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Love Mallorca: Great souvenirs from the island.

When the holiday comes to an end, feelings of melancholy quickly arise. Everyone would love to stuff sun, palm trees, sea and attitude to life into their suitcase and open it again on arrival at home in Germany. The bad news first: an island like Mallorca doesn't fit into any plane. A small ray of hope: Mallorca has some extraordinary souvenirs and specialities that will quickly bring back the holiday mood and the easy attitude to life at home. No matter whether you want to make a present to yourself, friends or family - the choice is abundant. And most of the time the shopping, whether at the traditional market, directly from the producer or in one of the charming little souvenir shops, makes you want to unpack and enjoy at home.

When asked what is typical mallorquin, there is fortunately a respectable selection and on top of that very useful products, which are produced on the island and thus give something back. Nobody has to take home a "dust catcher" as a Mallorca souvenir. Mediterranean lifestyle is for example in the culinary souvenirs - whether sweet (ensaimada) or hearty (sobrassada). Those who stayed at home can also be delighted with Mallorca pearls and have a look at where they are produced. The practical purchases of a holiday trip definitely include everything (art) handicraft - from basket bags to ceramics. Such things are best bought directly from the producers in one of the many manufactories or at one of the weekly markets. And for all those who have not managed to think of a souvenir from Mallorca during their holiday, there is still the airport.  

Majorcan specialities and souvenirs:

1. olives & olive oil The gnarled Mediterranean olive trees are a major visual feature of the island. They radiate romantic charm, have a calming effect and spread an almost fairytale flair. In addition, they also give the island a rich culinary gift. A small bowl of olives is a must on a laid table in Spain and even for breakfast the fruits are already popular on the Balearic Islands. The same applies to the oil made from them, which should not be missing in any dish. The quality of the oil in the Mediterranean is so good that often a slice of bread is enough to dip the oil and enjoy it to the full. Olives and the oil pressed from them are therefore the ideal Mallorca souvenir for all hobby cooks and gourmets. You can buy these products almost everywhere. A special experience is of course a visit directly to the producer, where you can be present at the production and the family at home with great stories to delight.

2. Flor de Sal Like olive growing, salt extraction has a long tradition in Mallorca. The history of the most famous production site - the Salines de Llevant, not far from Colònia de Sant Jordi in the east - dates back to the fourth century BC. This makes salt extraction one of the oldest crafts on the island. If you drive along the flat country roads of the area, you can see the white salt mountains rising several metres into the sky from afar. In basins as big as football fields, the unfiltered sea water evaporates and leaves the white crystals with the characteristic taste. Several times a day there are guided tours of the salt works. At the same time, the white gold in the decorative tins can be bought anywhere on the island.


3. Sobrassada

Slowly it becomes clear - in Mallorca love goes through the stomach and so the most popular souvenirs of the island are actually of culinary nature. Those who like it hearty and spicy will love the Majorcan cuisine, especially the typical sobrassada. What the cultic sausage, that appears strangely wrapped, optically loses, it gets out in taste. The air-dried raw sausage made of pork, bacon, paprika, salt and spices can be enjoyed hot or cold, processed or pure. This Mallorcan delicacy is no less varied than the island from which it originates. Wrapped in parchment paper, it can be easily transported and enjoyed at home.

4. Jamon Serrano

Those who like sobrassada will also love the Jamon Serrano, air-dried and wafer-thinly sliced ham, which is usually lean and mildly aromatic in taste. The intensity of the aroma naturally varies depending on the length of storage. It is advisable to buy the jamon the day before departure from the butcher or in one of the traditional market halls and have it shrink-wrapped before this speciality goes on its journey.


5. Ensaimada

If you prefer it sweet and sticky, take ensaimadas, the typical Mallorcan yeast snails with lard. You can enjoy them either simply dusted with icing sugar, filled with vanilla pudding, or meanwhile also with chocolate or jam. The best place to buy them is in one of the many traditional bakeries on the island, packed in a nice cardboard box for easy transport.

