Top 20 beaches in Mallorca

A quick overview of Mallorca's most beautiful beaches:

 1. Cala Torta
 2. Cala Mitjana
 3. Cala Varques
 4. Cala Agulla
 5. Cala Sa Nau
 6. S'Amarador
 7. Cala Marmols
 8. Es Trenc
 9. Es Caragol
10. Cala en Tugores
11. Portals Vells
12. Cala Mequida
13. Playa Formentor
14. Coll Baix
15. Cala Figuera
16. Playa de Muro
17. Sa Calobra
18. Cala Tuent
19. Sant Elm
20. Cala Deià

Mallorcas big point: miles of beaches

Mallorca has what many are looking for: endless beaches with white sand and turquoise water. A picture like from the Caribbean, two and a half hours by plane from Great Britain. Add to that a Mediterranean climate and an average of more than 300 days of sunshine a year. In fact, for a beach holiday you don't need much more. And therefore it is not surprising that Mallorca is for many tourists of the summer time mainly a bathing island where either long beach days and water sports or bay-hopping define the holiday program. In Mallorca, everybody has still found his favourite beach. The topography of the island has formed regionally different beach types. The east has been given numerous small bays called Calas. The south is dominated by miles of white sandy beaches (Playas), in the north there are wild natural beaches framed by cliffs and in the west the most beautiful bays are hidden between steep cliffs.  

According to statistics, there are 550 kilometres of coastline and 340 beaches on Mallorca. This includes every small sandy bay and every hidden alcove between rocks. But especially in the high season it is a small miracle to find a beach on Mallorca that you don't have to share with anyone. Those who are on holiday in Mallorca simply want to be at the water. We have chosen our Top 20 of the most beautiful beaches on Mallorca. Admittedly, the one or other beach pearl is not directly accessible and sometimes not so easy to find. But simply everyone can. Those who would walk a kilometre or two to find a small bay or a secluded beach on Mallorca or approach it by boat directly from the water have a clear advantage. Where there are hotels or parking lots, Mallorca's beaches are usually very busy during the holiday season. But also this makes for one or the other a beautiful beach.

Mallorca beachside holiday with children

Bays and Beaches Mallorca
Fantastic bays and beaches on Mallorca.

Whoever plans a beach holiday on Mallorca with children will and should be enthusiastic about the east or the north of the island. Specially in the bay of Alcudia as also in the bay of Pollensa, one finds what could be commonly called a family-friendly super beach. The beach of Alcudia alone has a proud 5 kilometres of "run-out", in the turquoise water you can walk for a very long time until it gets deeper, and above there is a lot of space with fine sand - perfect for the beach time with small children. Can Picafort and Cala Millor are arranged in a very similar way and belong to the favourites of the German tourists. And in the southwest, for example in Paquera or Santa Ponsa, family holidays at the beach have a long tradition. The seashore is accordingly family-friendly equipped.

Playa Es Trenc in the south of the island - about 40 minutes by car from Palma - is for many people still the epitome of a dream beach. Mallorca's most photographed beach stretches over 4 kilometres between Ses Covetes and Colonia de San Jorge. Many people automatically think of the Caribbean when they see Es Trenc: the beach glows white and the water has something of azure, aquamarine, turquoise or sky blue, depending on the incidence of light. There is also no multi-storey hotel castle disturbing the atmosphere, the view falls on a protected dune landscape. Until a few years ago, Es Trenc was still quite an insider tip. This is no longer true, and in the high season you may have to walk a little longer to reach a free space, but the beach feeling at Es Trenc is worth every effort.

