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Mallorca Sightseeing
Sightseeing in the west of the island by tram of Sóller.

Anyone who decides to go sightseeing in Mallorca will inevitably come across the small and large wonders of this island. A holiday alone cannot be enough to experience the abundance of sights on this island in the best sense of the word. But with a small to-do list or spontaneous excursions, you can quickly get close to the secret of Mallorca.

Majorca sightseeing starts in the island's capital Palma, with museums, galleries, architecture and great monuments. At least 3 of the most beautiful museums and sights on Mallorca are in Palma. The Castell Bellver, about 3 kilometres from the centre and on a hill, is unique in Europe because of its round shape. 350 steps lead directly up from the harbour. But you can also go by bus. The most important sight in Palma was allowed to grow for almost 400 years: the cathedral. The life in Palma itself is also worth seeing: the hustle and bustle in the small streets, the bustle on the boulevards, the hustle and bustle at the boat harbour of Palma - one of the most important harbours on the whole island.

In the top 10 list of Majorca sights, Mallorca's caves are pretty high up. The Dragon's Cave in the east is already a household name to many without ever having been there. Mallorca's caves are among the most beautiful in the world. There are said to be more than 3,000 underground treasure chambers on the island, including 200 stalactite caves alone, only a fraction of which can be visited. Those who dive into these strange worlds can always look forward to impressive stalactite formations and sometimes to boating. For some caves hide underground salt lakes.

Less hidden, but also a world apart, are the weekly markets on Mallorca. Nowhere else do you encounter such variety and such an authentic way of life as between the cheese, fruit and vegetable counters of Mallorcan producers. If you want to try fresh food and typical island delicacies directly from the producers, forego the breakfast buffet and drift around one of the weekly markets. Often you can also find traditional and honest handicrafts here. 

When it comes to traditions and sightseeing with history, you can't miss the monasteries on Mallorca. Some of these holy places still set the pace for the associated community and its inhabitants. Other monasteries are still true pilgrimage sites or tourist attractions. The latter is especially true of the monastery in Lluc, but also of the Charterhouse of Valdemossa. Other retreats offer real monastery holidays on Mallorca with overnight accommodation.

If you want to get a rough overview first, start with the big Mallorca island tour. This is sightseeing in compact form. In one day, you will travel across the island on three different routes: by bus, train and boat. 

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