Tips and recommendations for Mallorca in spring

Mallorca im Frühling Mandelblüte

Get acquainted with the ins and outs of Mallorca in springtime. From the temperature, the climate, the top activities and trips to go on and insider tips so you make the most of Mallorca. March until May is warm and pleasant, you'll notice the flowers and nature bursting from the seams.

1. Stuff worth knowing

2. Spring weather in Majorca

3. Majorca's opening hours in spring

4. Hotels that are open in spring in Majorca

5. 10 Springtime tips for Majorca

6. What is there to see and do in Majorca in spring?

7. Festivals, celebrations and holidays in Majorca in spring


1. Stuff worth knowing

Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts are sure to have the time of their lives in Mallorca in spring. Of course, high season is considered as from June through until August but it that means getting more than just a little bit sticky if you want to do exercise and whatnot. You're far better off visiting between March and May where you enjoy warm weather without the restrictions that come along with the heat in summer for those of you who are fair skinned. Take it slow or crank up the volume - both are doable in spring in Mallorca. 

Mallorca is all the rage with active holiday makers as cycling and hiking can be on the cards any given day of the week with nothing to get in the way i.e. scorching temperatures. There are bike paths and hike trails to suit every level in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains, so your breath gets taken away by the workout and the stunning landscape as well! The scenery is beautiful and seems untouched, from its blooming fruit trees to the postcard-worthy mountains - it's remarkable from top to bottom and you'll be snapping away like a madman (or mad lady).  

Keep an eye out for the Easter celebrations which are made up of carnivals and festivals. If you'd like to take a bite out of the Mallorcan culture, then this is certainly a good place to start. Why not go home with extra special souvenirs for your loved ones by popping along to one of the markets! Suss out the local best buys when it comes to fresh and handmade food, clothes and everyday necessities - to mention a few!

2. Spring weather in Majorca

Spring in Mallorca is pretty decent with an average of 20°C and with anything from 6-9 hours of sunshine a day. With this kind of weather, you are free to do anything you fancy! Be it hiking, cycling, city strolling, horse riding, golf or zip wiring! Relax in the sun without getting burnt to a crisp (17-23°C in the day) and sleep without getting stressed about the heat (5-11°C). Sometimes rain rears its ugly head, but this doesn't tend to last too long! 

3. Majorca's opening hours in spring

Most shops and restaurants are open by March. Watch out for closures on these three holidays: the 24th of March (Foundation Thursday), the 3rd of April (Sunday) and the 22nd of May (Sunday). With that being said, don't be shocked if you find that from around 5pm onwards on the 24th of March places start to shut early and public transport grinds to a halt to make way for the Easter parades.  

We want to tell you the normal opening hours for places in tourist areas in Mallorca: 

Supermarkets and department stores are usually open until 9.30pm on weekdays and until 8pm on Saturdays (most shops are shut on Sundays).  

By the way: When shopping, keep your eyes peeled for the following words "Rebajas","Rebaixes" and "Ofertas" which all indicate some kind of discount! 

4. Hotels that are open in spring in Majorca

From March onwards, about two thirds of the hotels on the island are already open again with around 80% of them available during and after April. As every hotel picks when it opens, it's nigh on impossible to provide an up-to-date list of opening hours. If a few of you are coming or you're staying for quite a while you might want to look into renting a flat (which could set you back as little as €400 a month depending on where it is and how big it is). Split between all of you, this would definitely work out the most sensible option financially.

5. 10 top tips for Mallorca in spring

Mallorca is particularly beautiful in spring; the temperature is starting to creep up and there aren't as many folk about. We'd like to share 10 things you can't afford to pass up on in Mallorca during spring.  

Tip 1: Easter on the island 

Things kick off on March the 24th (Foundation Thursday) and Easter is celebrated all across Spain until March the 29th (Easter Tuesday). The biggest parade of all "Processió de la Sang" takes place from 7pm on Maundy Thursday (the Thursday before Easter weekend) in Palma de Mallorca. It's made up of more than 30 different Christian groups/bands. After that, other towns start to follow suit with Pollença and Artà being the spots most sought after.  

Tip 2: The bunkers at El Toro 

This was once a military base and as well as being a top treat for history buffs, this (now) peaceful space serves up an amazing atmosphere for relaxed excursions in the sun. You get some stunning views across the sea and the cliffs are marvellous. Get the chance to explore tunnels, caves and abandoned houses and get a real chunk of history. If you're feeling brave, grab a torch and go on an underground mission (try not to lose track of where you are). Asides from that, there is a lot of nature with plenty of pretty plant species and beautiful birds all over the place.  

Tip 3: Diverse markets 

Visit a typical Mallorcan market and come across culinary delights and pick up one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Santa María's Sunday market is super popular; it runs between 9am and 2pm - you'll be able to get your hands on clothes and handicrafts that not your typical run of the mill. Consell also has a decent flea market (you'll have to pay a euro to park). Markets are a big deal out here and big towns tend to have one at least once a week.  

