Mallorca Seasons

Mallorca seasons
The seasons in Mallorca have their own sound, and almost always lots of light and colour.

The fact that many songbirds spend the winter on Mallorca is an important indication of the comfortable temperature on the island between November and February. Winter in Mallorca is a cooler, but nevertheless mild season, occasionally with rain and, in the cave areas of the Tramuntana, also with snow. Touristically, the winter months have long been wrongly underestimated. Those who make an active holiday in Mallorca are in good hands on the island at this time of the year and can enjoy an outstanding natural spectacle in the direction of spring: the almond blossom in Mallorca usually starts in January, when other Europeans are still freezing at home.

Spring in Mallorca starts in March and can reach daytime temperatures of up to 22 degrees, elsewhere it is already summer level. You can invite the first guests to take a bath at a water temperature of around 15 degrees or at least dip your feet in the Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca's spring is the time of awakening and blossoming. Bougainvillea and oleander set accents and the bushes and woods shoot up in the landscape. At this time of the year the season slowly gets underway, the first excursions and tours are possible again, on the promenades the cafés, which are closed during winter, open.

Those who come to Mallorca between June and August will find a triumvirate of high summer, high season and highlife. During the day, temperatures often exceed 30 degrees, at night it stays as warm as usual for days with 20 degrees. Summer on Mallorca means bathing weather with up to 27 degrees in the Mediterranean and mild summer nights with the chirping of crickets. If you want to get away from the beach at this time of year, you will find shade and a pleasant breeze in the mountains. But it also helps to open up to water sports during this time and go diving more often.

The approaching autumn provides cooling from the middle of September. The daytime temperatures oscillate in the twenties and there are now sometimes first rain showers. This time of the year is recommended as a travel season, because now you have more air and space for outdoor activities, which might have been a little too short in the summer heat. The power of the sun is about as strong in Mallorca in autumn as it is elsewhere in August, which means that summer can be prolonged here and with water temperatures of around 20 degrees you can still pack your swimming trunks in October.

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