Quality of water - Blue Flag beaches

The beaches on Mallorca are among the cleanest in the entire Mediterranean. Most of the beaches are certified each year as having excellent water quality, both in terms of visibility and microbiology. An average of 30 beaches on Mallorca are also awarded the "Blue Flag" every year as an internationally recognised seal of quality. It is the symbol of very good water quality and user-friendly information on environmental protection, safety and sustainable beach management. Among the beaches that have recently been awarded the Blue Flag:

  • El Arenal: Cala Estancia and Playa de Palma (El Arenal)
  • Cálvia: Es Carregador, Palmanova, Son Maties, Cala Contesa Torà
  • Andratx: Sant Elm
  • Pollença: Cala Molins, Cala Barques and Formentor
  • Muro: Playa de Muro

The label must be applied for and defended every time.

Mallorca beaches with infrastructure - costs for sunbeds, umbrellas, parking

When you are looking for a beach with infrastructure on Mallorca, you don't have to search long. Whether Playa de Palma in the south, Playa de Muro in the north or the beach of Cala Millor in the east. In front of the hotel door there are often miles of beaches with all kinds of comfort: sunshades, sunbeds, water sports facilities, showers, sanitary facilities, lifeguards. The prices for the beach furniture are of particular interest during a beach holiday. 

Bays and Beaches Mallorca
Sunbed and umbrella for a perfect beach day on Mallorca.

The average price for a sunbed is between 4.50 and 6 euros, around 5 euros for the umbrella. The family equipment with two loungers, an umbrella and a safe, for example, costs 14 euros in Cala Millor. Can Picafort charges 13.50 euros for the package, in Port Sóller you pay 18.50 euros. Furthermore, there are also very exclusive variants where you have to pay more than 50 Euros for a day at the beach with sunbed & umbrella. But for this the coktail is also brought. For a day at the beach, it is best to include the parking fee in some resorts. The day ticket for Es Trenc currently costs 5 euros. At the Playa de Palma there are free parking places in the second and third row. In Calvià, a paid parking zone has been introduced in the first instance, and parking there is also limited in time. After two and a half hours (1,75 Euro) the car has to be re-parked and a new ticket has to be bought.   

Safety on Mallorca's beaches - Flags for wind, waves & jellyfish

On the larger beaches of Mallorca, not only lifeguards, but also the system of traffic light flags ensure safety. Depending on the weather, red, yellow or green pennants are waving on the beaches. The red flag means bathing prohibition. Especially the dangerous underwater currents in strong winds and high swells should be taken seriously - there is danger to life. The yellow flag is a warning sign. Bathers should be careful. Only experienced swimmers are allowed in the water, no children. If the green flag is waving - and this is usually the case during the main season - there is no danger.

At many guarded beaches on Mallorca another flag is hoisted in the meantime: the jellyfish flag. It is supposed to draw the attention of bathers if more cnidarians are washed up on the beaches. Especially the fire jellyfish causes a lot of attention in Mallorca, because it is felt to appear more often and in larger numbers. When touched, its tentacles leave burning pain and severe itching on the skin. The affected area of skin also swells considerably. Lifeguards provide first aid in case of jellyfish contact. However, for your own safety, you should also take the advice seriously and not go into the water when the jellyfish flag is hoisted. At the very least, increased caution is recommended when bathing: 

Beautiful beaches Mallorca east

1. Cala Torta:

Eight kilometres from the small town of Artà lies Cala Torta, in the north-east of Mallorca. The small beach in the so-called cake bay is wider than it is long and consists mainly of sand, but also of stones. It is surrounded by natural hills. The Cala Torta falls steeply and is therefore not suitable for families with children. The beach is also a popular bathing place for nudists. From Artà you can reach Cala Torta by a road.
Location: Arta (east). Infrastructure: Toilets, lifeguard service, parking lot, small bar. Nudist. No dogs. Specials: secluded.

2. Cala Mitjana:

A small effort is the approach, even better the footpath. But therefore, one is rewarded with a fine sandy beach of approximately 120 metres length where the north-eastern wind blows. About 10 kilometres from Arta, to be reached by the Es Racó road in the direction of la Duaia, following the signs: Cala Torta on the right and Cala Mitjana on the left. Not recommended for families with children.
Location: Arta (east). Infrastructure: Parking, snack bar. Nudist. No dogs. Specials: remote & strong swell.

