Mallorca Activities

Mallorca activities
Sailing ist one of the most popular activities on Mallorca.

Do you want a sports and active vacation in Mallorca? Absolutely. And it's best not to leave anything out. Active vacations in Mallorca release new energy and change your spirit. If you're on the move, you'll learn new things about yourself and the island and simply see more of this beautiful Mediterranean pearl. Plus adrenaline, excitement and exhaustion. This goes on land, in the air and of course in the water.

Mallorca Water sports

Without water sports Mallorca would be unthinkable and of course it is island law to dive, surf, snorkel or sail here at some point. Professionals come to Mallorca specifically for this reason, others experience their water sports baptism here. Such a day at the sea gets a whole new twist with a jet ski tour off the coast or a caving adventure in a kayak. Canyoning and coasteering have long been Mallorca trends. Here you can push the limits and swap everyday life for adventure.

Cycling on Mallorca

Almost as famous as the two-month high of the almond blossom on Mallorca is the cycling season on the island, which also starts early in the year and lasts long after the end. Cycling in Mallorca - it's almost as important as playing soccer. Many do it for sport and because it really does something for the body and mind to chase up the mountains. Recreational cyclists prefer the coastal paths, which are a benefit for the eyes, while buttocks and legs are trained.

The cycling network in Mallorca counts more than 1000 kilometers - enough to improve your condition and try a new route every day. If you want to go cycling in Mallorca, you can go on your own with a rental bike or join one of the guided bike tours. There are numerous rental stations and specialized stores that offer everything related to cycling vacations in Mallorca.

Hiking on Mallorca

Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Mallorca. Vacationers are well on foot here. Anyone who looks at the mountain landscape of the island will guess why. On endless hiking routes, the various Mallorca regions can be intensively experienced and discovered. Those who hike usually do not just scurry somewhere, but breathe in the region, the landscape, the atmosphere. Hiking is possible almost all year round, which means that the hiking vacation can ultimately be planned independently of the usual recommendations for the best time to travel to Mallorca.

Those who hike combine culture, nature, sports and active vacations and really get to places that remain hidden from others. Incidentally, hiking in Mallorca also allows you to find bays that are so remote that hardly anyone goes there. If you are looking for the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca, you can simply go for a hike.

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