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The best prices for tours in Palamós

  1. Palamos Segeln

    Sail from Palamos along the Costa Brava - half day sailing trip at the beautiful coast

    On this traditional sailboat from Palamos, you'll sail half a day along Costa Brava or 3,5 hours to the Islas Formigues. The uniquely beautiful sailing boat is ideal for a relaxing tour along the coast with a refreshing swim break.

    5 Review(s)

    from 35.-€

  2. Segelausflug Palamos mit Garnelen Degustation

    Culinary sailing excursion from Palamos with shrimp degustation and swim stop

    Get to know more about the fishing in Palamos and try some freshly caught shrimps on a relaxing sailing excursion along Costa Brava, accompanied by a delicious white wine. Boat trip including swim stop in an absolutely marvellous bay!

    1 Review(s)

    from 50.-€

  3. Nacht Segeltörn Palamos

    Sail at night from Palamos under the stars: night sailing trip along Costa Brava

    Observe the stars and get to know, how sailing at night at Costa Brava worked earlier without the modern technologies. On the unique, 2.5 hours night sailing trip from Palamos, you'll be listening to the traditional laments of the seamen with a glass of champagne in your hand.

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    from 25.-€

  4. Tour mit dem Piraten Boot in Palamos

    Pirate boat tour from Palamos: sail on Barbarossa's traces along the Costa Brava

    Pirates ahoy! On this family excursion from Palamos, you sail on the traces of the pirate Barbarossa. The boat trip at Costa Brava is especially adequate for children and revives the thrilling history of Barbarossa's attack on Palamos.

    2 Review(s)

    from 15.-€