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Here you will find an overview of the most beautiful and popular sailing trips in Menorca. Half day or full day tours with skipper, food and drinks. Island-wide sailing trips on modern and historic sailing boats can be booked online at a reduced price. Also for groups.

Sailing - Discover the most beautiful bays and natural beaches of Menorca

You have always dreamed of a sailing trip but never got around to it? Then take your chance now and combine your Menorca holiday with a wonderful sailing trip. Discover fantastic beaches that you can only reach from the sea side. No matter if you are a romantic couple or with the whole family or within the scope of a company event, a sailing trip is always nice.

Why should I go sailing in Menorca?

Menorca is the easternmost and northernmost island of the Balearic Islands and is affectionately called "the smaller one" in Catalan. This comparison refers to the sizes of the islands Minorca and Majorca. The island is about 50 kilometres long and about 16 kilometres wide. In the north of the island is the Tramontana mountain range, which rises to the sky in a rather rugged shape.

On the northern coast there are several natural harbours. In the south, the landscape is rather mountainous, but not as rugged and steep as in the north of the island. There are also some canyons and wonderful long sand beaches in the south. Direct your route to the area that attracts you the most or sail around the whole island. Unfortunately the wind often decides the direction when sailing. But do not worry about it. There is also something unique and spontaneous about being guided.

The great thing about sailing is that you can stop for a swim and jump into the crystal clear water. A really fantastic holiday on the Mediterranean. Be sure to sail into the sunset. This fascinating sight immediately plunges you into a romantic and thoughtful mood. Enjoy the feeling of freedom of the wide sea together with your loved ones.

When can I go sailing in Menorca?

You can generally sail all year round. However, the best months are from March to October, as the winter months can be very windy and rainy, even on Menorca. Popular sailing weekends are for example the Easter weekend or over the first of May.

Where can I go sailing in Menorca?

You can go sailing in Minorca at almost every port. In the south you will pass beautiful long sandy beaches and a hilly landscape on your sailing trip. In the north, the high rocks of the Tramuntana Mountains tower up into the sky. There you will also find beautiful small bays and unspoilt small beaches that you can only reach by boat.

To whom is sailing in Menorca suitable?

Sailing is suitable for almost everyone. Unless you get seasick extremely quickly. You can sail with the whole family, in groups with friends as part of an event or incentive, or in a romantic atmosphere for two. You can rent a sailboat by the day or by the week. A sailing trip is also possible for a weekend.

What are the possibilities?

Sailing is not only an activity for the tight purse. Holidaymakers with a smaller budget also have the possibility to join a great sailing trip. Half-day or full-day sailing trips are offered at affordable prices.

Suitable for everyone: A day at sea

Sailing is an activity that is really suitable for everyone. And if you don't have a sailing license, there is still the possibility to rent a boat with skipper. Of course you can also help out and learn some basic sailing skills. Sailing trips start from almost all ports of Menorca. But the route depends on the wind and the needs and wishes of the sailors. A day trip costs about 80,- Euro with food and drinks on board.

For experienced sailors: charter your own boat in Menorca.

Sailing is known to be one of the most beautiful holiday activities. Grab a boat and go out into the wide open sea. Enjoy the peace and quiet and recover from your daily stress. Sail undisturbed wherever you want. Anchor in small bays where you can and want to jump into the crystal clear water. Experience pure romance with a dinner on board at sunset. Look for a suitable location, no matter whether rocky in the north or flat and spacious in the south. You will find the right spot for a romantic dinner for two.

For beginners: Charter your own boat with skipper

Rent a sailboat with a whole crew or only with skipper. If you have chosen only a skipper, then you will probably have to help yourself. You will learn the basics of sailing and the skipper will also be able to show and tell you some tips and tricks. Maybe you will discover a new hobby?
How about a nice sailing trip to one of the small uninhabited islands near the coast? Anchor off the small island and swim ashore and take a little sailing break.

How much does sailing in Menorca cost?

A day trip is available from about 80,- upwards. The prices vary depending on the operator, season and duration of the trip. There are additional costs on board. These costs include food, gas for cooking, diesel for sailing, harbour fees and sometimes professional cleaning. This amount is usually paid on the last day.

What do I have to pack for sailing on Menorca?

To make sure you are well equipped on your sailing trip, we have made a small list with the most important things:

- Light footwear
- Rain jacket or windbreaker
- Scarf
- Sunglasses
- Bathing clothes + towel
- Gloves, if you want to try sailing yourself
- sleeping bag or blanket + sheet / bedding
- ID card
- Medicines against nausea
- Snacks
- Book or games to pass the time.

sunbonoo wishes you a wonderful sailing trip around Menorca!

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