6. Almond Products

In addition to the fairytale atmosphere that the almond trees radiate on the island around February each year, they have another decisive advantage: almonds can be used to make wonderful products. The most famous is probably the Gato de Almendras, Mallorcan almond cake with a distinctive aroma, traditionally served with vanilla ice cream. Similar to ensaimadas, you can buy this tasty souvenir in the old-established bakeries in beautifully decorated cardboard boxes and then enjoy it at home. A special greeting is the almond perfume from the island of Flor d'Ametler.

7. Basket bags


These accessories made of natural materials are the perfect companions, not only for the beach or market visits. Popular with Mallorcans for centuries, they are also becoming more and more popular with holidaymakers and a real must-have during a stay on the island. You can find them in all sizes, shapes and colours. Sometimes made of basket, sometimes of bast and some are also made of bamboo. The handicraft of weaving has a long tradition on the Balearic Islands and besides baskets there are many other articles like hats or decorative items. You can buy these products almost everywhere, especially the weekly markets or a visit to the most famous basketry of the island, Mimbreria Vidal in Palma in the former basket weaver's quarter Corderia.

8. Majorcan fabrics and leather

The colourful linen fabrics with tongue pattern, a variation of the oriental ikat pattern, are no less decorative. This is also a craft with a long history in Mallorca, a real symbol of the island. The possible applications are manifold, but the unique pieces are always pretty to look at. The town of Inca in the centre of the island is one of the most important European production sites for leather and jewellery. Especially the shoemaker's craft looks back on a long tradition and is honoured with a statue on the Plaza de Sa Quartera in the centre of the town. Shops with shoes and leather goods line up endlessly here and offer nice souvenirs for every taste and purse. Nevertheless, caution is advised: today, even plagiarisms from the Far East often end up between the local offers, so you should check quality and price carefully. The most successful shoe creations come from the Mallorcan brand Camper, which started its success story with quality and chic design. To this day, the designs still come from the island - but production now takes place elsewhere.


9. Ceramics, pottery and glass 

Especially in the towns of Manacor and Felanixt you will find a huge selection of handmade ceramics and pottery in all colours and shapes. Sometimes traditional with oriental ornaments, sometimes colourful or modern. Most common are the reddish-brown bowls, in which mostly tapas are served - a wonderful souvenir, if you want to spread Majorcan flair at home. In addition, you can look over the shoulder of the producers in some factories and thus, apart from great souvenirs, you can also get an insight into real handicraft. Popular excursion destinations are the three most famous glassblowing factories of the island Gordiola, Menestralía and Lafiore in the centre of the island. This craft looks back on a tradition of thousands of years and watching the glassblowers shaping the glowing material into artistically unique pieces is a real experience. A piece of Mallorca for your home - just make sure that the fragile individual pieces are safely packed in the case!

10. Hierbas and orange products from Soller

The traditional herbal brandy tastes good not only as a nightcap after enjoying the rich island cuisine. While enjoying a glass at home, the memories of the last holiday are quickly awakened again. This drop is just as versatile as the island; with nine different and often local plants and in many different versions. Orange ice cream, orange liqueur, orange jam, orange perfume - oranges everywhere! Yes, it is very difficult to escape this fruit in Mallorca. The stronghold of the cultivation is in the valley of Soller, which, in addition to its fruity splendour, is also one of the most beautiful areas of the island. Here you will find, besides well-known traders such as Fet a Sóller (deliver to home by online order), numerous small suppliers who produce in their own kitchen and sell at small stands right from the front garden, authentically Majorcan.


11. Plants and crops

An extraordinary souvenir for all hobby gardeners and lovers of Mallorca's plant diversity are small cuttings and seeds. So there is also a piece of Spanish nature in your home garden. Of course it is taboo to take protected plants with you and only small offshoots or seeds that lose a lot of plants are suitable. The best thing to do is to visit one of Mallorca's garden and plant shops - besides there are many Mediterranean natural wonders to discover, hobby gardeners can get nervous very quickly.

12. Wine

Last but not least, the classic among Mallorcan products - wine, and especially the Vino Tinto. Mallorca's most famous wine region is located in the centre of the island around Binissalem. There are numerous bodegas where you can taste the wines and take your favourites with you. There is also no shortage of wine shops on the island. The most famous wineries are José L. Ferrer, Son Prim, Ànima Negre, Tianna Negre, Miquel Gelabert and Son Bordils. But remember to pack the noble grape juices in your suitcase instead of your hand luggage.

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