The To-Do- & Not-To-Do-List for your Mallorca vacation

Find out which must-do's and don'ts are there in Mallorca? We know more and tell you what you should not miss on the Balearic Island and what you should better avoid. We have put together wonderful places, restaurant and hotel recommendations, tips for excursions and much more. But you will also learn the things you shouldn't do during your holiday and what you should keep in mind. Profit from our insider knowledge and discover Mallorca's most beautiful sides.

Typische Straße in Valdemossa im Tramuntana-Gebirge auf Mallorca

▶ Our Must Do's in Mallorca

Die sunbonoo Mallorca-Must Do's - was Sie unbedingt tun sollten

1. Explore Mallorca with rental car

Renting a car is the best way to discover Mallorca's diversity. You can go on an individual exploration tour and see exactly what suits your personal interests and preferences. Would you rather admire Mallorca's most beautiful beaches or drive through the impressive Tramuntana mountains and stop in picturesque towns such as Deià and Valdemossa? You are completely flexible in your day arrangements. The best thing to do is to book a car online before your holiday in Mallorca. But you can also rent a car at the airport or in your holiday resort.

Our Mallorca tip:

Sa Calobra: If you have car rental in Mallorca, why not visit the famous bay of Sa Calobra. Plan a little time, because already the approach over a narrow serpentine road is spectacular. Even if it is only a little more than 12 km, it will take you a while to reach the bay, as you will have to adjust your speed to the conditions. But the drive is definitely worth it! From the parking lot, a footpath of about 600 m leads to the bay, which then spreads out in its unique beauty before you. The pebble beach is only about 50 m long, but relatively wide. Here the Torrent de Pareis flows into the sea. The water is a torrent that only carries water in the winter months and during heavy rainfall.

The Torrent de Pareis has left an impressive canyon on its way through the Tramunata. But keep in mind that in the high season the place is a real tourist magnet and the numerous visitors can destroy a little of the magic of Sa Calobra. In the low season it is more pleasant. There is also the possibility to visit Sa Calobra by boat. Also the demanding hike through the Torrent de Pareis is highly recommended (only for experienced hikers).

2. Get to known the cuisine of Majorca

Spaniens Nationalgericht Paella auf Mallorca genießen

How do the Mallorcans live and enjoy? It is always exciting to immerse yourself in the food culture of your host country. Even if you already know the Spanish cuisine from other holidays, every region has its variations and dishes. That is why it is worthwhile to taste different Majorcan dishes. If you visit a restaurant in Spain, aioli, olives and bread are often served in advance. The delicious garlic cream is a real treat.

On many menus you can also find the tasty vegetable casserole Tumbet. It is prepared with zucchini, eggplant, paprika, tomatoes, onions and garlic - very tasty! Not to forget tapas, pinchos, tortilla, pa amb oli, paella, fish and seafood in all variations. You see, Mallorca is a pleasure! Try as many traditional dishes as possible - you will not regret it. There will be time for fish and chips when you are back home. ;-)

Our Mallorca tip:

If you are an epicurean and would like to explore the Mallorcan cuisine more deeply, you will find the activities you need in our catalogue under Food & Drink. A visit to the market in Palma, a paella cooking course, making a traditional hierbas (Mallorcan aniseed liqueur with herbs) or a tapas tour are ideal in Mallorca to get to know the culture and way of life of the locals.

3. Visit the island capital Palma

Palmas Altstadt vom Wasser aus

The Majorcan capital Palma has a lot to offer and is definitely worth a visit. Even if you enter the city from the east by bus or rental car via the Ma-19, a highlight awaits you: between the port and Parc de la Mar, the imposing La Seu cathedral is enthroned in all its glory. The impressive gothic building is a real eye-catcher and part of the beautiful old town of Palma, which you can explore in a comfortable way in charming winding cobblestone streets. Right next to the cathedral is the royal palace La Almudaina, which you can also visit. In the historic streets there are other churches worth seeing, such as Sant Francesc and Santa Eulàlia. Also the famous Arab Baths (Banys Arabs) are very close to the cathedral.

Visitors to Palma who love museums should visit Es Baluard, the museum of modern and contemporary art, which is located right next to the old city walls. Or visit the Miró Museum (Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca), which is located just outside the city centre. The famous painter lived and worked on Mallorca for almost 30 years of his life and left impressive works of art there.

If you want to do some shopping in Palma, you are also in the right place in the old town. Along the Passeig de Born, the Avenida de Jaime III and in the side streets there are numerous shops where you can find everything your heart desires. Whether small charming shops or renowned designers and labels - here you will find everything.

Our tips for Palma:

➔ sunbonoo restaurant tips in Palma:

The Duke in Palma is located in the trendy district of Santa Catalina and offers fine dishes from the Mediterranean, Asian and South American cuisine. The menu includes delicious curries and ceviche. Note: It is important to make a reservation, otherwise it is very difficult to get a seat.
Adress: The Duke, Calle Soler 36, 07013 Palma / Phone: (0034) 971 07 17 38

At L'Artista Maritimo in Palma a real pizza room awaits you. The in-restaurant is situated right on the Paseo Maritimo, the boulevard along the port of Palma. Because of the delicious pizza creations it is very popular with locals and tourists alike.
Address: L'Artista Maritimo, Avinguda Gabriel Roca 34, Puerta 1 Y 2, Paseo Maritimo, 07014 Palma / Phone: (0034) 664 11 38 20

Rooftop experience in Palma - the Sky Lounge at the Hotel Hostal Cuba:

