Tips and recommendations for Mallorca in autumn

We want to let you know everything there is to know about Majorca in autumn! What stuff is there to do at that time of year? We are going to keep you in the know, so you cut down the time it would take you to scroll through countless pages! See the idyllic island at a time of year where there are not millions of people running around like headless chickens.

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  1. Stuff worth knowing
  2. Autumn weather in Majorca
  3. Majorca's opening hours in autumn
  4. Hotels that are open in autumn in Majorca
  5. 10 autumntime tips for Majorca
  6. What is there to see and do in Majorca in autumn?
  7. Festivals, celebrations and holidays in Majorca in autumn


1. Stuff worth knowing

Mallorca is a gem in autumn, the sun is warm and there’s an essence of peace and quiet from all around! If you’re up for burning a few calories, you can get a slice of the action in between September and November and rest assured knowing that you won’t be on the verge of passing out from the heat. The massive queues that are all over the place in summer are a distant memory in autumn. Families can have a lot of fun in the sun with much less stress. The vast majority of tours and excursions are still available until October. November is when the season finally comes to an end.  

Go for long walks and check out sights and scenery on roads that are empty for the most part. There is almost nobody on the beach and you practically get it to yourself. Palma is peaceful in autumn, you can wander around town seeing the centre in all its glory without it being packed. There are stacks of galleries and museums to explore and you can meander around the bounds of boutiques and pick up some one-off outfits! Join a boat trip, see nature at its best and mosey through the flora and fauna without a care in the world.  

There a bunch of holidays and festivals to go along to during autumn. Mallorcans love a celebration and you’ll be able to rub shoulders with them with a beer in hand. Mingle with the locals and learn first-hand what it means to be a Mallorcan. Spanish culture is at its best when these traditions are put into play. Don’t miss out on the chance to see a typical market, come across all kinds of bits and bobs that you won’t find elsewhere like one-of-a-kind souvenirs, locally grown fresh food and handmade knick-knacks.


2. Autumn weather in Majorca

Look forward to autumn in Mallorca - from September to November you can count on 20 degrees as an average which is far from chilly! From September to mid-October the temperatures tend to stick at around 25 degrees and it only starts to get colder towards the end of November. Expect anything up to 5 days a month of rain but bear in mind that the weather changes like the wind. You could start the day with rain and end it with sunshine and vice versa. The temperature drops at night (to about 12 degrees in September and October and 8 in November). The weather in autumn in Mallorca is like the U.K in summer. You can still go for a swim as the water is still warm during autumn. Storms are quite common in September as the weather is calming down after the wild heat of summer and the wind picks up a bit as well.

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3. Majorca's opening hours in autumn

The shops in Majorca are normally open in autumn with restaurants, hotels and shops only closing for the winter towards the end of October/November. The opening hours for shops and restaurants in the touristareas in Mallorca are usually something like this: 

  • Monday to Saturday 9.30am  8pm *keep an eye out for the siestas 
  • Some shops are open on Sundays, but this is not the norm.  
  • Supermarkets and department stores are usually open until 9.30pm on weekdays and until 8pm on Saturdays. 

End of season: Remember that the season ends in mid/late October for the tourist shops and restaurants. Some Spanish shops and restaurants are also open in winter, but in the typical tourist spots around October and the beginning of November it becomes more and more like a ghost town.


4. Hotels there are open in autumn in Majorca

Autumn is a time of year most loved by older folk and families as the heat has died down a bit and you can get involved in leisure activities without the drama of getting yourself in a sweat. Hotels that are geared towards that market are of course open in autumn as that’s when they’re given their chance to shine! You get better value for your money at that time of year as the quality of everything is higher and more widely available.  You’re much more likely to be able to secure an apartment at this time of year as they’re not fully booked like in summer.


5. 10 autumntime tips for Majorca

Autumn in Mallorca is spot on for all sorts. Soak up the sun or hit the galleries or museums if the sun goes in to hiding. If you’re up for a game of golf in Mallorca, then there’s a few greens to pick from. Here are the top ten things to get up to in Majorca in autumn:

Tip 1: Peaceful beach strolls 

Take advantage of the near empty beaches. Stroll along the sand in peace and quiet. The crowds are long gone and all that’s left is the warm wind and tranquil time you’ll spend washing your worries away with the waves.  

Tip 2: Orangey times 

October is traditionally when the oranges in Mallorca get harvested.  Sóller is well-known for its oranges. Wander through the valley which is jam-packed with oranges practically everywhere you look. Follow the path along and watch as the farmers collect the fruit.  

Tip 3: Go sailing 

Recharge your batteries by spending a day out at sea. There is nothing like a relaxing sailing trip in Mallorca, where you can sunbathe on deck and take in the postcard-worthy views of the stunning sea. If the water is still warm enough, swim a refreshing round. 

Tip 4: Eating out 

The best thing about going out to eat in Mallorca in autumn is that there is still a decent amount to choose from but there are more tables. Less guests means that the service is on form and you don’t have to struggle to speak to the person sitting next to you.  

Tip 5: Hiking 

Good weather and fewer tourists mean that going on a hike is not only doable because you don’t run the risk of getting heat stroke but that you’re less likely to bump into a bunch of people who quite frankly might have got in the way when you were trying to make your way up the mountains. As it’s cooler, you can go on longer hikes without putting your back out. You are better off going along with an experienced guide as they’ll know the ins and outs of the place you’re trekking to, you don’t want to wind up lost up there because you won’t be able to get any signal! 

