5 most important stalactite caves in Mallorca

A trip to Mallorca by car should be to one of the island's caves, because there is something mysterious about the caves on Mallorca. Until not so long ago, they were used as hiding places for smugglers or even as homes for locals.

Five stalactite caves are officially open to visitors on Mallorca, three of them on the east coast, one in the northwest of the island and the fifth in Palma. For cave enthusiasts, a visit to all of these caves is worthwhile: No cave is the same, each has its own special feature.

The exact number of caves and stalactite caves on Mallorca is still unknown: Some speak of 200 stalactite caves on the island, others of 300. There are even said to be over 4,000 caverns and caves in total, but most of them are difficult to find, are on private land or are not accessible. The formation of the many caves on Mallorca was promoted by the calcareous soil and by continuous erosion.

As a reminder, stalactites are distinguished by their direction of growth: stalactites hang from the ceiling downwards. Stalagmites grow from the floor towards the ceiling

1. "Coves d'Artà":

It is said that in the caves of Artà you walk in the footsteps of Jules Vernes. A visit to the Coves d'Artà is said to have inspired the French writer to write his work "Journey to the Centre of the Earth". This is not entirely far-fetched: a visit to the Coves d'Artà takes you 40 metres down into an impressive cave system. The 40-minute tour leads through huge halls with stone columns, past the so-called 'Queen'. At 22 metres high, it is one of the largest stalagmites in Europe. As in the stalactite caves Coves del Drac and Coves dels Hams, a light show with music is part of the tour. The Coves d'Artà are located about 13 kilometres southeast of Artà near Canyamel. The entrance is directly by the sea, high above the bay of Canyamel and is ideal for an excursion by car, as there are plenty of parking spaces available.

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Quelle: Cuevas de Arta

2. "Cuevas del Drach":

The Cuevas del Drach, the Dragon Caves, are clearly one of the most famous sights on Mallorca. The cave system consists of four interconnected grottoes, in which there are a total of seven lakes. In the 'Grotto of the French', lies the largest underground lake in Europe, Lake Martel. Classical music performances take place on the 170-metre-long body of water. Visitors then cross the lake either in a rowing boat or over a bridge. The Coves del Drac, the dragon caves, are located on the east coast of Mallorca, south of Porto Cristo.

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Quelle: Cuevas del Drach

3. "Cuevas dels Hams":

The Cuevas dels Hams are somewhat smaller than the neighbouring Dragon Caves, but no less beautiful. They are similarly well-known and offer tourists an equivalent programme. Their special feature is the tree-like stalactite formations, which resemble hooks in shape. Hence their name Coves dels Hams, or in German: the Angelhakenhöhle. These spectacular stalactite formations are reflected in the clear water of the underground lakes. The cave system was discovered and explored as early as 1905. The highlight of the 500-metre tour is a concert with a light show on the underground lake. The Coves dels Hams are located about one kilometre west of Portocolom, on the road to Manacor, and are easy to reach by car for an excursion on Mallorca.

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Quelle: Cuevas del Hams

4. "Coves de Campanet":

Compared to the tourist-promoted stalactite caves on the east coast of Mallorca, the Coves de Campanet seem simple and untouched. The 400-metre-long tour begins with 370 steps down into the depths before continuing as a narrow path. On the approximately 40-minute circuit, visitors pass through tunnels and halls to tiny underground lakes and Europe's longest thin stalactites: The record holder hangs four metres from the ceiling and has a diameter of just 4 millimetres. In the Coves de Campanet, there are deliberately no light effects or musical interludes. The focus here is on the unique beauty of nature.

There are usually no fixed tour times in the Coves de Campanet: The tours begin when a small group has gathered on site. The Coves de Campanet are located in the north of Mallorca in the Sierra de Tramuntana, about ten kilometres from Inca and are well suited for an excursion by car in Mallorca.

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Quelle: Cuevas de Campanet

5. "Coves de Genova":

Even more natural than the Coves de Campanet are the Coves de Genova near Palma. The cave system is rather inconspicuous compared to its competitors on the east coast. Nevertheless, the caves are beautiful to look at, even with special lighting: The path leads through various galleries connected by passageways. The Coves de Genova are particularly popular with nature lovers who like to explore a cave in peace and quiet without being disturbed by groups of tourists. The caves are located above Palma in the Genova district.

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Quelle: Cuevas de Genova

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