Board. We would like to point out that although there are guides out there who seem to offer bargain tours, these are illegal, and the police have picked up on it and are trying to combat the issue. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

Number 4 on the top 10 places to visit in Mallorca:

Famous Castle of Bellver

This medieval castle is on the edge of Palma and stands 112 metres above the city. It is home to the city’s history museum but has served as a prison and been home to the Kings of Mallorca in the past. Marvel at the architecture and head into the forest to get a feel for the vibe that surrounds the circular castle. If you pick a hop-on hop-off bus tour in Mallorca, you can jump off to check out the castle and then carry on making your way around the rest of the city.

The Bellver Castle itself was built around 1300 and was largely built with material from the caves under the castle, which were enlarged and extended to serve as a famous prison. The Castell de Bellver itself is an unusual, perfectly circular fortification, whose main building is separated from the actual defence wall by a 3-metre wide moat. On 2 floors and in 3 towers, the main building offers a lot of space, also the royal court of Joan of Aragon stayed here.

Literally translated, Bellver means "beautiful view" - and if you stand on the terrace of the main building with the connection to the single, high tower, you will easily find out that this name is justified. Since 1936, the ground floor of Castell Bellver on Mallorca has been home to the Museum of Palma's Urban History.

Castell Bellver PalmaBellver is a well visited attraction near Palma

Map Schloss Bellver auf Mallorca

Opening hours Bellver Castle:

From April to September

Mondays: between 8.30 am an 1.00 pm - Tuesday to Saturday between 8.30am and 8pm - On Sundays and public holidays: between 10am and 8pm

From October to March

On Mondays: between 8.30am and 1pm - Tuesday to Saturday between 8.30am and 6pm - On Sundays and public holidays: between 10am and 6pm

Please note: The castle is closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

You can visit the castle during these tours:

Sightseeing and culture in Palma de Mallorca

Number 5 on the top 10 places to visit in Mallorca:

Majorcan villages: Sóller and Valldemossa

There are countless places to visit on this Balearic Island. Step away from the packed-out places that all the holidaymakers flock to and get in touch with a more authentic side to Mallorca. The artist’s village of Valldemossa is a popular pick. This pretty little village finds itself right in the hills of Tramuntana. You get more than your fair share of culture in this serene valley side village. This village was once home to Freferic Chopin who is a famous composer. Culture is hiding behind every corner in this quaint village, it’s nigh on impossible to fall in love with its old-world charm!

The captivating combination of majestic mountains and the marvellous Mediterranean Sea make Mallorca a truly magical place. The cliffs that follow the island’s coast not only define the luscious landscape but also rise staggeringly high and are quite a sight to see. An island tour takes you closer to these natural wonders. Go along to the village of Valldemossa and then onto Sóller and its pretty port.

The Tren de Sóller is one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. It is an old-fashioned train that runs on steam. Taking a ride is a real treat in Mallorca. Opt for the island tour and get to ride on the train as part of the day out. The village of Sóller is a great place to stock up on artisanal goodies and the port is perfect for a seafront paella. Plenty of boat trips set off from the port as well. 

Mallorquinisches Dorf Valldemossa

Credit: Patrick / sunbonoo

The village of Valldemossa can be visited on this tour in combination with the port of Puerto Soller in the west of the island:Map Soller Valldemossa Mallorca

West coast tour to Sóller and Valdemossa

Do not miss the trip with the famous "Red Lightning - called Tren de Soller". This traditional train runs in the port of Port de Soller and on the route between Palma and Soller. This tour includes the trip with the Red Lightning:

Island Tour Mallorca with "Tren de Soller"

Number 6 on the the top places to visit in Mallorca:

The northernmost tip of Mallorca "Cap Formentor

Perhaps you’re staying in the South and you’re unsure of what the North has in store. Fear not, the North in Mallorca has a lot to serve up for tourists and locals alike. Reach Cap Formentor by heading out from Puerto Pollensa and taking a winding road and following it along for 14km. You greeted by the lush lighthouse when you get to the end of the road. The cliffs rise almost 400m above sea level and have been sculpted by nature. Locals often call this point the “Punto de encuentro de los vientos” which would translate to mean the point where the winds meet.

From the lighthouse, you get the best of the bunch in terms of panoramic views in Mallorca and you can even spot Menorca twinkling in the distance too! Back when Mallorca was sectioned off and privately owned, this particular part was owned by a Mallorcan poet who had the lighthouse built. From the lighthouse you have probably the most breathtaking panoramic view over the north coast of Mallorca and the neighbouring island Menorca is in sight. Before the peninsula was sold in parts in the 19th century, it was privately owned by a Mallorcan poet who had the lighthouse and the paths to it built. You can pop along to this pretty place on either the full-day excursion there or by taking a beautiful boat trip there. Due to the terrain there, hikes are all the rage – check them out here..

Cap Formentor MallorcaWay to Cap Formentor

Map Cap Formentor auf Mallorca

The Cap Formentor is one of the most beautiful sights in Mallorca and therefore deserves the 6th place. You can visit the peninsula on these tours:

Day trip Cap Formentor

Boat trip Formentor

If you are active on holiday and prefer to walk there, it is best to take part in a guided hike:

Formentor Hike Mallorca

Number 8 on the top places to visit in Mallorca:

The Cuevas del Drach (The Dragon Cave)

Did you know that there are more than 4000 caves in Mallorca? Most of them are not open to the public and a few can be reached from the water. One could almost think that Mallorca is comparable to a cheese with holes. Contrary to the expectation that this stands for a volcanic origin of Mallorca, the island definitely belongs to the limestone of the Andalusian fold mountains. Even though there are more than 100 underwater volcanoes between Mallorca and Ibizia. Caves were nevertheless formed here to a surprising extent..

