Excursions on Mallorca for children can be booked online here

Mallorca offers many exciting and adventurous excursions and activities for children, which you can book online here. Choose from the best and most popular excursions to suit your children. Mallorca is an ideal holiday destination for children, with theme parks, water parks and Europe's largest aquarium waiting to be discovered... Because of the variety of leisure activities on Mallorca for children it will not be boring even for the "big ones" on holiday.
Mallorca For children
Mallorca For children
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Mallorca for children - a holiday paradise for young and old

This year you are spending your family holiday with children in Mallorca? Then get to know Mallorca for children now! A huge range of excursions with children on Mallorca will help you enjoy your holiday to the full, because your children will not be bored on the island.

You will find 3 water parks, the largest aquarium in Europe, numerous water sports activities and a large adventure park called "La Reserva" in the southwest of the island waiting to be conquered by your children on Mallorca. A petting zoo, suspension bridges or a bird of prey show provide a successful mixture of adventure and relaxation and offer an alternative to a holiday with children by the sea. We have activities with children near almost every family hotel in Mallorca.

You can use your holiday in Mallorca to teach your children how to swim. Which place is more suitable than one that lies directly at the sea? Specialized swimming instructors will take care of your kids in a compact swimming course to become water rats in a short time. And you can enjoy a relaxing time at the pool or other activities in a child-friendly hotel on Mallorca.

The choice of leisure activities with children on Mallorca is as wide and colourful as possible: if you don't want to build sand castles in one day, but want to go out on the water, why not take your children on a boat trip on Mallorca? Often the equipment for water sports like snorkeling or stand-up paddling is included and the bathing breaks in small bays are also a big adventure for the children. Anyone planning excursions with children on Mallorca knows that children want variety above all. Don't stand too long, don't sit too long, but exercise and often something new.

There is a lot of it for example with a pirate tour or also with a treasure hunt on Mallorca. Some offerers specialized in the Mallorca vacation with smaller children and show the youngest the island with new eyes. For each taste there is at least one enterprise for children on Mallorca. Also in the area of active holidays. Between the many beach days can be experienced on Mallorca also a small migration with children in the shady mountain forests of the Tramuntana.

To the popular trips with children on Majorca also bike tours and guided Segway tours belong. However, the main theme of a holiday with children on Mallorca is and remains water sports. From the trial dive to the sailing course can be managed on the island so much. Set sail on a Mallorca Catamaran Tour and see the mighty cliffs and wide beaches from the sea, comfortably from aboard the modern and comfortable catamaran.

On some beaches in Mallorca, children can even go jet-skiing with their parents if they are 1.25 metres tall. Some of the family-friendly beaches have also built moated castles. Around the island, activities with children on Mallorca are becoming more and more the focus of the tourism industry.

If your children can't get out of the water on Mallorca now, they'll be bursting with enthusiasm while flyboarding or hotwheeling behind a boat and fall into bed tired and satisfied in the evening. Mallorca with children means adventure for children and relaxation for parents. Due to the variety of leisure activities on offer, families on the island will get their money's worth. Hardly any other holiday island is more family-friendly than Mallorca and offers so much for summer holidays with children.

We will be pleased to inform you about the possibilities of leisure activities for families and about the best excursions with children on Mallorca. Give us a call or send us an e-mail with your exact travel dates. We are on location in Mallorca, speak German and are happy to take care of perfect leisure planning for you and your children.

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