Tips and recommendations for Mallorca in summer

We want to tell you everything you need to know about what goes on in Mallorca in summer. We have included everything from the weather to what kind of stuff there is to get up to at that time of year. They don't call it high season for nothing, there is more to do than you will ever have time for but don't worry you can pick out the best of the bunch with a little know-how.  


Summer in Mallorca


1. Stuff worth knowing

Mallorca is a summer beach paradise with turquoise bays, warm summer nights, unforgettable parties and activities to suit practically everybody from families and exercise junkies to water sports fans, nature lovers and culture vultures. High season kicks off in June and keeps going until the end of August. At this time Mallorca is more alive than ever: tourists take over the island, every restaurant, hotel and bar is open, the sea beckons you over for a dip - summer dreams come true in the Mediterranean.  

For water sports fans, summer is by far the best time to visit. In summer, there are also plenty of sightseeing tours, cultural activities and excursions on offer. Quad tours and jeep safaris are a big deal in Mallorca in summer and you'll see them all over the place. Those who want to get to know the flora and fauna or don't like the idea of lazing around on beach, there are a whole host of water and animal parks to check out. It's a bit cooler in the mountains if you want to get some air. Go snorkelling or diving to suss out what goes on underwater in Mallorca or if you'd rather stay dry then sit tight on a boat instead.
With the warmth comes something else: plenty of festivals and holidays to go wild at! Mingle with the locals so don't hold back, go and throw yourself into the culture! Put a market trip on the list because you can check out lots of handmade goodies and grab a few to put in your case as well as tasting the local food.


2. Summer weather in Majorca

Mallorca is well known for being warm and it certainly lives up to its name! The temperature climbs above 30 almost every day in summer. Jump for joy over the 10 or more hours of sunshine per day. If there's one thing you can count on in Mallorca it's the weather - you are pretty much guaranteed non-stop sun on your holiday if you come in summer. If it all gets too much, you're never too far from a beach so take to the sea to cool down a bit! Water sport activities or activities in the shade (of the trees for instance) are definitely on the agenda. To make sure you stay away from the realms of sunstroke, water activities are best done in the morning or in the evening so you're not in direct heat during the hotter hours. The temp goes down a tad at night (to around 20) but don't be shocked if you don't feel cold the entire time you're on the island. Even if you could, would you want to?  


3. Majorca's opening hours in summer

We are going to generalise here a little but it's safe to say that 99.9% of places are open in summer. Why? Because it's the main season in Mallorca. So, the opening hours for shops/supermarkets/department stores in the tourist areas tend to follow suit and be open from 9.30am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday. There are some places open on Sundays but as a general rule they are closed. Don't forget the siesta which normally happens at some point between 2pm and 4pm. It gets too hot and people use this time to sleep so that they come back with more energy in the evenings, you might even want to do one yourself if you get a bit hot outside - we recommend this for people with fairer skin.  


4. Hotels that are open in summer in Majorca

In summer you can count on the majority of hotels being open because it's high season. This means everything from family hotels, holiday apartments and private rentals and everything in between. If you're travelling with a group of friends or with your family then it makes a lot more sense financially to rent a flat together as you'll not only save money but have a lot more space. You'll find that lots of Spaniards rent out their flats over summer (for weeks or months at a time).  


5. 10 Summertime tips for Majorca

Enjoy life to the fullest in Majorca in summer. You have sun, sea and sand! On top of those three top wants on holiday, delight in the delicious food, suck up the decent atmosphere and have a whale of a time on a bunch of amazing activites! Here's a list of 10 things to get up to make sure you have fun in the sun in Mallorca:

Tip 1: Nightlife in Palma

Take part in a tapas tour and get to try out the best of the local food, find a decent place to have a plate of paella or munch on some Spanish omelette "tortilla". You'll be parched in that summer sun and on the lookout for a way to cool down and ASAP, a caña (small beer), or a glass of red (vino tinto) is definitely a wise choice to wash down the grub. Go from bar to bar and get a feel for the way of life out here which means checking out some Spanish music and hearing loud and quick conversations in Spanish!

Tip 2: Speedboat trips

Glide over the waves and catch the rays alongside stunning beaches and beautiful bays. Let the breeze sweep over you as you go dipping and diving over the sea. Take a dip and cool off in the turquoise waters. Kids go wild for these things and they can't enough of the sheer speed that they go at. The best part about a speedboat trip is that you get to explore the coast and have a right crack at the same time! Speed and sightseeing wrapped into one!

Tip 3: Market visit

A holiday in Mallorca is not complete without a visit to one of its many markets! They tend to go on from about 8 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon in a lot of the villages around Majorca. Find handmade odds and sods, fresh fruit and veg, clothes, shoes and take-away food. If you want to get your hands on some bargains, then this is definitely the place for you.  

Tip 4: Segway Tours

When the summer reaches its peak, trust us when we say you are not going to want to be running up and down sweating, so a Segway is a fun and practical way to get around especially in terms of Palma. Get from A to B with some serious speed on a Segway in Mallorca. Something to bear in mind is that Palma has quite some tiny streets and a Segway slips through rather nicely and you can benefit from the airsteam you get as you fly along.  