Probably the most famous cave is the stalactite cave "Cuevas del Drach", also called Dragon's Cave, to which millions of tourists make a pilgrimage every year. You can find them while discovering the east of Mallorca near the port city of Puerto Cristo. You can visit it since the beginning of the 20th century. Inside is the so-called Martel Lake, which is one of Europe's largest cave lakes and is about 4-12 meters deep.

The illumination of the Dragon's Cave provides a breathtaking view of formations and shapes, which change due to the constantly growing stalagnites and stalagtites. You really must have seen this cave. In the summer months there is even a classical concert during the visit with a high goose-pimple factor, because you can see the musicians of the concert on their boats standing at the Martel Lake with a lighting like a sunset. The combination of the wonderful music with grandiose acoustics and the dreamy appearance of the moment will leave you in disbelieving amazement.

Die Tropfsteinhöhle auf Mallorca Cuevas del Drach

Credit: Toni / sunbonoo

Map Drachenhöhle auf Mallorca

The opening hours for Cuevas del Drach are as follows:

From November the 1st to March the 15th

Every day at 10.45am, 12pm, 2pm and 3.30pmr

From March the 16th to October the 31st

Every day at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm

Please note: The cave is closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Dayn

The visits are always carried out in groups but there aren’t any tour guides so to speak.

If you’ve not hired out a car then you can opt in for a pick-up:

Experience the cave world of Mallorca

Number 8 on the top places to visit in Mallorca:

Cabrera Island group

There are 18 mini islands in total which make up the Cabrera Island Group which is just South of Mallorca. They are not only rocky and pretty much untouched but also uninhabited! The biggest one: Cabrera Island itself can be seen in person by hopping on a boat tour. There was a small herd living there and feeding off the natural flora, but they had to be resettled a few years ago due to the lack of food.

The group of Cabrera Islands have been declared as a nature reserve and is under special protection because of that. Private boats need a permit to make it there and only 50 boats per day can visit the island and that’s only if they go to a certain area. Dropping the anchor is forbidden and this is done to ensure that the seabed stays in its natural state. There are three caves to pop along to, the most famous of them all is Cueva Blava. The whole cave is lit up with a blue hue which makes everything look brilliantly blue and beautiful.

Die Ziegeninsel Cabrera auf Mallorca

Credit: Louisa / sunbonoo

Map Insel Cabrera auf Mallorca

Go to the group of islands all year round with these two terrific tours:

Boat trip (half day) to Cabrera

Boat trip (full day) to Cabrera and Blue Grott

The small boat sets off at 9am on Wednesdays

The big boat sets off at 10am on Mondays and Saturdays

The tour lasts either 3 or 8 hours and prices start from just €40 per person

Number 9 on the top places to visit in Mallorca:

Canyon "Torrent de Pareis" in Serra Tramuntana

Take a trip along to the gorgeous gorge in Serra Tramuntana. There are a couple of torrents in Mallorca, but the best of the bunch is hands down: Torrent de Pareis. This is the second largest canyon in Europe and is well worth a visit. The cliffs are overwhelmingly big and stand 200 metres high. It’s taken more than 6 million years for this natural phenomenon to form and the limestone continues to be eroded day by day. It is a bit of a mission to get there but it’s all part of the fun.

Zigzag your way along to river bed via gravel, grass and anything and everything in between. The last 3km of the estuary hike is full of rocks which are sure to block you and make it more challenging. You need stamina, concentration and a can-do attitude. Climb, slide, crawl and jump until you reap the benefits of the mighty trek!

Die Schlucht "Torrent de Pareis" auf Mallorca

Credit: Patrick / sunbonoo

Map Torrent de Pareis auf Mallorca

If all of this sounds like your cup of tea, check out the tour:

Tour to Torrent de Pareis

It is not recommended and virtually impossible to do the tour without the help of a professional guide, the local knowhow and knowledge about the conditions. You can visit the Torrent de Pareis all year round but please bear in mind that sometimes there is no other option than to postpone tours between November and April if there is heavy rainfall and/or flooding.

The tour lasts between 5 and 8 hours and prices start from just €45 per person

Number 10 on the top places to visit in Mallorca:

Lluc Monastery

The church is a big deal in North West Mallorca with pilgrims and other tourists swarming to see its stunning Virgin Mary Statue. It was built in the thirteenth century to be precise! The restoration work has been going on pretty much ever since. Many moons ago they held regular masses in honour of Virgin Mary where the boys’ choir would sing hymns. There is a boarding school for boys that is still there to this day and there is a big focus on musical talent and ability there. With any luck, you’ll be able to hear them practising. It can be reached in half an hour from Palma so it’s not in the sticks!

A museum was added alongside it back in 1954 and is home to an array of impressive historical objects and paintings as well as a stunning botanical garden. On top of all that, the monastery administration has a surprising 130 rooms for overnight stays, pilgrims and tourists alike are happy to spend the night taking a journey into the past.

Several convents in Mallorca are well preserved ancient buildings and most of them can be visited. Often located nearby, or in the case of Puig de Ronda, on the mountains, they are shady places of peace and tranquillity, retreats from the wild tourist hustle and bustle, and often endowed with beautiful gardens and small museums containing enchanting works of art. In some of them you can even stay overnight, if you prefer the purist style.

Das Kloster in Lluc auf Mallorca von innen

Credit: Patrick / sunbonoo

Map Kloster Lluc auf Mallorca

Opening hours Lluc Monastery:

Daily between 10:00 am and 13:30 pm / between 02.30 pm and 05.15 pm

The following hike is particularly recommended to experience the beautiful landscape of the famous Serra Tramuntana mountains:

Hiking to de Monastery of Lluc

Get to grips with what Mallorca has to offer for holiday-makers

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