The Hostal Cuba in Palma is also located in the trendy district of Santa Catalina in direct proximity to the port and the Paseo Maritimo. The Sky Lounge is open to the public for breakfast and in the evening also for non-hotel guests. While enjoying a fancy cocktail you can enjoy the fantastic view of the bay of Palma, the harbour and the cathedral - a dream in the evening hours! Access to breakfast all year round from 08:00 & from March to November from 19:00 to 01:00 (reservation recommended as it is very small and especially in the summer months very crowded!)
Address: Hotel Hostal Cuba, Calle San Magin, 1, 07013 Palma / Tel: (0034) 971 45 22 37

sunbonoo tip for the sunset - Anima Beach Club in Palma:

At the Anima Beach in Palma you can make yourself comfortable in the evening directly at the sea and enjoy a fantastic sunset. With a cocktail or a delicious meal you can relax and enjoy the beautiful view! Why not book your sunset dinner at the Anima Beach Club in Palma and spend an evening in a wonderful atmosphere.
Address: Anima Beach Club, Autovia del Levante, s/n, 07006 Palma

4. Mallorca on water: Take a boat trip

Mallorca Bootstour Traumbucht

A boat tour in Mallorca is just the thing for all fans of the sea. There is no better way to explore an island than by water! Sea caves, hidden crystal clear bays, ideal snorkelling spots and fantastic sandy beaches are waiting to be discovered by you. Mallorca has the right boat tour for all preferences: a sailing trip, a catamaran tour, a trip in a glass-bottom boat or a tour in a traditional Llaüt (former fishing boats). If you prefer to stay among yourselves, you also have several options: Rent a small boat without a licence in Mallorca or a motor or sailing boat with your own skipper. If you have your own licence, you can charter a boat in Mallorca and spend private hours with your loved ones. No matter, Mallorca on water is always an experience!

Our Mallorca tip:

For romance, why not take a sunset catamaran tour in Mallorca. Or kayak to the sunset along Mallorca's southwest coast and discover hidden coves.

5. Learn some Spanish words before you start your trip

Mallorca belongs to the Balearic Islands. They are an autonomous community of Spain. Even though you as a tourist will certainly be able to cope with English and German, it helps if you know a few expressions in the local language. The locals are always happy to receive a "thank you" and "please" in Spanish. Also keep in mind that you might be going on an exploratory tour and leave the tourist strongholds. Many Mallorcans who are not active in tourism speak neither German nor English.

Both Spanish (Castellano) and Mallorquí (a Catalan dialect) are spoken in Mallorca. Therefore you will often see street signs and other indications in different versions and bilingual. Here are some good examples: The avenue is called avenida in Spanish, but in Mallorquin it is called avenguda. Street is called calle in Spanish, but carrer in Mallorquin. Promenade means paseo in Spanish, passeig in Mallorquin and mountain means monte in Spanish, but puig in Mallorquin.

Our Mallorca tip:

Download a language app that can translate words and whole sentences for you and be sure to take a look at our travel guide. You will find the most important words and phrases for your holiday in Spain under ¿Hablas español?

▶ Unsere Don'ts auf Mallorca


Die sunbonoo Don'ts auf Mallorca - was Sie nicht tun sollten

1. Avoid the the horse-drawn carriages in Palma's old town

For some, the horse-drawn carriages in Palma's old town may seem tempting - a romantic carriage ride through the narrow streets. However, the coachmen are repeatedly criticized. The horses often stand for hours in the sun at very high temperatures, so that some animals have already collapsed from exhaustion. Avoid this kind of sightseeing - for the sake of the animals, because the demand determines the supply. Instead, stroll leisurely on foot through the cobbled streets and always stop exactly where you like it best. This way you are also much more flexible on the road. Or why not join a Segway tour through the streets of Palma. It's fun and a guide will show you the most beautiful places!

2. Excessive consumption of alcohol in public

Please note that in Mallorca, excessive alcohol consumption in public and in the course of this, inappropriate, noisy behaviour is not at all welcome. In certain zones, public drinking is even forbidden and a fine will be imposed in case of violation. Be considerate of the working population, even if you are in a holiday mood..

3. Do not leave any rubbish behind

There is a rule of thumb: Leave each place as you found it. In Mallorca, there is a big garbage problem, especially on the beaches. Even though they are cleaned daily in the high season, it is still important to dispose of rubbish in the bins provided. Please consider that otherwise the garbage could be washed into the sea and what this means should be clear to us all by now. And don't forget that cigarettes don't belong in the sand either, but in the garbage!

By the way, also in Mallorca the garbage is separated. However, not every household has its own trash cans, but you will find large containers in the streets. So if you live in a holiday flat, it is best to separate the garbage before you take the bags outside. The containers are always located in the immediate vicinity. In Palma's city centre you should throw the garbage into flaps provided for this purpose, as the containers are underground here. And don't be surprised, the garbage collection in Mallorca often comes in the early hours of the morning and is unfortunately often not to be overheard.

4. Fit your clothes according the location

Choose your clothes according to the location. In the streets of Palma, bare-chested men and women in bikinis annoy the local population. Basically, this is not a problem on the promenades in the tourist resorts, but it is completely inappropriate in Palma's city centre. The same applies if you visit an upscale restaurant. Beachwear like flip-flops are not very popular here.

5. Don't be shy in contact with locals

The first contact is very cordial on Mallorca. A handshake is rather unusual when you meet a local in private. Usually there is one kiss on the left and one on the right. So don't be shy, even if the close physical contact with strangers feels unfamiliar to you at first. Be open and return the greeting.

6. Do not go swimming with red flags

Even if you think you are a good swimmer and piled up waves look like fun for you, you'd better stick to the bathing prohibition if you see a red flag on the beach: If you go in the water anyway, you risk your life in a treacherous current. And that can be expensive: Up to 3000 euros if you ignore the bathing prohibition. In addition to the red flag, jellyfish are now also flying on some beaches, should some of them move in the water. You should also take these warning signs seriously.

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