Tip 5: Discover caves

The famous dragon caves in Porto Cristo are probably the better-known caves in Mallorca and as the tour is done in lots of languages you can rest assured that you'll get all the impressive facts and figures as you ride along in a little boat. Nothing beats getting brought up to speed on history as you explore things in the here and now.  

Tip 6: Beaches

The number 1 reason for a summer holiday is to build up a tan on the beach, right? There are more beaches than you can make time to visit so make sure you find the top one/s for you. Pebble beaches, sandy beaches, big beaches, hidden beaches, beaches with bars -  you get the picture!  

Tip 7: Dip into Spanish culture  

Check out the Sant Pere festival from the 20th of the June to the 29th in Alcúdia - this is where Spanish celebrations are at their peak. There are concerts, games for the kids, sports, competitions and processions on land and out at sea on the boats. They give the festival an amazing send off - they set off loads of fireworks!  

Tip 8: Beach clubs

Beach clubs are slap bang on the beach and are particularly famed for their good music, lush food and top-notch drinks. Typically, beach clubs have pools, so you can sip on a cocktail and then take to the water and splash about a bit. Evenings are delightful at beach clubs, relax to the max with a drink in hand. Let the sound of the waves gently calm all your worries.  

Tip 9: Booze cruise

Boat parties usually get started in the late afternoon, so you can watch the sun go down as you toast a cup to the good life. The on-board DJ spins (more often than not) house tracks and the staff get the drinks pouring as the party people dance, laugh and chat in the summer sun. Amazing memories are made in Mallorca.  

Tip 10: Go for ice cream

Stroll along by the seaside with a tub or a cornet. There are plenty of parlours offering all kinds of sorbets, gelatos and good old-fashioned ice cream! One of the top spots in Palma is called Iceberg - they have so many flavours and some might argue too many flavours actually. It's safe to say that you'll be spoilt for choice with favourites ranging from blueberry cheesecake to chocolate orange and banoffee.   


6 What is there to see and do in Majorca?

Summer is when it all happens in Mallorca. Water sports are available from here, there and everywhere – what’s crucial is finding the best option for you in terms of price, service etc. Adventure and action are up for grabs too! Check out what we’ve put below so you can see what’s on in summer.  
Quad biking with snorkelling

Step away from the typical bus tour and spice up your life a little. Jump on a quad and ride away to places that are seldom seen by holiday makers. Make your way to best of the bunch when it comes to the prettiest places in Mallorca. Cool off in the sea and get to know the underwater world at the same time.  

Do you consider yourself a decent swimmer? Are you unphased by heights? Then this is going to be right up your street. Climb over rocks, abseil down cliffs and dive into the ocean after you’ve worked up a sweat. Get well acquainted with the coast and nature in Mallorca and have the time of your life.  
Gourmet rally

From paella to tortilla and everything in between. Food is about on the island and you can find top-notch grub in Mallorca without spending a fortune. Treat yourself to a delightful 4-course meal in the mountains at Gerhard Schwaiger’s spot.

Off to the water park!

Kids and grownups get their thrills at the water parks in Mallorca. Slide and swim all day long. Grab a bite and lap up the sun with family and friends.  
Click here to see what water parks are in Mallorca LINK

Fitness on the beach for early birds

Where better to take care of yourself than on holiday? The beaches are more or less empty in the morning, take advantage of this by taking part in a soothing session of pilates or get super turned up with circuits and aqua-fitness fun! Stretch your feet in the sand and get views for days as you start the day the right way!
Get a personal trainer for as little as €15 and get sporty on the sand

Dream-like sailing trip

There is nothing better than spending a warm summer’s day out at sea in Mallorca. Take a relaxing sailing trip and let the breeze blow all around you. Swimming in the crystal-clear water, sunbathing on deck and gently swaying over the waves at a slow and peaceful pace, you can forget all your everyday stress as the kids let their hair down.

Have a look at the summer sailing trips in Mallorca LINK

Dive head-first into nature

The Illas del Toro is a maritime nature reserve which promises to be a fascinating paradise for divers. Discover seahorses, crabs, fish and octopus in Mallorca’s underwater world. You can hire the equipment and go off on your own (if you’re qualified) or take part in one of the organised dives there where you’ll receive training and be shown the top spots in town.  

Go diving in Mallorca LINK

Hiking and trekking

Set out on a family hike to one of the prettiest places in Mallorca. Get in touch with the lovely landscape in Mallorca in summer and hike along secret paths to reach stunning villages and come across heaps of historic buildings that date back centuries!
Guided hikes in Mallorca LINK


7 Festivals, celebrations and holidays in Majorca in summer

There is a lot going on in Mallorca in summer: experience first-hand how the Spaniards and Mallorcans celebrate their holidays and festivals. Delight in the delicious food and drinks and marvel at the wide variety of shows, processions and performances. Here is a list of what’s happening in Mallorca in summer:

11-12th June  "Fira de Sant Joan" in Son Servera

For a typical Spanish treat, stop by in Son Servera (near Cala Millor) for the city's patron saint festivities. Shows, games, concerts and an art markets will all be on hand. You will find handmade items, bric-a-brac and even a cattle market at the Fira de Sant Joan.

