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Extraordinary adventure holiday in Mallorca Southwest - book online!

Take your holiday to the next level by making it a fun-filled adventure holiday. Hop on board a jeep and do a safari tour or get up close and personal with nature on a quad or buggy tour as you find out just how many adventure activities are on hand. There are many different outdoorsy activities to get stuck in to, but one thing is guaranteed: a pulse racing adventure from start to finish. Bite the bullet and put your skills and courage to the test as you set out on adrenaline pumping adventures on holiday. Book online now and get your thrills on an action-packed adventure holiday in Mallorca Southwest
  1. Mallorca hot air balloon ride - the most romantic experience on the island

    Mallorca hot air balloon ride - the most romantic experience on the island

    4 hours amazing excursion with extensive preparation for the approximately 1 hour balloon flight, starting at the balloon port of Manacor. You may also help preparing the balloon for the flight. Enjoy Mallorca from a bird's perspective!

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    from 150.-€

  2. Hoehlenschwimmen-outdoor-mallorca

    Sea caving in Mallorca with hiking, swimming and rock climbing

    For all of those out there who revel in getting a piece of the action and love nature, set out on a sea caving tour in Mallorca which you can only get to by swimming there! It doesn't matter if you know nothing about caves because the guides fill you in on everything and lead you through a labyrinth of lakes and peculiar passages into the cave. Caves in Mallorca can be very large!

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    from 59.90€

  3. Go off-roading in Mallorca: Jeep safari in the Sierra Tramuntana

    Go off-roading in Mallorca: Jeep safari in the Sierra Tramuntana

    Jump on a Jeep Safari in Mallorca and take part in the ultimate off-roading experience. Ride in a 4x4 in Mallorca and check out a wicked range of the top spots in the Tramuntana mountains. Fun for all – families, groups and individuals. Pick-up is included.

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    from 70.-€

  4. Heli Nacht

    Hop in a helicopter and fly over Mallorca: See the sights from the sky

    Have the ride of your life in a helicopter in Mallorca. There are different schedules and flight times, starting from Palma. Experience a bird’s-eye-view of Mallorca and get to see the island from a new perspective. This is the ideal wedding or birthday present for one of the big ones.
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    from 419.-€

  5. buggy tour im sueden mallorcas

    Jump on a brilliant Buggy Tour in Mallorca: Set off from Paguera

    Action fans will get their thrills on buggy tours in Mallorca that are on offer all-year-long. Marvel at spectacular views and beautiful nature during the Sant Elm buggy tour or get wild on the west coast with a Tramuntana buggy tour. Race on the sand and put the pedal to the metal on the dirt tracks!

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    from 129.-€

  6. Klippenspringen mit Outdoor Mallorca

    Tuck into adventure - check out coasteering in Mallorca

    Are you a thrill-seeker on a mission for an adrenaline rush? Listen up! The coasteering in Mallorca fuses together abseiling, climbing and cliff jumping into one cool combo. This gives tourists the chance to get more than a glimpse into the nature of the Balearic island. What's more, you don't need to be an alpinist to take part!

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    from 59.90€

  7. Canyoning Aktivität Wildbach mit Wasser Outdoor Mallorca

    Get your thrills and go canyoning in Mallorca

    Go rock climbing in Mallorca and abseil down torrents and gorges with nothing more than a rope. Canyoning can only be done in Mallorca when there has been a decent amount of rain! Sorry folks but this one is not on the cards when the sun has got its hat on! The level of difficulty ranges between easy and difficult. 

    from 80.-€

  8. caving tour Mallorca

    Caving in Mallorca: Go exploring in the caves

    Take part in an exciting cave tour in Mallorca. Go hiking through a secluded cave and come across stunning stalagmites and stalactites that shine like diamonds. Caving is fun for all the family and can be done all through the year. The pick-up and drop-off is included too!


    from 59.90€

  9. Abenteuer-Trekking-Outdoor-Mallorca

    Action-packed trekking adventure - Hiking with a twist

    Mallorca serves up the best of the best when it comes to tours for hikers and nature lovers. On this trekking tour in Mallorca, you explore the mesmerising Mediterranean landscape of the Balearic Island on foot. This is hiking and then some, abseil down the cliffs and check out a secluded cave as well!

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    from 59.90€

  10. Schnorcheln Mallorca Südwesten

    Exciting snorkelling excursion in Mallorca with cliff jumping - near Andratx

    The snorkelling tour in Mallorca takes you to the most beautiful snorkelling spots in the southwest of the Balearic Islands. As a highlight of the 2.5-hour excursion, the cliff jumping, which is part of the popular coasteering, provides extra water fun and thrill after a previous briefing (only for those who dare to).

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    from 39.-€

  11. Quad Tour Mallorca "With the Quad on C710" - Starting from Andratx

    Quad Tour Mallorca "With the Quad on C710" - Starting from Andratx

    Would you like to discover the famous coastal road C710 in the Tramuntana mountains on Mallorca with a powerful 350 ccm-quad during your holiday? Drive along the dream road and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea. The half-day tour includes many off-road sections, the road leads on winding mountain roads adventurous and romantic along the sea.

