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Here you will find an overview of the most popular catamaran tours in Menorca. Half day or full day tours with skipper, food and drinks. Island wide excursions on modern catamarans can be booked online at a reduced price. Also exclusive catamaran tours for groups or companies available.

Catamaran sailing in Menorca - With a sailing or motor catamaran across the Mediterranean Sea

You have decided to spend your holidays in Menorca and now you want to make an exciting catamaran tour. Catamaran sailing is a very relaxed and beautiful way of sightseeing on the water. If you rent a catamaran exclusively, you can stop and jump into the water as you like in the beautiful bays and hidden sandy beaches of Menorca.

What is a catamaran?

A catamaran is characterized by its two hulls which are connected with a carrying deck. Therefore a catamaran is a little wider than a normal sailing ship. Because a catamaran does not have a keel like all other ships, a catamaran is much lighter in weight and faster on the water. There are different types of catamarans: On the one hand there are motor catamarans and sailing catamarans. A motor catamaran has been used more and more as a ferry for a few years now. Sailing catamarans are ideal for leisure trips on a smaller scale.

What is special about sailing catamarans in Menorca?

Sailing catamarans are primarily fast and light sports equipment or cruising yachts. They are mainly driven by the wind. An engine is also available for windless stages. The advantage of a sailing catamaran compared to normal monohulls is the wider surface and from a catamaran length of ten metres upwards, it is also much more comfortable to stay on a catamaran, as the cabins are more spacious in both hulls.

Moreover, the sailing catamarans hardly heel (list or inclination of the sailboat to the side), as they are more stable due to the two hull system. So you can look forward to a pleasant trip on a sailing catamaran.

The motor catamarans are often used on ferry trips as they are comparatively faster on the water than other ferries. A motor catamaran with about 200 seats can sail with a maximum speed of about 80 km/h. This allows you to reach surrounding islands such as Ibiza or Mallorca very quickly.

How safe is catamaran sailing on Menorca?

Catamaran sailing is relatively safe. The only problem you can get with a catamaran of seven metres or more is capsizing when entering a small harbour, as manoeuvring a catamaran is not easy in a narrow harbour. The capsized catamaran can only be brought back to a stable position with the help of a crane. But the skippers know their ships and can handle them wonderfully. So you do not need to worry.

Where can I rent a catamaran in Menorca?

You can rent a catamaran in any medium to large harbour in Menorca. There are also regular guided catamaran tours departing from such ports, for example from Ciutadella or Mahón. These island tours are mostly done with a motor catamaran. Some of these motor catamarans have a panoramic window below the water surface, so that you can already explore the underwater world of Menorca during the trip. Small children will be delighted with them. If you don't have a sailing license yourself, you can still rent a catamaran. You just have to make sure that the boat is offered with a skipper.

Where can I sail a catamaran in Menorca?

In Menorca you can sail or cruise on a catamaran almost anywhere. Go on a discovery tour around the island. You will find beautiful small bays and sandy beaches, which you can sometimes only enter from the sea side. For example, anchor in such a bay and swim to the beach and enjoy a sunbath on a beach you have all to yourself.

In order to give you further inspiration, we now present a few offers from our catalogue:

In the south of Menorca:

Discover Playas virgines on the south coast of Menorca with this catamaran tour. The six-hour catamaran tour starts in Ciutadella and takes you along the beautiful south coast of Menorca. During this tour you will discover beautiful untrodden natural beaches and bays. You will stop for a swim in one of these deserted bays.

You can also explore the underwater world with the snorkeling equipment provided on board for rent or just sunbathe on deck. During your bathing break the crew on board will prepare an excellent lunch for you to eat after your swim. The route takes you along the coast back to the port of Ciutadella.

In the west of Menorca:

Take a trip on a motor catamaran. The exciting boat trip on Menorca starts in the west of the island, in Ciutadella. The tour takes you along the west and south coast past beautiful bays and beaches. The seven-hour tour includes lunch and drinks. During the whole trip you will have two swimming stops where you can explore the underwater life of Menorca by snorkeling.

Or just splash around. You can also make yourself comfortable on deck and soak up some vitamin D from the sun. On the way you will pass magnificent rock formations, even caves which can sometimes be seen from very close. The transfer service, which picked you up from your hotel in the morning, will bring you back to your hotel at 5 PM.

Of course you can also make an individual tour with an exclusively rented catamaran. Do not miss to watch a sunset on the sea. Very romantic is a sunset with a nice dinner on a sailing catamaran.

What is included in the price?

The price includes time on the catamaran, swimming stops, travel insurance and sometimes transport from the hotel to the boat. Meals are usually only available on board for full day trips.

Catamaran Tip: Ask when booking if a transfer from your accommodation to the harbour is possible. Often a pick up is offered free of charge. If a transfer is included in the price you can find out with the individual offers on our website Alternatively you can book a personal transfer service.

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