23rd June  "Nit de Foc" in Palma

If you are not scared of demons or fireworks, you should visit the celebrated Nit de Foc in Palma. Mix with “devils” at the street festivals from around 10pm onwards. Check out the bounds of bonfires and listen to the music at the street concerts. It also features the famous "Correfoc" in which the devils run through the city and ignite firecrackers as they go.  

25th June 2016  "Apricot Fair" in Porreres

Are you a fruit fiend? If so, you won’t want to miss out on a delicious day out to the apricot fair in Porreres near Llucmajor. Everything revolves around delicious products made with and from apricots, the village is known for its excellent selection of wines and sweet nibbles.

1st – 3rd July  "Fira Gastronòmica d'es Pop" in Porto Colom

The gastronomic fair in Porto Colom is an absolute must for seafood fans. It’s centered around octopuses! Several restaurants in the city join in with the festival on goings and offer special and discounted gourmet menus with tasty seafood. You will be greatly surprised by just how many ways you can prepare fresh octopus!

11th July  "Seafood Festival" in Porto Cristo

The restaurants in Porto Cristo offer local nosh which is prepared in all kinds of ways. The wine is made there in the town and it’s certainly a good idea to try some out whilst you’re at it. You’ll be dreaming up recipes like the ones you get to try long after you take off on the plane. What could be more authentic to Mallorca than nibbling on freshly-caught seafood in summer? Not a lot to be frank!  

15th-17th July  "Fironet del Carme" in Cala Bona

Cala Bona’s fishermen celebrate this affair for 3 days to pay homage to their patron saint – Saint Carmen.  
The boats are decorated for the occasion with large statues of the patron saint, this leads to a procession out at sea. The fishermen celebrate this day by praying to Saint Carmen to ask for protection at sea. There is also a craft fair, music, dance, as well as games and activities for the whole family to have fun at!

15th July  "Fira Nocturna" in Porto Cristo

Make a night of it with the whole family at the Porto Cristo night market. Meander around the market, picking up all kinds of bits and bobs for souvenirs and be entertained by the wicked set they put on.  

22nd July  "Artdemossa" in Valldemossa

Valldemossa is known for its amazing art, so much so that they celebrate it on a night dedicated to it by the name of "Artdemossa". See concerts and dance performances, go wild for the diverse handicraft stands and discover the diverse works of art, sculptures and photographs. Food and drinks are about if you get peckish.   

30th July - 6th August  "Copa del Rey" in Palma

There are plenty of races to cheer at, at the "Copa del Rey". Yachts go head to head to compete for the title. Boat fans can set their eyes on many yachts in all shapes and sizes in the harbour. Grab a bite and rock out to the live music in Sa Feixina Park (between Santa Catalina and Es Baluard).  

30th – 31st July  "Festes Playa del Muro" in Playa de Muro

On the last weekend in July, Playa de Muro celebrates an elaborate festival where, in addition to art and culture, many activities for children are on offer. On the Saturday evening, dancing is key, and everyone seems to be at it. On the Sunday evening, the celebrations come to a close with a big firework display. In DJs set the tone for the evening as do the refreshing cocktails.

1st – 2nd August  "Moros y Cristianos" in Pollensa

Every year at night on the 1st and 2nd of August, the historical battle between Moors and Christians from 1550 is recreated in Pollensa. There is also a little bit going before and after that such as traditional dance shows on the street.  

August 12th  "Fira Nocturna" in Maria de la Salut  

Head to the centre of the island, namely Maria de la Salut to check out the enchanting little night market. Get your mitts on handmade goodies, local products and souvenirs which are a far cry from what you’d find in the typical beach-front souvenir shop.  

24th August  "Fira de Sant Bartomeu" in Sóller

In August, Saint Bartomeu is celebrated in Mallorca. Concerts, cultural festivities, exhibitions and sports competitions are held on this day. A traditional Catalan fire run with demon masks ("esclatabutzes") also takes place, during which the evil spirits are to be driven out with fire.

26th August  "Fira Nocturna de Cala Mandia" in Cala Mandia (Manacor)  

Another night market is held every year in Cala Mandia, near Manacor, which serves up local delicacies, clothing, gifts and everything in between.

27th August  "Fira Nocturna de Sant Agustí" in Felanitx

Saint Agustí is celebrated in Felanitx at the end of August. With traditional, festively dressed dancers and parades you will experience Mallorca in all its splendour in summer. Cultural events, concerts, activities and games for young and old are offered to celebrate the holiday.


We are sure you’ll have a ball in Mallorca this summer. Click here to know the full extent of what goes on during this time of year in Majorca.

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