Tip 4: Trekking around 

Spanish are pretty big on doing "excursiónes" and they will spend anything between one hour and five getting close to nature whilst burning a few calories at the same time. Try out an easier one like the 1.5-hour hike to "Castell d' Alaró" to test the water. 

Tip 5: Cuevas del Drach 

The dragon cave in Porto Cristo is well worth a visit, especially in spring before it gets too hectic. The cave has been open to visitors since the beginning of the 20th century and is best known for its underground lake with crystal clear water. The cave has been lit up to showcase the impressive stalactites and stalagmites. The tour can be done in several languages, including German, English and Spanish. 

Tip 6: The salt flats in Mallorca 

Take advantage of the warm and wonderful weather and explore the Ses Salines near the famous Es Trenc beach. The salt marshes are the oldest in Mallorca. The salt water has a lot to answer for when it comes to the wide array of flora and fauna on hand. Sea water is drained into the salt basins in April and it dries out over the following months and gives way for the "Flor de sal" to grow before it is harvested later.  

Tip 7: Segway Tour of Palma 

Roam around the old town on a Segway and see how the city started out. Segways are spot on for the narrow streets in Palma. If you want to watch the sun go down, we suggest picking a trip that goes along Paseo Marítimo 

Tip 8: Spend a night out at sea 

Make it a night to remember in Portocolom aboard a brilliant boat. They drop the anchor in the harbour so you can take a romantic stroll before you star gaze on the ship. Let the soothing waves drift you off into your dreams.  

Tip 9: Día de las Islas Balears 

They celebrate their independence on the 1st of March. They've been celebrating this day since 1983. Rub shoulders with the locals and cast your eyes on stacks of stalls which have everything from homemade honey to crystals and practically everything in between. There are also animal shows and live music so it's safe to say that you'll be entertained throughout.  

Tip 10: Step back in to the 18th century and grab a coffee 

Meander along the little lanes in the old town and sit down and have a cup of coffee and some sweet treats. The quaint and cosy Ca'n Joan De S'aigo is a classic that has been around for 300 years. There are fresh Ensaïmadas on hand, the almond cake is to die for and the ice cream is delicious (they say that it's made according to a secret recipe)

6. What is there to see and do in Majorca in spring?

If you're looking to get your kicks by the means of burning off some of that winter weight, then Mallorca has more than enough choice. On the other hand, take it easy with some wellness treats or do a spot of shopping and top it off with a wine tasting session - after all you're on holiday! 

Head to the mountains and valleys 

Nature lovers are going to get their thrills on the stunning hiking trails which are decorated in spring by the flowering fruit trees. The routes go through the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sierra de Tramuntana. From March to May, the weather is ideal for extensive hiking tours straight through the marvellous landscape of Mallorca. The GR-221 is one of the most famous and the most demanding long-distance hiking trails; it starts from Port d' Andratx and goes to Pollença and it covers 130 km. 

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Full day boat trip 

Let the gentle swaying of the waves, the hazy sunshine and the fresh sea air relax your mind on an all-day sailing trip around the south-east of Mallorca. The sailing yacht "Vita Bel" shows you the coast and gives you the chance to take a dip in the crystal-clear and wonderfully warm water. 

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Cultural attractions 

If you're keen on getting better acquainted with Mallorca, you should definitely make your way to the pretty cultural sights. For just a fiver you can get a combo ticket which gains you access to the sanctuary "Santuari de Lluc", the churches "Convent de Sant Francesc" and "La Porciúncula", the "Santuari de Cura" and "Monestir de la Real" monasteries and the Juníper Serra museum. 

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Up, up and away 

The sky is the limit, or is it? Have an experience of a lifetime whilst on holiday in Mallorca. See Mallorca from a birds-eye-view as you sit tight in a hot air balloon. Seemingly float over the pretty villages and hidden harbours and catch a glimpse of Menorca as well! 

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Nature reserve s'Albufera 

If you're on the lookout for a relaxing walk through nature, then you should visit the Parc natural de s' Albufera near Alcúdia in spring. The massive nature reserve is home to more than two thirds of the bird species native to the Balearic Islands. In spring, the area is a transit station for flamingos, storks and kestrels and they can be observed from a place which doesn't invade their space.  

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Take it easy 

What would a holiday in Mallorca be without time to relax and unwind? Treat yourself to a soothing massage and wave goodbye tense muscles and say hello to peace and quiet. Rejuvenate your body and refuel your mind and explore Mallorca with even more energy than you showed up with.  

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Get munching in Mallorca 

Try out typical Spanish food in Mallorca and when you've done that, taste some Mallorquín food too! It'll only take one tapas tour and you'll know why the Spanish love their food so much! Seafood fans should nibble on some fresh fish at one of the restaurants along the prom. Wine is a big deal out here and guided wine tours are all the rage in places like Binissalem for instance.  

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Cliff jumping for beginners 

Get a slice of action by trying your hand at coasteering, swimming, abseiling, climbing or jumping on some super-high cliffs. Coasteering is spot on for adrenaline junkies. These tours are often suitable for beginners so don't worry if you've never done this kind of thing before. This promises to be an unforgettable experience! 

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