3. Cala Varques:

Cala Varques is a lovely bay between Porto Cristo and Cales de Mallorca in the east of the island. The secluded beach is about 70 metres wide, 90 metres long and slightly sloping. Due to its nature and secluded location it is well suited for families with children. The rocks and cliffs at the end of the bay are popular with free climbers and sportsmen. The beach is usually not very crowded and can be reached after a quarter of an hour walk. From Porto Cristo, take the MA-4014 and follow the dirt road to an iron gate where you can park your car.
Location: Manacor (east). Infrastructure: no. Nudist. Dogs allowed. Specials: secluded.

Cala Agulla Mallorca
Cala Agulla - one of the nicest beaches in Mallorca.

4. Cala Agulla:

Cala Agulla limits to the holiday resort Cala Ratjada in the east of Majorca. The fine sandy beach is about 500 metres long and is bordered by a pine forest on the west side. Crystal clear water awaits the numerous water sports fans who come here every season with their surfboards. Cala Agulla is in summer more known as a party beach and is not suitable for those seeking peace and quiet. There are parking lots near the beach. Paths lead through the pine forest to the bay.
Location: Cala Ratjada (east). Infrastructure: Sunbeds, showers, toilets, lifeguards, parking, restaurant. No nudism. No dogs. Specials: well visited.

5. Cala Sa Nau:

The Cala Sa Nau on the east coast of Mallorca was once considered an absolute insider tip. The natural beach between Cala d'Or and Portocolom used to be difficult to find for tourists, but now there are signs. Today the natural beach is a popular meeting point for relaxing - with chillout music in the beach bar and with massages. Pine forests and cliffs with caves keep the sea wind away. But you have no view of the open sea. The access road to Cala Sa Nau is narrow and parking is limited. From the road, a long stone staircase leads to the beach.
Location: Felanitx (east). Infrastructure: Sunbeds, showers, toilets, lifeguard surveillance, parking, snack bar. No nudism. No dogs. Specials: secluded.

Beautiful beaches Mallorca south

6. S'Amarador:

Close to Santanyí, the beach of S'Amarador is located in the nature reserve "Parc natural de Mondrago" in the south of Mallorca. The fine sandy beach with its turquoise water, wild bushes and pine trees is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The beach can only be reached on foot or alternatively by boat. The car can be parked about 5 minutes away from the beach. Trailways lead to two neighbouring bays. In the high season prefer to come early, fills up during the day.
Location: Near Santanyi (south). Infrastructure: Sunbeds, shower, toilet, parking lot. No naturism. No dogs. Special features: Family friendly & secluded.

7. Cala Marmols:

Small and fine and secluded - if you are looking for it, Cala Marmols is the place to be. A five kilometre walk separates sun worshippers here from the dream beach between high rock faces. It is best to combine it with a hike and take everything you need for a day at the beach with you: in any case, enough water and provisions. By car, one can drive up to the light house at Cap de ses Salines and then follow the coast over rocks, cliffs and through a dry creek.
Location: Santanyi (south). Infrastructure: not available. Nudist. No dogs. Specials: secluded.

8. Es Trenc:

The famous beach cannot be missed among the top beaches of Mallorca. Es Trenc is located between Ses Covetes and Colònia de Sant Jordi on the south-east coast of Mallorca. The approximately five kilometres of white sand beach with turquoise clear water is often compared to the Caribbean. The gently sloping natural beach is especially popular with families with children. The nudist scene also meets here on certain sections of the beach. The access road leads along the salt fields directly to a car park within walking distance. Since 2019 there is also a shuttle service between the Club Nautico near Sa Rapita and the beach with buses. Arrival from Palma is possible with the intercity bus 530.
Location: Campos (south). Infrastructure: sunbeds, toilets, lifeguard service, parking, snack bar. Nudism. No dogs. Specials: well frequented & family-friendly.

