Excursion tips and recommendations for your winter holiday in Mallorca

We want to tell you everything you need to know about what goes on in Mallorca in winter. We have included everything from the weather to what kind of stuff there is to get up to at that time of year. The weather is a lot cooler but it's not on the U. K's level, so there's still plenty to get up to. There are a lot less folk about and if you go to a quieter area, you might feel as though you've got the island to yourself.
Mallorca Mallorca in Winter
Mallorca Mallorca in Winter
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Perfect variety on Mallorca in winter

Mallorca in winter - it's like a new island. An exciting contrast to the high season. With completely new sides, much more space and peace to relax, a wonderful island light and price advantages for flights as well as in the hotels. There are many reasons to visit the holiday island before and during Advent, at the turn of the year or at the almond blossom in January and February.

Just because of the cultural treasures and the wonderful beaches that you only have to share with a few people at this time of year. The kilometre-long beach at Es Trenc, for example, is transformed in winter and the sunsets are even clearer and more charming in winter. You can feel and see the wealth of the island at this time of year.

Another argument for Mallorca in winter are the average of five to seven hours of sunshine per day and mostly mild temperatures even in the two-digit range. Mallorca feels like a small summer in winter. An experience in many respects. A holiday destination that you should get to know. The tourism industry has set itself the goal to breathe more variety and life into the winter on Mallorca and to lure with special offers to the island. Accordingly, the possibilities for a relaxing and adventurous winter holiday have increased in recent years. This concerns in particular the culture enterprise on Mallorca. But also adventure and active holidays are possible from November to April. There are many holidaymakers who have had good experiences with the winter on Mallorca and choose this season for a visit.

Mallorca in Winter - Excursions and Activities

You don't have to miss out on activities and leisure activities in Mallorca in the low season. Excursions in Mallorca in winter even have a certain exclusivity. There are not the long queues like in summer and no confusing turmoil, but more time to enjoy and much authenticity.

Some tours can be experienced more intensively in winter than at 30 degrees in the shade. This includes in any case the bike tours and hikes along the Majorcan coast or through higher terrain with a view to the sea. You can also learn to dive in small groups) or go on romantic boat trips, relax for golfing or on a horseback trip to get to know the peaceful northeast at this time of year.

In winter Mallorca offers many days with very pleasant temperatures and is therefore ideal for outdoor activities. With an active holiday in Mallorca in winter you will prepare yourself for a magnificent landscape experience. At this time of year nature shows its abundance. After the rain in autumn the island has new energy and many colours. Both make the light on Mallorca so magical and attractive in winter.

In some regions the most beautiful natural spectacle of all for many begins in mid-January: the first almond blossoms, which seem to be spotted into the horizon, break open. For weeks, large parts of the island glow white to pink. During an individual almond blossom tour with a guide, an island tour or a balloon ride, you can enjoy this sight and, on closer inspection, the sensual scent extensively.

Mallorca in Winter - Tips for Celebrating together

The Mallorcans enjoy their island in winter and this season they celebrate exciting festivals that visitors should definitely join. It's a great way to experience the Balearic island's people and their traditions in an uninhibited way.

Among the larger festivities after Christmas are the flag festival (31 December), New Year's Eve and the eve of Epiphany on 6 December, and the highlight of the winter festivities in Mallorca: the patron saint's festival on 20 January. It is dedicated to the patron saint of San Sebastian and lasts a good seven days. Then there are concerts in the city, it is grilled on streets and squares and there are fireworks.

A little later in the calendar - on the first days of February - the carnival follows, which is also a colourful spectacle. In many cities of Mallorca there are masked balls during this time and generally a cheerful atmosphere in the streets. To conclude the winter season, the Balearic Islands Day is celebrated on 1 March with many events. Knowing the festival calendar is also an advantage to prepare for holidays when shops in the cities are closed.

Mallorca in winter - around Palma

Palma is an absolute attraction in the low season. When the pulse of the holiday resorts calms down, the capital city shows off all its liveliness and charm. Here you will find some of the best hotels for your winter holiday in Mallorca.

Visitors can now shop leisurely in the city, have the choice between a variety of museums and galleries open all year round or feast on one of the trendy food markets such as the Indoor Mart San Juan or the Mercat 1930.

In general, Mallorca is a real culinary recommendation in winter. There are tapas and wine tours and in the best restaurants of the city there is also the chance to reserve a table, which is not always possible in summer.

Especially in December Palma scores with a Mediterranean Advent atmosphere and the festive Christmas lighting, which reaches more streets from year to year. At the markets you can also buy the most beautiful handicrafts and gifts.

Christmas shopping is an absolute highlight in Palma. The large selection and the partly exquisite stores, which advertise with some discounts in winter, are just some of the reasons for this. New Year's Eve is celebrated throughout the city with lots of music, food and dancing. To admire one of the many fireworks from the beach promises a nice start into the new year.

Mallorca in winter with children - is that possible?

Yes, that's possible. Some of Mallorca's theme parks are open all year round, although some of them have shorter visiting times than in summer. The Palma Aquarium with its play area, the jungle roof garden and the many different aquariums, for example, invites children and adults to a discovery tour 365 days a year.

A climbing tour in Mallorca's high ropes course can also be undertaken with children during the winter season on weekends. The same goes for a trip to La Reserva Nature Park del Galatzó in Mallorca.

Also the "Red Lightning", which connects Palma and the tranquil Sóller in the west of the island via an adventurous mountain range, operates in the low season. However, it is advisable to check the timetable, as repairs and maintenance are also carried out in January, which is why the narrow-gauge railway is temporarily suspended.

You can also explore the adventurous cave system of the Cuevas dels Hams in Porto Christo with the children in winter on Mallorca. And if you want to see the Mallorcans skating or try your hand at winter sports in a Mediterranean setting, you can visit the Port Adriano Winter Adventure Park. Until 7 January there is even a small toboggan run with snow on the large forecourt.

Mallorca in winter - from adventure to wellness

With water temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees, water sports are absolutely possible on Mallorca in winter and the Mediterranean Sea is suitable for bathing for some. The offer of activities around the water is more manageable from the end of November than in summer, but it is possible.

If you are looking for a real adventure, come to Mallorca for coastering/coastal climbing and combine fun with a special challenge. The four-hour tour is accompanied by an experienced guide and combines various sports: cliff jumping, climbing, sea cave climbing and rope slides. If this isn't exciting!

Winter in Mallorca is also the other side of the story: wellness and relaxation. This is also possible in some of the most beautiful spa facilities on Mallorca in winter. Treat yourself to soothing massages and treatments, switch off in the sauna and let yourself be pampered during your winter holiday in Mallorca!

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