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Get to know Mallorca as the Mallorcans know it. We often change this section to make sure you're kept up to speed. We recommend stopping by more often if you are a regular in Mallorca. All sunbonoo's tips have been trialed and tested by our employees themselves.

1st - The most beautiful view of the cathedral Make the most of Palma's Cathedral as you let it give you the best backdrop you could hope for. Take a stroll along to Anima Beach Bar which is right on the coast, pretty much opposite the Cathedral in Palma Bay. Let the sea breeze flow through your locks as you sip on a café con leche or a glass of something stronger. They have a decent list of cocktails as well with bitter to fruity and everything in between.

2nd - The yachts on Paseo Maritimo Strolling along Paseo Maritimo Prom is a must-do in Palma. The atmosphere is electric, and you get to cast your eyes over all kinds of yachts - from teensy to massive. You won't miss the huge cruise ships which dock over by Porto Pi and make sure you get a look at the old warship as well. The action happens in the evening on Maritimo, this is where locals head to the pubs, bars and clubs. You'll find everything from live bands and pop music to afrobeats and reggaetón. Bear in mind that the clubs won't start filling up until 1ish - this is true of Mallorca and not just Palma.

3rd - Sunbathe at Cap Falco In the southwest near Port Vells there is a small hidden bay where you can relax and swim with only a few other sun worshippers. There is also a so-called Chiringuito (Beach Bar), which is run by people that really want to give you the time of your life. The staff are so in sync with the bar that they seem to grant your wish before you've even uttered it.

4th - Open-air cinema in front of the cathedral During summer, an open-air cinema is set up on the lake in front of the cathedral and draws in tourists and locals alike. Get to see Hollywood classics in English with Spanish subtitles, Spanish blockbusters or international favourites. The films tend to start at about 10pm and best of all - it is free.

5th - Free Salsa dance class on Paseo Marítimo The electroclub “Moon” on Paseo Marítimo offers a free Salsa dance class every Sunday evening from 8pm onwards. A dance teacher stands in front of the class and demonstrates the moves and then everyone gives it a go on their own. More often than not dancing is done alone so you don't have to worry about finding a partner.

6th - The sunset at Puig de Randa There is a restaurant with a terrace on top of the Trinity Monastery Hill a.k.a The Puig de Randa. You can see out to the west perfectly from here. With a cozy glass of wine and tasty tapas, this is a super spot to watch the sun go down from.

7th - The Caló des Moro adventure beach The adventure beach Caló des Moro has not yet made it to traditional travel guides, and so for the most part still lies very hidden with only a few being able to find it. In Cala S' Amonia Bay you have to go past the fishermen's cottage on the left, over a rocky plateau to get down to the cove. There is a trail, so you just have to follow it. After a while, you'll spot the small turquoise bay and then you'll have to climb down the stony mountain down to the beach. Sturdy shoes are definitely the way forward. After the mini hike, you might want to cool off in the calming sea at Caló des Moro. When you're ready to get pumped again, the cliffs are waiting for you to get climbing.

8th - Miró House of Artists In Joan Miró's house of artists, the painter has not only strewn champagne bottles half-full all over the place but also half-finished paintings along with brushes and paints scattered around. All of this and more add to the authenticity and give it a real art studio vibe. Miró's sculptures and oil paintings are on display in the Fundació Pilar I Joan Mirós and you'll find the gallery in Calle Joan de Saridakis 29 in Palma.

9th - Overnight stay at the monastery There are many kinds of accommodation in remote places across Mallorca, but this should definitely be at the top of the list. You can spend the night in almost every monastery on the island. Some rooms are luxuriously furnished with noble artefacts whilst others are empty. One thing is for certain: you will surely find peace and quiet here.

10th - The oranges at Sóller Please be aware that once you've tried the oranges from Sóller, you'll turn your nose up at shop bought oranges. The orange ice cream is to die for and the freshly squeezed orange juice is exactly what the doctor ordered to cool down under the blazing sun. If you go back home and can't get the oranges off your mind, you can order them online.

11th - See and be seen The Bar Bosch has been a central café in Palma's city centre since 1936 and is known for being somewhere for artsy people to meet up. The famous bar is based in the heart of Plaza Rei Joan Carles and has a lot of interest. Sit yourself down on the terrace and watch the hustle and bustle of the streets pass you by. People often come over to the tables and try to sell you stuff so if you need any sunnies or whatnot then sit still and let them come over to you.

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