9. Es Caragol:

Very small beach with white sand and calm water. Not very crowded even in the height of summer, mainly because of the walk that you have to take to reach Es Caragol. But the excursion is worthwhile if you are looking for peace and relaxation away from the hotel beaches and also want to discover the island a little. Also a little insider tip for snorkelers (bring your own equipment). Accessible via the coastal path from lighthouse Cap Ses Salines (park).
Location: Ses Salines (south). Infrastructure: none. Nudist. No dogs. Specials: remote.

10. Cala en TuCala Figuera is a small bay between Cala Bóquer and the Cap de Formentor in the north of Mallorca. The beach, which is about 50 metres long, is framed by the rugged mountain slopes of the Formentor peninsula and is characterised by wilderness. The subsoil consists of sand, gravel and grass. At the coast you can see the remains of the fallen boulders. There is hardly any civilisation here. A journey by car is possible, but quite bumpy. It is recommended to do the last kilometer on footgores:

About 500 meters wide bay, which can only be reached after a long walk and has no infrastructure. Together with the Playa des Caragol, it belongs to the most southern beach on Mallorca. There are two ways to reach this still unspoilt beach: from the Ses Salines lighthouse (about 3.6 kilometres along the coast) or from Colonia de Sant Jordi (about 5.4 kilometres).
Location: near Ses Salines (south). Infrastructure: none. No nudism. No dogs. Specials: remote, rocky.

11. Portals Vells:

The bay Portals Vells is located eight kilometres from Magaluf, on the southern tip of the west coast of Mallorca. There are three small sandy beaches next to each other, each 20 to 30 metres long. The southern sandy beach, Sa Caleta, is bordered by a lush pine forest. The northern one, Platja del Rei, is next to the small port of Portals Vells. The best known is the middle beach, El Mago. It was Mallorca's first official nudist beach. Portals Vells bay is ideal for snorkelling.
Location: near Magaluf (southwest). Infrastructure: sunbeds, toilets, parking, snack bar. Nudist. No dogs. Specials: well frequented & family-friendly.

Beautiful beaches Mallorca north

12. Cala Mesquida:

The special thing about Cala Mesquida is not only the shape of the bay, the wonderful colour of the water or the extremely fine sand - it is also the dune that rises behind this small dream beach. Cala Mesquida is located in the middle of the nature reserve and with a little care you might see one of the cormorants or the seagulls that live here in great numbers. The situation at the northeast coast provides temporarily a fresh wind and more swell than elsewhere. There are also considerable currents. Beach with good infrastructure.
Location: Capdepera (north-east). Infrastructure: sunbeds, toilets, snack bar, lifeguard service, parking lot. NUDIST. No dogs. Specials: well frequented, water strongly dropping.

Mallorca Beaches and Dunes
You can also admire dunes on the beaches of Mallorca.

13. Playa de Formentor:

While others try to reach Cap Formentor, in the south of the peninsula one can also dedicate oneself to the water pleasures and hang out at Playa de Formentor. Or do some water sports. The sandy beach offers all amenities, is also suitable for families with children and is beautifully embedded in the landscape. Almost 900 metres of fine beach surrounded by pine trees and with a fantastic mountain panorama behind you. If you come by car, you should take into account the relatively high parking fees (last 9 Euro). This is only worth it if you want to spend the whole day here.
Location: Pollenca (north). Infrastructure: Sunbeds, showers, toilets, snack bar, lifeguard service, parking lot. No nudism. No dogs. Specials: well visited, family-friendly.

14. Coll de Baix:

Not for every day, but if you are on a discovery tour in the north and are willing to accept long distances for a little peace and adventure, you can make it as far as Coll Baix. At a distance of approximately 12 kilometres from Alcudia, this bay is a small natural spectacle, it is located between vertical walls and is equipped with fine pebbles. Goats can also be found here and there. Very important: for the hike down to the beach you need sturdy shoes. And also the approach to the last possible parking place should be done carefully - unpaved road.
Location: Alcudia (north). Infrastructure: none. Nudist. No dogs. Specials: remote, water strongly dropping.

