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Go to a theme park in Mallorca and get the best price online

There are plenty of interesting things to see and do in the amusement parks in Mallorca. Check out the best of the bunch below and bag a bargain. Find out everything you need to know: the price, the opening times, etc. Some of the tours include pick-ups right from your accommodation so you don’t need to fuss over how you’ll reach the start point. Have a blast at a Mallorca water park, delight in the dolphin show at Marineland or come face to face with the sea life at the biggest aquarium in Europe at Palma Aquarium.
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    Menorca water park: tickets for a fun day at the Aqua Center

    Enjoy the water park in Menorca: The Aqua Center in Menorca offers various attractions that all kids love. You can find everything the playful heart desires and rage yourself out with your family, children and friends. If you get hungry from all this water sports, an independently run restaurant is right at hand.

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Are you planning a day out in Mallorca? We’ve broken down the amusement parks below:

Majorca theme parks are ideal for a family day out or with friends. On hot summer days, Majorca’s theme parks and water parks are a top pick. Glide down the super slides and cool off at Aqualand El Arenal, watch the parrots get up to all kinds of tricks at Marineland Mallorca, set your eyes on the sharks at Palma Aquarium or reveal the mystery behind the upside-down house at Kathmandu! 

1. Marineland Mallorca

Marineland Mallorca is a 15-minute drive from Palma de Mallorca. This Majorca attraction park has a lot to offer for kids and adults too! It is based right next to the beach at Costa d'en Blanes which is in the Southwest of Majorca.

Clap along with the sea lions, be mesmerised by the delicate and delightful dolphins and watch parrots do maths! Meander around the tropical house and be faced with crocodiles, iguanas, snakes and piranhas amongst others! Bite your lip as you creep closer towards the sharks but fear not because these sharks live in harmony with all the other fish. Take a stroll through the underwater tunnel and see the dolphins splashing about with their buddies. 

After all the super cute animal shows, the kids can cool off in the play area, splash about and let off some steam. Or if you want to feel the sand between your toes, the golden sands are just a hop, skip and a jump away! 

2. Palma Aquarium Mallorca

This experience is nothing short of exciting! The aquarium is a failproof way to get closer to nature with all the risk taken out. However, if you are a bit of a daredevil and you know how to dive, you can go diving with the sharks! There is also something super special on offer, a sleepover with the sharks – kids get to sleep next to the shark tank if you sign them up for the “Good night, shark" event.

Palma Aquarium was opened in 2007 and boasts 55 pools with more than 8,000 sea creatures. The aquarium in Mallorca has been split into two different worlds. The focus is on the Mediterranean flora and fauna in the old world. On the other hand, colourful fish and corals are all the rage in the new world.

Curiously wander through a cave until you get to Europe's second largest rooftop garden which is a wonder filled with waterfalls and has a real jungle feel to it! The Big Blue takes the crown with 3.5 million litres of salt water, you can study the sharks in close proximity. Take it up a notch and go diving with sharks at Palma Aquaium. Feeding time at the zoo is one to watch, the divers actually get in the tanks to feed them!

Something a bit more lowkey but nevertheless intriguing is the Mola Mola pool which is like the primary school of the aquarium, this place is home to the jellies!

Palma’s Aquarium is up-to-date and even has interactive screens to let you know what’s what in different languages. There’s a petting zoo for the little ones which has a pirate ship, sea cucumbers, starfishes, geckos, parrots and a terrific tropical forest! If the kids are still up for knowing more about the animals, they are welcome to help out with feeding the stingrays, sea turtles and hammerhead sharks!

3. Aqualand Mallorca / Aqualand El Arenal

Aqualand Mallorca is a first-rate water park in Mallorca surrounded by beautiful gardens close to Arenal. As the biggest water park in Mallorca, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy! Dive into the unknown on the Black Hole, go like a bat out of hell on the Kamikaze and go head to head with your mates on the Multipista - you’re in for a treat with the 12 super slides!

With a whopping 200,000m² to explore, you’ll soon come to realise that as well as being the largest waterpark in Majorca it’s also one of the biggest waterparks in Europe. Splash your way around all 12 pools if you’re up for it! If all that water winds you up, put the pedal to the metal on the go-kart track or bounce away your blues on a trampoline. 

4. Kathmandu Mallorca

The upside-down Kathmandu house is hard to describe, it’s something you need to see with your own eyes!

The House of Katmandu opened its doors in 2008 and is pretty much the weirdest building on the island let alone in Magaluf. The 20-million-euro building is the only one of its kind in the whole world and the crazy appearance alone attracts thousands of visitors to Magaluf.

There are 1,600m² and 8 different zones to get to know. Be taken on a fantasy tour and be left in suspense as you never know what could jump out in front of you. Creep around every corner with your yeti guide and take advantage of the top-notch technology which really brings the tour to life! 

The house is jam-packed with mysteries, brain teasers, special effects and illusions so you’ll get a good work out for your mind as you walk around Kathmandu house. Show off your shooting skills with a game of laser tag, swing your clubs as you try your best to get a hole-in-one on the mini golf marathon or sit back and relax as you watch a short 4D film at one of the coolest attraction parks in Mallorca. There are plenty of places to pop along to eat something if you get a peckish along the way. 

There are certain things you can’t miss on your holiday and the theme parks in Majorca fall under that umbrella. There’s a reason why families come back every year, there is so much to see and do in Mallorca for kids and families!