Action for nature lovers: Coasteering in Mallorca

Attention climbing fans and nature lovers: If you want to experience Mallorca's beautiful nature close up and are not afraid of the sea, you should try coasteering. Coasteering is climbing along and over rocks and cliffs, daring a jump into the cool water at the suitable rock edge. On our guided coasteering tours with professional guides, which are available all year round, safety and fun are paramount!

What is coasteering?

Coasteering is a still relatively unknown sport that was invented in the 1980s in Wales, Great Britain, and takes place exactly where mountains (rocks and cliffs) meet water (sea). Coasteering involves climbing and walking along cliffs until you find the perfect starting point for a daring leap into the sea. The jump usually takes place from a height of several metres and offers an adrenalin kick as well as a good dose of fun. So coasteering mainly consists of climbing and jumping, often with a lot of swimming and diving. If you are physically fit and not afraid of heights, you can experience Mallorca's nature up close and take an impressive holiday experience home with you. This sport is available all year round.

To whom is coasteering in Mallorca suitable?

Coasteering in Mallorca is suitable for anyone who is physically fit and not afraid of heights. You should also be able to swim and dive well. Ideally, you should also have knowledge of rope techniques. There are various coasteering tours on offer in Majorca, so beginners can choose an easy tour. There are also suitable tours for more advanced participants. Coasteering is, in contrast to canyoning, possible all year round and has some parallels. A coasteering tour is ideal for groups and families. Children should be at least 8 years old.

However, they should be aware that a critical self-assessment is extremely important. If you don't feel confident enough to jump from cliffs a few metres above the ground, or if you are not sufficiently fit, coasteering is not suitable. Once you have started a coasteering tour, it is usually impossible to turn back.

What area of Mallorca do I discover while coasteering?

Coasteering usually takes place at the sea, as there are enough high rocks and jumps into the sea. Many coasteering tours in Majorca also lead to caves that can only be reached by water or rock climbing, and are therefore particularly beautiful and unspoilt places of nature.

Is coasteering dangerous?

The most dangerous thing is probably overestimating oneself. Indicate your fitness level in real terms and trust and listen to the professional guide who will explain the most important techniques to you before the tour begins. The coasteering guides know Mallorca's cliffs and caves like the back of their hand and will warn you clearly of any danger. If you follow the advice and instructions, you can discover the beautiful cliffs, flora and fauna and impressive caves on a coasteering tour in Mallorca.

We hope you enjoy coasteering in Mallorca!