Tip 6: Market trips 

A visit to the weekly market should make it on the to-do list without a shadow of a doubt. Set your eyes on too many handmade odds and sods to count and lots of local yummies. You are supporting local businesses, so you’ll not feel an ounce of guilt as you go around shopping ‘til you drop. Feel free to test your Spanish out (if they don’t speak a pip of English) and find out from the horse’s mouth how the food is grown or how the goods are made. One of the advantages of going to markets to many is that you get the chance to chat to the street vendors.  

Tip 7: Wellness 

Pamper yourself and switch off as stress becomes a distant memory. Relax in autumn and get seen to much quicker than in high season as there are less people in the queue in front of you.  Get a massage, book a manicure or take the time off as an excuse to take care of number 1 by getting a bit of exercise into your day.  

Tip 8: Going on a bargain hunt 

Special offers are on the rise and the shops up their ante to go head to head in making money towards the end of the year. The price of everything drops significantly from hotels and rental cars to clothes, shoes and everything in between. Jaume Tercera is a decent area to go luxury shopping but there are a couple of shopping centres like Fan Mallorca and Porto  that are both within spitting distance of Palma. Either way, you’ll snag a bargain or two at that time of year.  

Tip 9: Riding 

Do you have horses? Have you not so much as sat on a horse before in your life? It doesn’t matter what extent of experience you have with horses and in fact with riding them as there are plenty of stables in Mallorca that offer guided rides with horses to suit every level. Go trotting through nature on a horse and really get the chance to escape from the hubbub of noise from the city as you retreat to a place where it’ll be unlikely to even spot anyone other than those on the tour with you.  

Tip 10: Dolphin watching 

Dolphins are best known for their intelligence and friendliness. The dolphins love to swim around the boats as they’re curious to find out what’s going on. Often, boat trips go straight to where the dolphins are intentionally so that you don’t waste time in search of them. Keep your eyes peeled and with any luck you’ll spot a few of them! 


6. What is there to see and do in Majorca in autumn?

Autumn brings with it a sense of calm. Make your way around Palma in peace without struggling to get a spot on the pavement. Participate in sports without getting hot and bothered. What’s not to love about Mallorca in autumn? Majorca can be quite quiet during this time of year, so you can get closer to nature as the animals are more comfortable to show their faces when there are less people invading their space. It’s safe to say that you’ll benefit all round from their being less people on the island.

Explore the city with the Segway 
Take advantage of a Segway and save your legs a little. The Segway shows you Palma in a quick and easy way. You’ll go from A to B and fast on a Segway in Mallorca. Something to bear in mind is that Palma has teensy streets and a Segway slips through rather nicely and you can benefit from the airstream you get as you fly along as well! Find out all kinds of facts and figures about the area as you zoom along! 
A Segway Tour in Palma 

Travel back in time to the 17th century
It’s a bit groggy outside and you don’t want to be cooped up in your hotel room – which is understandable. What can you get up to? La Granja is a pretty mansion dating back to the 17th century – wander around and see first-hand how the other half lived in Mallorca at that point in history. A well-maintained museum and reenactments (from 10am until 6pm) are waiting to be seen. 
The La Granja experience 

Do a spot of cycling  
Even if you are not a professional cyclist, autumn in Mallorca is ideal for a beautiful bike tour. Rent a cheap city, racing or mountain bike and see the island from another side. You can get to places that cars can’t by bike and you don’t have to faff around trying to find parking (which is a bit of a nightmare in Palma at the best of times).
Rent a bike out in Mallorca 

See the Pirates Dinner Show 
The Pirate’s musical is shown in Mallorca until October and it’s something the whole family can have a laugh at – grannies, little ones, teens and mums and dads too! Chow down on decent grub whilst the dancers dazzle you from left, right and centre! Acrobats and circus tricks are what they specialise in – this is all themed around the story of Sir Henry Morgan's crew. 
Find out more about the Pirates Dinner show here 

Go quad biking with a buffet 
Unlock all the hidden wonders in Mallorca on a quadbike! Get guided around the Med in style. Reach the top spots on the island with 0 chance of getting lost. Grab a bite to eat when you start getting hunger pangs and once you’re all fed and watered it’s time for round two.
Click here to check out the Buffet/Quad Tour 

Go on a cave trip 
Rain or shine, a cave trip is doable as you’re well out of the way of the weather. Find out all kinds of awesome things about the dragon caves in Porto Cristo and go wild for the largest underwater lake in the whole of Europe.
Find tickets for the dragon caves in Mallorca 

Do a vintage car tour 
If you are a vintage car lover, you are in store for some good new! Rent out a retro beauty and cruise around the island in old-school style! The weather is warm, but you can pick up a beautiful breeze as you rev it up on the long stretches of roads. If you have certain places in mind, plug them into the SatNav and if not just start the engine and go!
Rent classic cars in Mallorca 

Make your way to Kathmandu Park 
Have a day out at none other than an upside-down house in Magaluf. Adventure is guaranteed right up until the end of October. Be mind blown as you try to figure out the mystery of it all! There is a golf course, a climbing park, a 4D cinema and lots of other stuff to get up to. The whole family can get their kicks on this day out in Mallorca.
Learn more about Kathmandu here 


7. Festivals, celebrations and holidays in Majorca in autumn

Fira Gremial in Alaró

Foto: Aina Vidal

Mallorca celebrates quite a bit in autumn and we’ve detailed the best of the bunch below. More often than not there is a reason behind each holiday and it tends to be deep rooted in history of one kind or another. Get to see for yourself how the people are and what the culture is like – don’t learn it, live it! 

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