Charter a yacht in Mallorca or sail on a yacht

Treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday experience on a yacht in Majorca: charter your own yacht (it's cheaper than you think) or sail a yacht on a sailing trip across the turquoise blue sea of Mallorca! We offer sailing trips around the coasts of Majorca from several hours to full days, as well as exclusive boat charters of sailing yachts.
Mallorca Yachts
Mallorca Yachts
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Discover Malllorca from the sea side on a yacht

The most important first: A yacht charter in Mallorca does not cost a fortune and will be an incredible experience for you and your loved ones! A romantic sailing trip for two on a yacht in the direction of the sunset is available from 170 € per person, this sailing trip is suitable for an extraordinary marriage proposal, for example. If you want to rent a yacht all day including skipper (for example for an unforgettable birthday party), prices start at several hundred euros.

If you do not want to charter a whole yacht right away, you can also sail on a yacht: We offer various sailing trips on beautiful yachts in Mallorca, there is something for everyone! No matter if you prefer to sail around all bays of Mallorca or if you are more the yacht-in-the-sunset sailor, with us you will find the best and most favourable offers for sailing trips on yachts in Mallorca. We also have extraordinary sailing yachts to choose from, for example the luxurious yacht "Gran Atalaya" or an agile, small motor yacht.

On a sailing trip you feel the wind on your skin and your view goes far over the deep blue sea of Majorca. Relax on board the yacht and enjoy this exclusive experience of complete peace in harmony with the elements. If you wish, you can also sail on the yachts and learn one or two of the skills of the sailing master. Especially children are always fascinated by the yachts and want to sail themselves. We also recommend chartering a yacht for special occasions such as birthdays, graduation parties, group and team events or anniversaries. If you would like personal advice, simply contact us via our live chat, by phone or contact form - we will make your dream of sailing a yacht in Mallorca come true!