15. Cala Figuera:

Cala Figuera is a small bay between Cala Bóquer and the Cap de Formentor in the north of Mallorca. The beach, which is about 50 metres long, is framed by the rugged mountain slopes of the Formentor peninsula and is characterised by wilderness. The subsoil consists of sand, gravel and grass. At the coast you can see the remains of the fallen boulders. There is hardly any civilisation here. A journey by car is possible, but quite bumpy. It is recommended to do the last kilometer on foot.
Location: near Pollenca (north). Infrastructure: not available. No nudism. No dogs. Special features: Less frequently visited.

16. Platja de Muro:

The Platja de Muro extends for approximately six kilometres from Can Picafort to Port de Alcúdia in the north-east of Mallorca. The fine sandy beach has a width of about 30 metres and is particularly popular with families and sports enthusiasts. Due to the long, shallow entrance and moderate waves, it is considered very child-friendly and suitable for numerous water sports. The wide sandy beach is located directly on the road from Puerto de Alcúdia to Can Picafort.
Location: Muro (north). Infrastructure: Sunbeds, showers, toilets, snack bar, lifeguard service, parking lot. Nudism. No dogs. Special features: Family-friendly.

Beautiful beaches Mallorca west

17. Sa Calobra:

The Cala Sa Calobra is neither an insider tip nor known for seclusion. What makes this small beach so special is its location between high rocks. Sa Calobra is the starting point respectively the finale of the famous canyon hiking tour through the Torrent de Pareis. The bay is small and stony and especially in summer often hopelessly crowded. Those who come here at different times of the day than the others will be able to get to know a beautiful piece of nature. Also very recommendable at sunset.
Location: Escorca (west). Infrastructure: Showers, toilets, snack bar, car park. No nudism. No dogs. Specials: well frequented, family-friendly.

West-coast Beaches Mallorca
The beach does not always have to be sandy, on the west coast there are small bays with pebbles and rocks.

18. Cala Tuent:

Shortly before Sa Calobra, turn left onto the MA-2141 and take a narrow road to Cala Tuent, a small pebble beach about 200 metres wide, set between pine trees and the mountains. On the stony ground you are recommended to wear bathing shoes. The water is crystal clear and the bay is seldom really full because most of them leave directly for Sa Calobra. Cala Tuent is a good alternative, although without any infrastructure. But there is a restaurant in the immediate vicinity.
Location: Escorca (west). Infrastructure: none. Special features: calm water, remote.

19. Sant Elm:

Together with the village of the same name, the bay of Sant Elm is the westernmost point of Mallorca. Because of its remoteness it was considered the favourite of the pirates. From there you have a good view of the two rocky islands Es Pantaleu and Sa Dragonera. The beach is about 180 metres long and consists partly of sand and partly of pebbles. From there you can swim to the nearby island Es Pantaleu. Families with children and individual tourists come to the quiet bay of Sant Elm. The access road to Andratx leads over narrow, winding roads and ends right in front of the beach.
Location: Andratx (west). Infrastructure: Sunbeds, showers, toilets, parking, snack bar. No nudism. No dogs. Specials: well frequented & family-friendly.

20. Cala Deià:

The Cala Deia is located right below the famous artists' village and is therefore not one of the most isolated spots on the island. But between the green rocks there is a nice place. There, one sits on some small rocks and looks to the crystal clear water or goes over the small pebble beach straight for snorkeling.
Location: Deia (west). Infrastructure: Restaurant. Specials: local area.

For those who like trekking and want to discover fascinating, less visited beaches, we recommend our list of 8 exceptionally beautiful beaches in Mallorca.

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