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    from 110.-€

  12. Quad Mallorca "Quad and sightseeing" tour, starting from Andratx

    Quad Mallorca "Quad and sightseeing" tour, starting from Andratx

    The ultimate sightseeing tour on Mallorca! Rent a quad and explore the most beautiful parts of the southwest of the island. From Andratx to the Tramuntana it goes over roads, but also offroad. And with the funniest and most passionate quad tour guide on the island, the trip is a lot of fun. Driver or co-driver: You decide!

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    from 90.-€

  13. Quad rental Mallorca (Andratx) "Quad tour and culinary delights".

    Quad rental Mallorca (Andratx) "Quad tour and culinary delights".

    Discover the beautiful landscape around Andratx on a half day tour at the best quad rental in Mallorca! You'll ride together to the silver forest in Santa Ponsa and enjoy great country roads and sandy trails, all easy to quad. Afterwards, dine at the "All you can eat" in a restaurant of your choice.

    from 128.-€

  14. Quad Tour Majorca "Quad and trial scuba diving", starting from Andratx

    Quad Tour Majorca "Quad and trial scuba diving", starting from Andratx

    With the quad on the island and then to the discover scuba diving in the Majorcan sea, an ideal combination for hot summer days. Half day tour with the funniest and most passionate quad guide of the island
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    from 179.-€

  15. Quad tour Majorca "Quad and Snorkeling", starting from Andratx

    Quad tour Majorca "Quad and Snorkeling", starting from Andratx

    Explore the island with a powerful 350cc ATV quad and then jump into the sea for snorkeling. 3 hours biking and 1 hour snorkeling in the Majorcan sea, a super fun-combination for the summer in hot weather
    1 Review(s)

    from 115.-€

  16. Quad Tour Majorca with high rope action park (Jungle Park), starting from Andratx

    Quad Tour Majorca with high rope action park (Jungle Park), starting from Andratx

    Half day tour by quad on spectaculous roads in Majorca followed by a stop at the Jungle Park in Santa Ponsa, Southwest of Majorca, available as a driver or passenger

    from 49.-€

  17. private Tour mit dem Jeep auf Mallorca

    Exclusive jeep safari on Majorca, start from every place on the island

    Enjoy an exclusive Majorca jeep safari totally designed according to your wishes and let yourself be guided to magical places and incredible viewpoints. You'll drive with convertible Wrangler jeeps (for up to 4 persons each).

    from 937.-€

  18. Konzentration beim Klettern auf Mallorca

    Climbing in Mallorca - spot on for adventure seekers!

    Mallorca is the ultimate climbing paradise. The super safe and secure climbing areas with easy access and smooth limestone cliff faces make climbing in Mallorca perfect for everyone! Look forward to adventure in the magnificent Mediterranean. 

    from 59.90€

  19. Trocken-Canyoning auf Mallorca

    Get your kicks dry canyoning in Mallorca and abseil your way down the cliffs!

    It doesn't matter if you go dry canyoning or normal canyoning; both are jam-packed with adventure. Dry canyoning really gets your pulse racing as you make your way down the cliffs in Mallorca. A wicked blend of hiking, climbing and abseiling in a remarkably rural setting awaits you. 

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    from 80.-€

  20. Bananenboot auf Mallorca

    Parasailing in Mallorca along the coast of Calvía

    Enjoy the Mediterranean with a lot of fun: glide over the waves with popular water sports on Mallorca like parasailing. These exciting water sport attraction are the ideal balance for relaxing sunbathing on the beaches of Magaluf and Son Maties.

    from 35.-€

  21. Jetski fahren in Magaluf auf Mallorca

    Rent a jet ski in Magaluf in Mallorca and race over the waves

    Control the waves off the southwest coast of Majorca in the popular holiday resort of Magaluf on a brand new jet ski model. You can rent the jet ski for 1-2 persons for either 10 or 20 minutes. An ultimate kick for all water sports fans and all who are looking for a cooling off in fresh water.

    from 40.-€

  22. Bananaboot fahren auf Mallorca

    Hunting over the water with a banana boat in Majorca - action on the coast of Calvia

    Hold on and enjoy: jump over the water, take a dip in the curves and enjoy the sea shower in between while boating in Mallorca. The fast ride on the yellow air cushion takes about 10 minutes and is possible on the beaches of Magaluf, Palmanova and Playa Son Matias. Incl briefing.

    from 10.-€

  23. Formula Roadster Tour Mallorca

    Roadster Trike Tour on Mallorca - with the Polaris Slingshot to the Tramuntana

    Enjoy the unique handling and the free driving feeling in the Polaris Slingshot during the Roadster Trike Tour on Mallorca. In 4.5 hours, the multilingual tour guide will take you from Peguera to Palma, before taking beautiful mountain roads to the Sierra de Tramuntana. One water per person and insurance is included, as are driving fun and stunning views.

    3 Review(s)

    from 79.-€

  24. Roadster Trike Tour on Mallorca along the Calvia Coast

    Roadster Trike Tour on Mallorca along the Calvia Coast

    Enjoy a 2.5 hour guided roadster trike tour along the coast of Calvià. On Mallorca in Polaris Slingshot, explore Puerto Portals, Palma de Mallorca, Port Andratx and Cala Fornells. The multilingual guide guides you as a driver or co-driver with 3 stops in the west of the island through the cities, insurance and one water per person included.

    2 Review(s)

    from 59.-€

Mallorca Southwest Adventure Holidays
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